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  1. iggy

    Art siggy i made

    Yeah lol im not really good on text i couldnt find anything nice so i just stuck something in there the image is supposed to me metal reflecting off light but its like messed up metal gah lol i dont know how to explain it
  2. iggy

    Sign Up Race through Kanouyate

    ill join name Kenzy Mayakuma age 29 Gender Male Bio Rich fool whos trying to prove to the world he can survive without his money appearance blond hair thin 6'6 baggy jeans and wears a tie supplies gun
  3. iggy

    Art siggy i made

    Gah wow havent been on OB for a while anyways i was just thinking what u guys thought of this sig its from XC its the forum im mainly on now anyway here it is
  4. iggy

    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Rate My Deck

    About the umi thing thats right not too many aqua/water monsters btw i just dueled this kid he had umi and tornado wall in a beatdown with now water monsters at all. All i could tell him is lol
  5. what do u mean email u can pick your deck on YVD 8.0 is pretty tight you can get it at [url]www.xerocreative.com[/url]
  6. iggy

    Anime Online Yu-Gi-Oh Tourney

    Im in if this is still going to happen
  7. iggy

    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Rate My Deck

    I just built this deck last night please rate and fix monsters 23: 1 jinzo 1 summoned skull 3 spear dragon 3 gemini elf 3 mechanical chaser 3 bazoo 2 magician of faith 1 cyber jar 1 man eater bug 1 witch of the black forest 2 dice jar 1 yata garusu 1 invader of the throne magic 14: 1 raigeki 1 dark hole 1 change of heart 1 monster reborn 1 pot of greed 1 graceful charity 1 snatch steal 1 sorl 1 premature burial 1 heavy storm 1 harpie's feather duster 1 mage power 1 united we stand 1 deliquent duo traps 6: 1 raigeki break 1 mirror force 1 magic cylinder 1 ordeal of the traveler 1 solemn wishes 1 call of the haunted total: 43
  8. iggy

    Anime My Yu-Gi-Oh site

    And besides it dosnt work lol
  9. iggy

    Anime Ultimate Card Combos

    This one is easier to pull off its not really anything with attacking and you have to be down to 1000LP or less play last turn and jowgen the spiritualist every monster gets destroyed except for one that u pick and u pick jowgen so ur opponent then has to special summon a monster but jowgen dosnt allow special summons and last turn states whosever monster is on the field and the end of the turn wins the duel.
  10. iggy

    Anime Online Yu Gi Oh

    its for free at xerocreative.com and download the BIG shabang lol
  11. iggy

    Art Yeah... Iggy ur banner is done

    LOL thanks darky i love it im too lazy/busy/and dumb to get up and make another one
  12. iggy

    Art One of my banners

    NOt all of it is dragon ball some of it is Trigun
  13. iggy

    Does anyone like Linkin Park?

    I love linkin park theyre my fav band and the best song on meteora is Hit The Floor in my opinion
  14. iggy

    Art One of my banners

    Heres one of my banners that i made for my site please rate it thanks
  15. iggy

    Gaming Pok

    I liked misty she added a kick to the whole show she mad it less dull, but she does get annoying sometimes thats one problem. I hope she rejoins them in like the middle.