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Writing Pleasant Dreams


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Saina turned around and smiled She had crystal blue eyes, and long black hair which she only opened on special occasions. Her 23 year old brother, Dominique, had just come back from his trip to Linat. A small city like country, off the coast of the Atlantic. He had brown eyes and short black hair. He smiled back at her and gave her a hug. She embraced him in return and let go.
?So, how?ve you been while I was gone,? asked Dominique. ?You?re still alive so I guess good.?
Saina smiled again and shook her head. She moved her hands in a small circular motion telling him to continue.
?I guess that means you want to know how Father is then,? he said. ?It?s been a while hasn?t it.? He wrapped his arm around his little sister and they started walking. ?Is that it??
Saina shook her head again. She leaned on Dominique?s shoulder and started to listen to what he was saying.
?Well,? he started. ?there?s not really that much to tell you. He?s the same as always. Just a little sick I guess.? Saina?s head jerked up as she stared at him surprised. ?Don?t worry, it isn?t anything serious. I took care of him while I was there. So he was fine. All he had was a minor cold. It didn?t take that long for him to heal.?
Saina shook her head to the side. She started to point in the direction of where their father was. Dominique stared at her and shook his head also but gently.
?I didn?t have to stay. He?s fine now and almost completely well. Plus, who would be here with you? I can?t leave you by yourself or no one would know what to do with you.?
She crossed her arms and pouted. She pulled away from his shoulder and started to walk faster. Dominique started to walk faster also and kept up with her.
?What?s wrong with you,? he asked.
Saina shook her head to the side and pointed to herself. Then she pointed to Dominique. Then she started to walk faster again.
Dominique started to walk faster again also. ?What do you mean me,? he asked. ?You know for a fifteen year old you sure do act like a little kid. What did I do?? ?He caught her by the arm to stop her.
Saina pointed to his lips and then herself and shook her head to the side once again. Her face started to turn red as she tried to stutter out words. Small sounds came out her mouth and she started to slightly cry.
?Hey, stop doing that,? Dominique said as she continued to try and get her words out. ?Come on, stop it. I get what you?re trying to say. So just calm down.? He put his hands or her arms and tried to settle her down. ?You?re going to hurt yourself doing that.?
Saina stopped and kept crying. She hugged Dominique and her head was face first into his chest. He hugged her back and looked up at everyone else around who had been staring for the last few minutes. He pulled her away from him and looked down at her. ?Maybe we should leave now. I don?t want anyone to see you like this, ok??
She nodded in return and wiped off her face with the side of her sleeve. She leaned against Dominique?s shoulder again. They started to walk back home. Dominique stopped on the edge of the sidewalk and turned around.
?Saina, can you wait here for a few minutes,? he asked. She looked up at him confused. ?I forgot my bags that?s all. I?ll be right back ok.? Saina nodded and watched him turn and walk back in the direction they came from.
Saina sat down on the ground and waited for him to return. Several people walked by and looked at her. One woman, around 21, stopped and kneeled down beside her. She looked up at her and smiled.
?Oh, you poor child,? she said. ?What in the world happened to you? Are you alright? Where are your parents?? She placed one of her hands on her shoulder.
Saina?s smile faded and a look of confusion crossed her face. She cocked her head to the side and mouthed ?huh?. She looked at the woman?s hand on her shoulder then back at her face.
?Why are you here? Did something happen to you,? the woman asked again.
Saina stood up and pointed in the direction of the place she just came from. Then she shook her head ?no?.
?What does that mean? Why won?t you say anything?? The woman took her hand off her shoulder and put her hand overtop her purse. ?If you don?t tell me anything I?ll have to call the police.?
Saina looked at the ground and started to run her foot along the concrete.
?Please child tell me something or I will have to.? She pulled out a phone from her purse and crossed her arms. ?You can?t live on the street. What is it? You can?t talk.?
Saina?s head jerked up and her eyes were wide open. She slowly shook her head and sat back down on the ground. She pulled her knees into her chest and put down her head so no one could see her face.
?Oh, I?m so sorry dear. I didn?t know. Here come with me and I?ll help you. We can get you a home and everything.? Without waiting for an answer the woman grabbed Saina?s hand and pulled her up. She started to walk her down the street.
Saina tried to pull away from her, but the woman kept walking. ?Don?t worry dear. I?m not going to hurt you. I?m taking you somewhere where you?ll be safe.?
Saina shook her head and kept trying to pull away. Suddenly, Dominique ran up behind them and pulled her away. The woman stopped and turned and looked at them as Saina disappeared behind Dominique?s back and her head poked out from the side.
?What were you doing to her,? Dominique asked. ?Where were you taking her??
?Who are you,? the woman asked. ?Do you know this child? Even though I can?t say much since you are a child yourself.?
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