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Hey people,sup?Haven't been around here 4 awhile.....


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How all you people been?I've been so busy!!!Man,school can be soooooo boring sometimes,u know?Anyway.that's why I haven't been on,not that anybody missed me or anything.....I was looking at some old posts,and u know,I posted one about my favorite song,and IT'S NOT A COUNTRY SONG!!!!!!!!It's rock or pop or sumthin,seriously!I can't stand country!And I do like rap and stuff like that.Sorry if this is boring you,but I'm SO jumpy!Because my friend asked this guy out for me,and he said he didn't know,so now I'm waiting for an answer,but I don't think he'll answer me,based on past experiences,can anybody out there explain why they do that!?!?!?:love: :rolleyes:
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