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Anime ALL ABOUT SAIYUKI!! Ps: SAIYUKI RELOAD anime series.....

Sweet Pie

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They're back for SEASON 3 this fall BUT it will be telecast ONLY in JAPAN. Here's a sneak preview on them, I'll post more about the story, villians and their former life in Tenkai later. WATCH OUT FOR MORE!! :D :excited:

*from left:Sanzo, Hakkai, Goku, Hakuryuu(dragon) & Gojyo


*this pic is the monk in his casual clothes

His a monk who doesn't follow rules. He refuse to shave hie head. He's a bad boy, smokes, drinks and gambles. His weapon is the gun and the Evil Sutra. He NEVER smile and will always beat GOKU and GOJYO but not HAKKAI. It is said that HAKKAI is like his late master, KOMYO SANZO. AND, only HAKKAI can raed what SANZO never say. ^_^ NOT to forget this monk wears a SEXY undergarment. He's hot!!!

[COLOR=indigo][B][U][SIZE=3]SON GOKU[/COLOR][/B][/U][/SIZE]

*Goku thumbs up!

He's a lively kid and always pick a fight with Gojyo! HE LOVES TO EAT and 4ever hungry! It's difficult to stop him when he turns to SENTEI TAISEN!
*Goku become a youkai (SENTEI TAISEN)

[COLOR=indigo][B][U][SIZE=3]SHA GOJYO[/COLOR][/B][/U][/SIZE]

*Gojyo looking good

He's very into women. Women is his first love. He smokes juz like Sanzo and gambles but can never beat HAKKAI. He called SANZO, [COLOR=red]CORRUPTED MONK[/COLOR] Always fighting with Goku. And a best-friend to HAKKAI.


*him not smilling !_!

AGE: 22 RACE: YOUKAI(DEMON) but formerly a human
He's the peacemaker and never did any of his group-mates quarrel with him! He's the best in poker game and drinking. he always smile & no one knows what he's thinking.

*they all looking so good and cool in casual clothes!

[QUOTE]WatCh OuT FoR MoRe!!!*^*^*^[/QUOTE]:D
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Thanx for that reply! ^_^
I didn't know u're a fan of 'em.
So anyway, AYA wat's ur fav character in SAIYUKI?

FOR the time being, I will not be able to post (but maybe I could post..depend on the situation). I've got my final-year exams actually to the exact, in progress....

So plz bear with it. ^_^


BE MY BUDDY!!!!^_^
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That a anime called SAIYUKI(Journey To The West)It follows the popular chinese legend~ "Journey to the west". But the story line and characters have been altered by manga-kan: Minekura Kazuya.

Genjo Sanzo was summoned with three other demon to stop the revival of the mighty demon, Gyumao. He had been sealed by fighting god, Nataku. But recently, his wife, Gokyumen and some other people are going to unseal Gyumao so that they can have their on world.

Sanzo and gang was in tenkai(heaven) in their previous life. After a fight and damage they had done during a party to celebrate Nataku's win against Gyumao. They were all sentence to the world below. But Goku was imprisoned in a dark cave at Mount Gogyo. In the world below, their memory of their previous life was sealed. Hakuryuu their dragon-turn-jeep was formerly a militery officer in tenkai.

Here's the name of their previoys life:
Genjo Sanzo->Konzen Douji, a person who is in-charge of paperworks in heaven.
Son Goku->Son Goku; same name becoz he was not prosecuted. He is a child who is lonely and befriends with Nataku.
Sha Gojyo->Taisho Kenren;a great soldier
Cho Hakkai->Gensui Tenpou; a field-marshal but pretends to be Kenren's subordinate.

the one upside down is Goku,in front from left:Kenren, Konzen, Tenpou.

*this is a pic of NATAKU. But he's in coma. A pic of him smiling n winking. I'll post it later. ^_^
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My fav character in saiyuki is....

Sanzo's a hottie(he's sexy in his undergarment)
Hakkai's so gorgeous and handsome(he looks gd without his upper clothes)
Goku's so cute and adorable..KAWAII ^_^
Gojyo's a woman's guy...wonderful.

For the KOU-taichi,
I LOVE KOUGAIJI!! He's hot...sexy abs!!
below is a pic of KOU

AND Nataku's so cute!

*NATAKU smiling

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