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Sign Up Yu-Gi-Oh! RPG. Dueling for Love

Guest Harpie_lady

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Guest Harpie_lady
In the days of the Past, the Pharoh was forbidden to love a Jewish Slave. But one did. He knew that he couldn't be with her. Her name was Exodia. This Pharoh was the creater of the Millenium Items. He had his Magicians create a powerful creature. One as mighty as his love for the girl. He named this creature, Exodia, The Forbidden One. After the death of the girl, the Pharoh created an 8th Item that he told no one about. He locked Exodia's soul inside. So, that she could live forever. Now, 3 million years later, an American girl, named Julie, comes to Japan to find the owner of the Millenium Puzzle. She is the owner of the 8th item, The Millenium Ear Ring. She wishes to unite the two. So that they can finally share their love.

Does this sound like and RPG you would like to be in? If so, post or e-mail me at [email]warrior_girl04@yahoo.com[/email] or use my yahoo messanger or MSN (warrior_girl04@yahoo.com) messanger.

We need Julie, Yugi/Yami, Tristin, Serentiy, Tea, Joey, Mokuba, Mai, and random duelests (about 6),

Please post:

Just so ya know, I'm Seto Kaiba.

As I have told some of you, we will start as soon as we get all of the characters. We can't play without Julie, unless you wouldn't mind me playing her and Kaiba.
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[color=green]Firstly, please do not double post. This is clearly stated in the rules, which are a valuable read for all newcomers to OB.

Secondly, I've moved this thread from Adventure Arena to Recruitment. Usually we use the Recruitment forum for signups, and after you've recruited members for your RPG, you can begin the actual story in the Adventure Arena.

Finally, when people sign up, there can be no "I choose Serenity"-type signups. To that end, please provide a signup sheet, such as "Name," "Biography," "Appearance," etc.

That all being said ... welcome to OB. :)
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[b]Name:[/b] nolen mirian
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]Appeirance:[/b] bue eyes, black hair, orange vest, red shirt, blue jeans, black and white shoes, gloves with out the fingers, green tinted glasses
[b]Sex:[/b] male
[b]Bio:[/b] Nolen has all ways been intrested in duel monsters and any thing that has to do with the past. He's herd the theroy that duel monster's might have been played with stone tablets and he belives in it. He belives that there are some things that are possible but can't be proven through science. He's a pretty good duelist and has some friends who are good at playing duel monsters to. He'll help out any one he thinks needs his help. He'll do any thing to help his friend. Nolen works in kaiba corp as a tester for new dueling systems.
[b]Deck:[/b] alliance [i'll edit later]
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Name Seth
Age 15
Sex Male
Apperance Tall, lanky boy clad entirely in black, with silver hair and bright blue eyes
Bio Seth is an expert duelist; unfortunatly, he became one at the cost of his social skills. He remains insecure, but puts on a mask of emtionlessness and coldness. He's an excekllant strategist, ans is determined to make his way to the top.
Deck Warrior deck
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Name: Ra

Age: 12

Sex: male

Apperance: A small 5 foot child whom loves to play this game. He realised that you don't need strong monsters to win the duels, all you need is a strong heart and believe in yourself.

Bio: Cousin to the famous Yugi Moto. He never was truly in a strong duel but he has always trusted in himself and his cards thanks to his cousin. He never runs from a battle and he is best friends with Mokuba Kaiba.

Deck: Direct damage deck.
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Name: Shane Kaiba
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Apperance: tall and lean Shane wears Red and Black. Shane has blue eyes and jet black hair
Bio: Shane is a cousin of the Kaiba brothers (Seto and Mokuba) and Shane was borne in america and moved to Japan to talk with Seto and Mokuba about a job in Kaiba Corp.
Deck: Beast Warrior type Deck
(P.S. you forgot Yugi's Biggest Rival Seto Kaiba.)
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I will fill the role of Yugi if okay

Name; Yugi Moutou

Age; 14

Sex; Male

Apperance: [url]http://store4.yimg.com/I/dragonballzcentral_1763_174650331[/url]

Bio; A young boy in junior high who is easly picked on and sort of a pushover,that is until the spirit of His Millennium Puzzel takes over.He is a dueling sensation around the world,and can win in almost any situation.He has saved his freiends and the world on multiply occasions.

Deck ; His deck is very random.It revolves around the Dark Magican as well as Slifer the Sky Dragon,as well as many others.
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I'll fill in for Joey. ^_^ (I can do a good Joey impression even though I'm a girl)

Name: Joey Wheeler
Apperance: We all know what Joey looks like. (hopefully)
Bio: The street tough punk in the group. He's yugi's best friend. He has a good heart underneath his tough exterior. He'll do anything for his friends and family. He would risk his life for his little sister, Serenity. He's like the third best duelist in the show.
Deck: He has mostly warrior type cards. Like the Flame Swordsmen and Axe Radier. He also has Jinzo, The Legendary Fisherman, and The Insect Queen.
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