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    Random Facts

    [QUOTE=Baron Samedi][size=1] Not true, lol. 20 deaths a year, maybe, but not 20% of all deaths, ROFL.[/size][/QUOTE] Oops. That's what I meant. Sorry. :animeswea
  2. Gentle

    Random Facts

    [SIZE=1]Eh.... 20% of the deaths in the world are caused by vending machines. You can fit 36 drops of water on the face of a penny. The average person spends 3 years on the toilet. I think it was, it's illegal to fish in the Mississipp River in Illinois without an Indiana fishing license. Or the other way around. I don't remember.[/SIZE]
  3. Gentle

    Random Facts

    [SIZE=1]Oh God, I love these. A hospital in Las Vegas had to fire some of it's workers because they were betting on whether patients would live or die. Pearls melt in water. A koala bear isn't a real bear. It's a squirrel. There are 3000 pimps in Las Vegas. Women digest more lipstick than they apply. 1/3 of snake bite victims are drunk. 1/5 of them have tatoos. And I have more than this.[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE=1]Yeah, as far as rugby goes, I'm American and I choose American sports over anything else. Plus, it's far more violent than football so you can keep it to yourself. [/SIZE] [QUOTE=Ziggy Stardust][FONT=Times New Roman] [COLOR=Sienna] If people liked to watch stratagy than Chess would be a far more televeised event than it is. [/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]Chess is thinking ahead strategy. Football is thinking at the moment strategy. There is a difference. You can't plan ahead unless you have someone with binoculars checking out the other team's playbook for you.[/SIZE]
  5. Well, I like football. I'm not a huge fan of it but I do watch a game every now and then. Sorry to say, but I'm a Redskins girl. It's the area where I live. You are either a Skin or a Cowboy. The game is bigger than the Super Bowl. But, I'm still rooting for Pittsburg anyway. ;)
  6. [SIZE=1]Yes, thanks. I appreciate it.[/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE=1]That's hot. :animesmil Sorry to ask the trouble but do you think you can get an older Little Lulu. That one wasn't really what I was looking for. It's it too much, that's fine the way it is.[/SIZE]
  8. [SIZE=1]Well, I haven't been here in quite a while. So, I wanna change my banner and avi for a while again. To whoever would like to do it, I'd like a banner with Betty Boop, Olive Oil, and Little Lulu on it that says "Old School Girls" and my name. I'd like that in a red or light blue. Don't care about the size as long as I can use it here. For the avatar, I'd like an animated one that flashes, "Old School Girls" separately. Matches the color of the banner. If you don't have an animator, then if you want to try to make something you'd think I like, go ahead. Yeah, that's it. Have fun whoever tries it.[/SIZE]
  9. [SIZE=1]I loved and still do love to watch Toonami and 4Kids even though both of them have killed anime in almost every way. If the show has any interest in it to me, I'll still watch it. I could really care less.[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1]First pic: Fuu: I'm sorry, but why the hell are your heads shaped that way? [COLOR=Red]I'm a very rude person. I know.[/COLOR] Second pic: all thinking Mugen: I'm confused. Jin: I'm puzzled. Fuu: I'm cramping. Someone please get me a Midol and Reeses![/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1]I though Al and Ed were 16 and 15?[/SIZE] [QUOTE][SPOILER]I had always assumed Lust was the de facto leader of the Homunculi, but it appears as though all of them (Lust included, to my vast surprise!) take their orders from Sloth. Who, by the way, gains a greater resemblance to Ed & Al's mother each time I look at her...[/SPOILER][/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]I think she's supposed to be. [SPOILER]I'm pretty sure that all the homunculi were supposed to look like the person who was trying to be brought back to life. That's why Sloth resembles Ed and Al's mother so much and Lust like Scar's brother's girlfriend. Wrath looked the age of Izumi's child and had some of her features from what I can remember. The res of the homunculi, I couldn't tell you.[/SPOILER] That would make sense I guess, wouldn't it? The episode not too long ago, I can't remember the name, I think Lust was given an entire new description. Before, she was depicted as heartless and completely brutal. After that, she was given a softer side that never really came out before. [SPOILER]No one would think that she could love or have someone fall in love with her. [/SPOILER]Even though she still isn't the most trustworthy character, I think she deserves some credit from that one.[/SIZE]
  12. Gentle

    Anime DNAngel

    [SIZE=1]What? This thread's been brought back four times already? Just to bring it back up, I'm an average fan of DNAngel. I have yet to see more than the beginning but from the first few episodes, I've realized that I just might fall in love with another anime again. Too bad I haven't seen it in a while, I might just remember more from it, but I love talking about it. So far, my favorite character is Dark because he's so laid-back which is the attitude I love for people to have. I can stand when they're too stressed, competetive, nervous, etc. That's why I like Dark the best. Plus he's sexy, duh. :animesmil .........[/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1]Kakashi: Nice *****, maybe I should have a feel. >_
  14. [QUOTE=Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I have a question about the Homuculi... Considering their named after the [spoiler]Seven Sins...what does Sloth[/spoiler] do? I get the others (not really Wrath or Greed, but... :animeswea ) I recall it doing something and being totally confused... Help. :animedepr [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE][SIZE=1]Sloth is when someone is unwilling to do things by moving slow or stopping altogether and don't do tasks that natually occur for some people. [B]From the Pocket Catholic Catechism: [/B] [I]Sloth is the desire for ease, even at the expense of doing the known will of God. Whatever we do in life requires effort. Everything we do is to be a means of salvation. The slothful person is unwilling to do what God wants because of the effort it takes to do it. Sloth becomes a sin when it slows down and even brings to a halt the energy we must expend in using the means to salvation. [/I] Bleh, that's sloth's whole point. In a way she does kind of show it, but it's not really shown that well. You get it though.[/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1]Yui: How the hell do they see each other with their eyes closed? I suck at this. I didn't even recognize the characters until I read everyone else's post.[/SIZE]
  16. [SIZE=1]I could try it for you but I would need the song banner because I've only found one and it looks horrible. I can't make it look better at all.[/SIZE]
  17. [SIZE=1]Two I can think of but that's it. It was near the end of my last year in middle school. The school decided to take anyone who wanted to go to get physicals at a clinic and the school would pay for it. The paper would be good for the entire next year so I decided to go and save my mom some money. Now I never use the bathroom at school, and I usually go when I wake up in the morning which is an hour before I catch the bus. I stayed after school and rode a bus and still waited in the parking lot for about an hour before we finally got to go inside. Now that's about ten hours since I last used the bathroom. I couldn't go immediately because then I couldn't later. You know they give out the little urine cups and everything. I finally got to use the bathroom, yada, yada, and I walked out the door. Lucky me there were only three people standing outside the door because I hadn't dried my hands completely after I washed them and the cup slipped out of my hand and hit the floor. Surprisingly it didn't fall over. It landed straight and my piss splashed up on the wall were I was. And half of what I started with was still in there. Quick reflexes moved me as soon as I felt the cup slip and I didn't get anything on me. The girl who was there didn't let me forget about it either. Next, we have a choir rehearsal at church. This time I didn't know that a piece of the band around my underwear had came loose so a thread was out, kinda like on a shirt. I went to the bathroom before I was picked up to go (I don't even pee that much!). I didn't know that the string was hanging over the back of my pants. Now less than five minutes after we arrived, I was standing in the middle of the aisle in the sanctuary talking to my friends while we all waited for practice to start. The girls sat on one side, the boys on the other. My back was to the boys and one suddenly said, "What the hell is this?" reached out, and pulled at the string. He pulled it until it snapped back (yeah elastic) and hit me in the lower back and I was thinking, What the hell? and he was sitting there with the string in his hand and I had turned to look at him looking all surprised holding my back. After that me and the girls ran to the bathroom and I don't think I spoke to him for another twenty minutes. Lol.[/SIZE]
  18. [SIZE=1]Guy: Wanna give it a try? Girl: You're not the one holding that! Where's your other hand?! Um....ditto. :animedepr [/SIZE]
  19. [quote name='Cheesy Chibi]Nothing in anime, or any tv-related thing, has ever made me cry, except for Last Exile when [spoiler]Luciola sacrificed his life for Dio, standing up to Delphine. Just the way it happened made me tear up. And also at the end where Alex gets blown up along with the Guild ship, which was kinda bitter-sweet, and Dio falls into the Grand Stream. T__T DIOO!!! *sob*[/spoiler'] :animecry:[/quote][SIZE=1]Yes, I cried so hard after that it took me almost half an hour to stop. There was one more time in an episode of Tenchi. It's been years but I think Ryoko had gotten hurt in a battle or something and she was flying around in Ryo-oki in space and was thinking about Tenchi or something. I can't remember clearly but I thought that was sad for some reason.[/SIZE]
  20. [SIZE=1]These are some jokes I heard a while back. The first one is pretty easy to understand but the second one you have to think about. Sorry if they're not that funny but I laugh at next to anything. They're bar jokes. [I]One day this duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender, "Got any grapes?" The bartender answered with no so the duck went on his way. The next day the duck came and asks the bartender again, "Got any grapes?" The bartender says "I told you yesterday we didn't have any grapes and I still don't." So the duck left. The next day the duck comes back and the bartender looks at him and says, "I told you before I don't have any grapes and if you ask me again I'm going to nail your beak to this counter." The duck says, "Okay, do you have any nails?" The bartender looking confused shakes his head no. Then the duck says, "Okay, got any grapes?"[/I] Okay, this next one is really stupid but I thought it was funny. [I]A man walks into a bar and says, "Ow."[/I] >_
  21. [SIZE=1]Both girls: The water won't pour out! Coreena: Someone glued it in! Seriously, it looks just like a bucket from that angle.[/SIZE]
  22. [SIZE=1]I see one difference that makes me a woman and that is that I can bare children. There are other things I can say but I have no way to explain them out because of my bland and tasteless mind. End.[/SIZE]
  23. [SIZE=1]Well, over the years I've been through many ideas of what I've wanted to do. I believe when I was five I wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a firefighter, a cop, a mailperson, and alive. Now, I dread the idea of being any of those except a teacher but that's not where I'm trying to go. Now, I'm thinking about directing myself toward food and psychology. The two have absolutely nothing in common, but it's what I'm interested in. I still have time to think about it though so bleh....[/SIZE]
  24. Gentle


    [SIZE=1]I can't be the only one to wonder this at one time or another. I feel so low right now. How do you change your username? I have been wondering this for like a year.....I feel really pathetic.[/SIZE]
  25. [QUOTE=kayutori_sama]For me it's the conversation. OB has pretty strict rules on posting and I really appreciate that. I can't tell you how many boards I've been to where this is a typical post. "OMG i luuuuv inuyAsha!!!hes sooooo hot!!!!! and kikyo SUXXXXX. inuyasha and kagome4ever!!!!!" lololololol xD ( sad isn't it?) [/QUOTE][SIZE=1]The same reason basically. This was my first message board I think. If it wasn't then I just don't remember the rest because it was too long ago. I joined other boards after this but quit when I saw how bad they were at keeping a decent conversation. I wasn't that good a poster when I came here but I was still much better than them. Anyway, no reason. I saw a board and joined it. It seemed interesting and I could talk about anime as soon as I became interested in it. I like to hear what a lot of people have to say and I also love to laugh at just about anything. There's a good blend of that here. Whether people mean it or not. But most importantly there are no "I HATE GAYZ PEPLE!!1! threads here. That was like so friggin annoying.[/SIZE]
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