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Writing The Lost One


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I made this as I went along without thinking. Tell me what you think!
The Lost One

Who can stay in this world of corruption?
Who can resist the tainted one's calling?
Who can cross the river,
The river of eternity?

If I am wrong,
then what is right?
If I was wrong all these years,
Then have I suffered for nothing?

Why couldn't I see,
See how wrong I must be?
To slay the innocent,
The evil in my eyes

I know see the truth,
The how tainted my mind was,
I must now repent,
But I feel differently

Instead, I seek revenge
On the one who betrayed me
I swear, I'll be the one to slay it

But why do you mock me?
I stand firm for my cause
Yet you are laughing

What have I done now?
am I still tainted?
How is it that I cannot see the way?
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The tainted one is an it. If you want to see my other work, there are poems by me in this section. they are: Rise, Prophecy, and Bio- another poem. And thanks! By the way, all my poems tie together.
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