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Writing Annihilation.


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Here it is(very long, but it isn't finished. Still a war to come.)

[SIZE=1]Chapter 0ne.
Land beneath Ours.

Humans are one of the most intelligent races in the universe. Well, they where. Until ever one else knew the secret to there planet. Humans thought they where the only things in the universe, some thought there where others, but they where millions of zillions of miles away. Little did they know, another race and world was right next-door, right under their noses. But to be exact, another race lived right under them.

Under them, was a world with little rules, and the people below, wanted what they had. But they had a plan, and would soon get the top world?


?Kill? Dango, walked through the dark forest. His mind was battling against the full moon, and his spiky hair growing longer.
?Transform?. KILL!!? A voice repeated in his head. His eyes went red, and his body growing. His head falling apart in the wind. He never felt like this before. He was alone, under the full moon. For once he didn?t want to transform. The full moon was indeed real. They didn?t live in the ground, but it was infact a magic realm, where they moon reached and the sun shone. Dango feel on the ground, and the cold grass pressed on his chest.
?KILL!? Dango let it go. He couldn?t hold it in any more. The moon shone on him, and he began to transform. He got up, and his shadow cast over the trees. His face began to grow into a snout, and his fangs grew larger, his hands grew claws, and his hair stretched down his body. Then, he jumped up. His snout was wide open, and huge fangs stuck in his mouth. His tail was black, and most of his fur was black and grey. His gold pants flicked in the moonlight.
?KILL?.? Dango looked around. His hands clenched.
?I TOLD YOU TO KILL!? A cold voice said. He didn?t know who it was, or where it was coming from. Dango became scared. His wolf ears flicked.
?KILL!!!!? Shouted the cold voice. Dango looked around, he jumped to the nearest tree and began to rip it with his claws.
?FOOL!? Yelled a voice. Dango stopped, and then looked around. Suddenly, something began to hurt inside. His head began to burn. He howled louder and louder. His head was being attacked by something?. something inside him. He howled louder, biting himself, to fight it off. But he howled louder. His scratched at himself, and growled.
?NEVER DISOBEY ME!? Said the voice. Then, the burning pain went away. Dango looked up. His arm was full of bite marks and blood. He howled slowly, and is eye caught the sight of some one. He turned around to find a man in a cloak, with a knife in his hand and a hood. Dango couldn?t see him, but then he noticed his hood moved down by it?s self. Dango sniffed with his long snout, and growled. The man had a skull like face, with red eyes and a snaked tongue.
?You brought this on yourself?.? He hissed. The man drifted forward, and Dango noticed what the knife was. Pure, shining, Sliver. Dango howled and tried to run away, but he could hardly move. His head felt cold and he began to think this was it, his final night. He fell on his knees, and tried to shake off the cold feel.
?I should have never chosen you?.? Said the man. He bent down, and placed the knife on Dango?s back. Dango couldn?t fight back. He couldn?t move?His eyes widened as he felt a burning knife jab into his back?

Dango jumped up out of bed, yelling. He almost banged into a man with brown hair over his left eye.
?Dango? Are you ok? You where howling in your sleep and yelling?? The man said. Dmitri, his best friend. Dmitri wore red pants, and wasn?t fully dressed. He had nothing on his top and no shoes on. Dango looked around. Dmitri?s bed was beside his, and the room had one window.
?Urgh?what time is it?? Dango?s voice was dull and cold.
?Time you got. Talor?s cookin? breakfast. ? Said Dmitri running down the stairs.
?Oh right?. WHAT!?? Dango jumped out of bed and put his sliver jeans on. The sunlight shone on his face. His tail swadded side to side as he put on his black boots. Then, he felt a burn in his back?. like his dream?he feel on his knees, sweating. The pain slowly wore off. A man with long red hair and blue cloths on popped his head round from the stairs.
?Are you com?? The man stopped. He was called Talor. Rad?s seconded best friend.
?You don?t look so good.? Talor walked to Dango, whose breath was deep and heavy.
?Err, I?ll be down in a sec?? Dango said slowly.
?You sure your ok?? Talor said as he walked to the stairs.
?Yeah.? He heard Talor run down the stairs, banging as he went. Dango grabbed a red shirt, and pulled it over his head. He walked across the room, and in a door. He closed it behind him and looked in his bathroom mirror. A thousand thoughts flew through his head.
Who was that guy?
Was it really a dream?
Why did my transformation hurt?
Why did my personality towards a human change?
Although Talor was a human, people that told him to kill, would find a fist in their face. But, this time he obeyed the human?he was afraid, so he attacked a tree instead of a person?
He thought to himself, until the deep voice of Dmitri called.
?Are you there? Hello? Mr. Wolf?? He called.
?Uu?. what?? Dango rubbed his eyes.
?I called you a million times! Are you awake?? Dmitri sounded pretty angry.
?Sorry. I was miles away?? Yelled Dango. He opened the door and walked to the stairs. But he stopped. He still felt cold. Then, a voice took him out of a dream state.
?So you sleep while your standing now?? Said Dmitri from the bottom of the stairs.
?Huh? Oh, yeah breakfast?? Dango said lazily. He ran down the stairs, into a kitchen where Talor was already sat down reading the newspaper. Outside, the red sphere that was a magic sun shone on the kitchen floor. There sky was gold and sliver, the colours of magic realms. Dango sat down opposite Talor.
?Have you seen the headline today?? Said Talor.
?No I?ve been having the most terrifying dream ever?? Growled Dango.
?Hey! Don?t act like that! Look!? Talor slid the paper across the table. It was The Magical Times. One of the most popular newspapers around. Then, he spotted a huge bold headline reading:
?Werewolves called to war!?
Dango groaned.

?Almost 300 hundred wolves have been called up to attack the top world. The captain says,
?We need all the men we can get, even if it means wolves. I myself think as them as equals.? We asked him, ?How could you take in the most dangerous race known to our world??
?Well there only dangerous when they transform. The next full moon is in a month, by then we will have enough poisons to stop the transformation. On the night of the attack, I assure you they will be dangerous. People said it?s a mad idea, but how could I turn down these lot??
?What will you do if by the time of the attack, you don?t have enough men??
?Well, that won?t happen. We have over 2000 men already. I think we?ll have enough by the time of the attack.?
After a few questions, we left the base with a clear view of the attack. Total Annihilation!

Dango laughed. He folded up the newspaper and threw it aside.
?Did you look at the next bit?? Said Talor.
?It?s a load of crap. He?ll have no men left; all the werewolves would have ran off. But some wolves, like me can transform at will.? Dango laughed.
?So you didn?t see the part about ?Werewolves attack Taigul town??? Said Talor smartly.
?Huh?? Dango picked the paper back up and scrolled down it.

Werewolves found dead in Taigul town. Also, people found dead! Villagers say there were 5 wolves, 4 men and a wizard. There were claw scratches on a tree, blood all over the ground, and one wolf was found with a sliver knife in it?s back?

Dango froze. He continued to stare at it.

This is said to be the work of a thief or more likely to be a wizard. Why or when this happened is still la mystery. But this is the latest case of Murder. It is said to be connected to the attack due to take place in 4 months.

Dango stared down. He threw the paper aside.
Ok, that?s just coincidence?.
He calmly thought to himself.
He walked out of the kitchen and grabbed his leather coat.
?Hey!? Where the hell are you going?? Yelled Dmitri.
?Out.? Dango said in a shallow voice. He took his house card (instead of keys) and unlocked the door.
?You haven?t had breakfast!? Yelled Talor.
?I?ll get some later. I have to sort something out?? Dango didn?t quiet know what he was going to do, but he had to find out what was going on.
?Well I?m coming too!? Yelled Talor. Dmitri stepped away from the cooker and walked to them both standing at the door.
?ME TOO!? He smiled. Dango groaned.
Why me?

Chapter Two
Way of the wolf.

Dango jumped on his red Hildula (like a motor bike). It was a large one, and had four modes:
Turbo-for fast lanes
Hyper-for the high ways
Normal-nice and simple.
These bikes have a minimum speed of 50 SJ (Speed Jump) and a maximum of 300 SJ. The engine was silent and it ran on Velocity-Plus Premium acid. Dango put in his card and set off, hoping he could lose his friends if he set off quick. He was going so fast, you?d think he would fall off any minute. But, he didn?t. Soon he came to a dead end.
?What?? He was so worried about Dmitri and Talor on his tail, he took a wrong turn. He took out his card key for his Hildula, and lent it against the wall.
?Okay?.? He looked around, and then saw something move into the bush nearby.
?Huh?? He stared at it, the saw a hooded man walk out.
?ARGH!? He sped for his bike, jumped on and shoved in the card.
?Come on!? The hooded man drew nearer, but wasn?t quick enough! Dango sped off, turning his head round to see if the man would follow, but he didn?t.
?Weird?? Dango turn to the road, and noticed a huge, long, truck heading for him. He put his foot down, and slid right into the trucks side?.

Dango woke up?in the woods again?
?What the?? He looked around, and the hooded man appeared.
?You are not a true wolf?? The man said. Dango looked at him puzzled.
?Whe?? He began, but the man spoke.
?You are not a true werewolf?your transformation is weak??
Dango growled.
?So, If I?m not, then I suppose you are!?? Dango clenched his fist.
?You are not a true werewolf, but he is!? The man pointed over Dango?s shoulder. Dango whipped around. Another man, with a brown tail and red eyes stood there.
?James?show him the true way of the wolf!? The man smiled from under the black hood. The other wolf, James looked up at the moonlight. The brown hairs on James grew, as his shirt ripped. He transformed a lot faster then Dango. In around 15 seconds, it happened. James became a huge brown werewolf, with gripping fangs. Dango then looked up at the moon. He too, began to transform. His hands grew massive claws, and he viscously ripped his shirt apart. His eyes became red, and his black hair stretched over his body. His bit the air with his huge fangs, then stared at the bigger werewolf, James. His mind didn?t feel cold, it was like normal. Dango growled. His foe looked like he was laughing.
?Kill him?? Ordered the hooded man. James leaped forward and jumped on Dango. James bit Dango, as he kept him in a headlock. Dango growled and howled.
?This is the way of the wolf!? Dango closed his eyes, and then pushed James off. He jumped at James and bit his neck. James howled uncontrollably. Dango just kept his grip. Dango then felt a shock of pain as James bit Dango?s tail. Dango jumped off and fell on the ground, panting. He then felt, a burn on his hand. He looked down. The sliver knife?from the last time he was here. He didn?t bother to think this was all a dream. He was determined to prove he s a true wolf.
Dream or not?
He thought to himself.
James dies!
He jumped up, as James charged at him.
That?s it?
Dango growled. James pounced on him, and Dango jabbed the sliver knife into his chest. James let out a huge, long ear-piercing howl. Dango jumped back. James began to bleed out of his mouth and chest. Dango fell on his knees, and he slowly shrunk down in size, and his hair went back to its normal shape. He lifted his head, as though he was shaking off his wolf form. Dango panted. He stood up, with his back to James, and looked around for the hooded man.
?See? I am a true wolf! I don?t even know why I keep having these dreams?? He stopped as a voice said.
?Dream? Dream? This is no dream!?
Dango growled. Then, from behind him, a man with brown hair, red eyes, and a knife in his chest stood up. James had transformed back too. James grabbed the knife, and pulled it out. Dango turned around, and James placed the knife on Dango?s forehead. Dango looked in shock.
?There can only be on true wolf. Your just a slob!? Spat James. Dango screamed as James pushed the knife into his head?

One again, Dango jumped up almost crashing into Dmitri.
?What the hell where you dreaming!?? Yelled Dmitri. Dango looked around. Men where walking about, somewhere questioning a man in black. Dango tried to get up, but he couldn?t.
?Hey, I think you better stay there. That Truck hit you pretty badly?? Dmitri looked round. Talor was talking to a girl near the truck.
?Wha?. what?happened?? Spluttered Dango.
?You where hit by that guy over there. Do you know how long you?ve been out? Almost an hour. They refused to take to a care centre, because they don?t treat wolves in this one?? Dmitri sighed. Dango tried to get up again but it was like he had no bones left. He rubbed his eyes.
?But we found this wizard guy, and he can fix bones?.? Dmitri explained.
?I?d rather die?? Mumbled Dango. Then, a man with a hood up came.
?What the?? Dango tried to pull himself away, but he couldn?t.
?Dango?what?s wrong?? Dmitri looked puzzled.
?That guys the one that tried to kill me!? Talor then came running over. Dango dragged himself away, cutting his hand on the stones.
?What?s wrong with you!?? Dmitri grabbed Dango by his shirt.
?Keep?Him?AWAY!? Yelled Dango. The man took down his hood. He had red hair like Talor?s that almost covered his left eye, and blue eyes.
?I am not trying to kill you.? His voice though, was like the voice in his dreams.
?Move back! I can transform at will!? Dango growled.
?But as a werewolf you are stronger in the moonlight right?? Said the cold voice of the man.
?You give me no choice!? Dango snarled.
?What are you doing? Have you gone crazy!?? Yelled Dmitri. Dmitri grabbed Dango and pulled him back. Dango snarled. He howled loudly, and his eyes went red. He could feel his legs again, and he stood up Broken bones didn?t bother a transformed wolf. Dango?s hair grew longer as he stood up growling. His hands grew into claws, and his shirt ripped.
?I?ll take care of this.? Mumbled the man. Dango howled as the man approached him. The man took out a small wand, and pointed it at Dango.
?Reblus.? Mumbled the man. He was clearly a wizard. Dango looked down, as sparks hit his chest. He howled loudly before falling back down on the ground, out cold again.

Dango woke up, in a bed. This time, he didn?t have that dream.
?Hello sleepy head.? Said Talor cheerfully. Dango sat up. He was in his own room. Dmitri was sat on his bed, beside Dango. And the man from before sat on a chair reading the newspaper.
?Dango,? Dmitri smiled. He pointed over at the man.
?This is Taylor. He helped you before. You almost killed him!? Dmitri laughed. The man called Taylor put down the paper and walked to him. Taylor stuck out his hand.
?Taylor of the Gradua Wizards.? He said.
?No. I didn?t try to kill you. I know all about your dreams, but that isn?t me.? Taylor explained.
?But?you sound like him?? Dango grinned.
?That wasn?t me. I am of the Gradua wizards. It is unlikely for me to be disturbing your dreams.? Taylor said. He sounded more business like now.
?But?the guy who tried to kill me??
?Was in your dreams.? Taylor breathed. He paced up and down the room grinning.
?You might have seen another wizard. Like me, but different.? Taylor explained.
?But?? Dango smiled.
?How come I felt the pain after the dream?? Dmitri?s smile faded. Taylor Froze and Talor winced.
?What happened in your dreams?? Asked Taylor. Dango explained everything that happened in his dreams.
?He?s a Medrai-hali.? Taylor said grinning.
?A midi whati?? Dango said.
?It means they can enter your mind a any time and do whatever they want. To bad I?m not one.? Taylor explained. Dango pulled on a black t-shirt and put his black boots on. He ran into the bathroom and through water on his hair, making it stick down. Then he messed his hair up, and it looked spikier then ever.
?So, some wizard was attacking be in my dreams?? Dango asked.
?Yes.? Answered Taylor.
?But how?? Asked Talor.
?They have a special DNA. This means they can take the form of anything in another persons mind.? Explained Taylor. Dango put his finger up, as a sign of ?I have another question?, but there was a loud knock. Dango hurried down stairs and opened the door.
?Letters.? Mumbled a man with red on. Dango took four letters and flicked through them.
?Thanks.? He said under his breath.
?Huh?? He looked weirdly at a letter addressed to Taylor. He ran back up the stairs, and handed them out. There where all addressed to the people in his house.
?Taylor, why do you have one? You don?t live here.? Dango said weakly.
?beats me.? Said Taylor. Dango ripped open the letter. It said:

Dear Dango wolf ,
We are happy to inform you that Caption T. Dimon, has chosen you to train in an army camp on the cost of Devonshir. On this camp you will be tested as a werewolf and receive full training for the newest war against the top world. If you chose to come, please write back and another letter with information about the training will be sent. This is just a brief note asking you to write back. Write to:

16 Gilramud Palace,
Newtin Sjir,

Yours sincerely,
The Devon army Team.

Dango stared down at it. He looked around. It looked like they had the same letters as well.
Dango smiled.

Chapter Three.
On the Road to Devon palace.

Dango sealed an envelope that had for forms for Devon training base. All saying yes. Dango had finally come to believe Taylor wasn?t trying to kill him. Taylor was coming with them. Hopefully they would be in the same base. But there where doubt about Talor being in the same base. It?s pretty unlikely for a human to make it into the same base as a werewolf or wizard. Very different, maybe, just maybe, they could all go in the same base. It was all up to the camp guys. They had to wait for a while though.

?Hey, Dmitri, you wanna keep it down? I?m trying to write out this form!? Yelled Talor. Dmitri was banging rapidly on the walls, annoying Talor. Dango was sat at the windows, gazing into the sun raise. The sky was light gold now. Dango rubbed his eyes as Dmitri yelled out,
?I KNOW SOMETHING THAT?LL GET ON YA NERVES! GET ON YA NERVES!? Dmitri was yelling it so loud; Dango could feel the floor vibrating.
?SHUT UP!? Screamed Talor. Dmitri started to run around the room in some sort of war dance singing;
?Talor?s gonna get battered!? Dango groaned loudly. Dmitri was going totally off track. Who would want to batter Talor? Dango stood up and walked to Dmitri who was dancing around like a pig on hind feet.
?Dmitri, that?s enough. You?re going so off track.? Dmitri stood up straight. He brushed his hair up, but it still hug over his eye. His spiky hair flicked as he jumped onto a chair.
?You have to spoil the funniest moment of my life, don?t you?? Dmitri said smiling. Dango ran his hand through his hair.
?You call that the funniest moment? You must have a short memory!? Laughed Dango.
?Yeah,? Talor said poking his head round the doorway. ?Your funniest moment was when you kicked that guy off the bridge near Town lighy, and the guy?s mates caught you and tried to through you off, but the you picked up a stick and poked them.? Talor clearly was making this up.
?Talor, shut up. The best moment of Dmitri?s life, when he made those elves his personally punch bags. Gah, I feel sorry for them now. Half of the time he was playing catch with them!? Dango laughed.
?What?s so funny about playing catch though?? Talor grinned.
?Because they where throwing bike parts. And Dmitri pored oil over this guys head when he yelled at them.? Dango sat down and smiled. He looked around. Taylor was upstairs, (of course?) waiting for post.
?You have no taste, Dango me friend!? Dmitri laughed.
?My funniest moment has not yet happened.? It was surprising that Dmitri was acting the fool now. He had to be excited about the letter. Talor was the one that usually bugs people.
?I?m?. I?m?going to?. going for a walk.? Dango lied. This was the only chance he had to get out for a while?to find something out?. about the other world?something told him, war wasn?t the answer. But he had to know for sertent before he rushed into things.
?Can I?.?
?No.? Said Dango before Dmitri finished.
?Oh?Ok?? Dmitri said disappointed. Dango walked out the door, into the crisp gold sky.
?I wonder what this other world looks like?? Said Dango smiling.
?Guess there?s only one way to find out.? He walked on, along the roadside. His thought about the camp?would he be ready?
What if I make a fool of myself?
He said to himself.
What if they laugh?
Dango walked along, then stopped at a sign saying;
?Come see the amazing Hothead wizard! If you can stand the heat of his wizard craft for 10 minutes, you win 1000*!!!
Meant money. Dango stared at it for a moment.
Hmm, this guy could make though challenge?I think I should give mr.hot head a visit!
?I think I should see him now?? Dango said smiling.

Dango didn?t go and face hothead, instead he went back home, to find a big surprise. Dmitri, Talor, and Taylor were all sitting at the table, starring at four brown letters. Dango slowly walked in, and looked at them puzzled.
?What?s going on?? Dango noticed Talor had already opened his, but he had put it back in the envelope.
?Them?? Talor pointed at the four letters.
?Devon palace?they?ve come.? Sighed Talor. He took out a small roll of paper and handed it to Dango. Dango unfolded it and stared.

Blah blah?

Dango scrolled through it, until he founded:

?Camp for your human combat skills only.?

Dango froze. He didn?t understand. Talor was stronger then Dmitri?why?
?I?m not with you guys?? Sighed Talor.
?I?m alone?I?m well alone?? Dango slammed the letter down. He smiled and said cheerfully,
?Well it?s only for a month or two. It?s not like we?ll never see each other again!? Dango smiled.
?it is like we?ll never see each other again?? Talor said with his head in hands. Dango sat down and looked at Dmitri, who was looking at the floor.
?Read it again?? Talor picked up the letter and gave it to Dango. Dango read it from the start this time. It said:

?We are proud to announce that you have been accepted at Devon palace for Human army training. Please read the following for more information;

Before coming to Devon, we ask you to pack the inessentials only, and one animal is required for a guard pet. If you do not have an animal, we beg you to find one before 16th of September.
There will be an underground root, from Dalistuan city, to Devon. Your camp number is ?12?, and you will be directed to the camp after the trip to Devon.
The time you will spend in the camp will be no more then 5 months and a week. Straight after, the attack will begin. After the war, your future is for you to choose.
The army kit will be provided for you, and guns and full training. There will be a test on the second week to determine which rank you are in for combat. You Camp for your human combat skills only
From what we have heard, your average combat level is 89% out of 100%.

We hope to see you on 16th of September.

Yours sincerely,

The Devon army team.

Dango froze. He looked over the letter.
?But?after that?we can see each other, right?? Dango said looking worried. Taylor, who was sat in the corner, shook his head.
?No?there has to be a mistake?they can?t split us up!? growled Dango crunching up the letter in his hands. He launched it at the wall, and turned around.
?But?then we can see each other after the war?? Dango said looking very worried.
??I?m sorry?No?. it?s pretty?it could be?it?s impossible?? Dmitri sighed.
?What do you mean?? Dango yelled.
?After the war, if we make it through, Talor?s?Talor?s moving. We all are. That?s why we?re launching an attack. When the Annihilation bit is done, the soldiers move up straight away.? Taylor said.
?You?re?kidding?? Dango croaked. Talor had his head in his arms again. Dango launched himself up the stairs, and into the bathroom. He stood there staring at the mirror.
Why me? Why us?
Talor?s one of my best friends in the world!
They can?t take us apart!
This isn?t right!!!
Dango?s eyes went redder then ever. His angry level rose. The mirror almost began to steam up by his heat.
Why must I always suffer in every good thing I do!?
Dango clenched his fist and rammed it into the mirror. The glass shattered over the floor. His fist became drenched in blood. He looked at his bleeding knuckles. He pointed up and yelled.
?WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS MOCK ME!?!? He yelled so loudly, the room looked like it shook. Even there kind, believed there was a God. He grabbed the door, and swung it so hard on it?s hinges, that it bounced back off the rubber door frame and smacked Dango in the mouth. Dango clapped his hands over his mouth and fell on his knees. He let go of his mouth, and looked at more blood pure down his hands. He then, began to chock on something. He spluttered, then spat out a small, white, sharp Fang. He looked at it. It was his fang. He growled, pointing up again.
?THERE YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN!!!? He yelled. He stood up clenching his fist.
?CAN?T I BE HAPPY FOR ONCE!?!? He yelled furiously. He walked to the sink, and washed the blood off his hands.
They can?t do this! They just can?t! I won?t let them!
As he said these words, he felt another small fang pop down his throat. He spat it out, and then stared.
?GREAT! I LOSE MY FRIEND! NOW I LOSE BOTH FANGS!!!? He shouted. He held both sharp fangs in hi hands.
?They?ll be no more mocking Dango! YOU HEAR!?? He yelled.

When he got downstairs, Dmitri, Taylor and Talor had their coats on. (Or cloaks in Taylor?s case.)
?I?m sorry Dango?? Talor said. He had a massive black coat on, and was sighing. Dango had to rap his hand in old white cloth. He had his two upper Fangs clenched in his hand.
?Come on. We need our stuff for the army.? Dmitri said sulkily.
?I?m not going.? Dango growled.
?What?? Taylor raised his eyebrows. Dango clenched his fist harder.
?You heard me! I am not going! Are you deaf!?? Dango almost pressed his face against Taylor.
?Dango?? Dmitri pulled him back and grinned.
?Why? Because of me Dango? You?re the best fighter I?ve ever seen! Your not going to throw a chance in the army away just because you?ll never see me again!?? Talor Asked. Dango lowered his angry level, and let his frustration go.
?You?re right?? Dango sighed. ?I should go?? He took his card keys for his Hildula.
?Let?s go then.? Talor said quiet cheerfully. Dango nodded.

Later, the four of them came to a town called ?Dewglagan Palace?. This is where they would get their animals. Dango knew what he wanted. A wolf. He always wanted one. Dmitri said a bird would do, Talor wanted a wolf too. Taylor said anything would do. They walked along the busy road, then Dango spotted something. A white tiger with dragon claws, dragon wings with black stripes on it, a long tail that went bushy at the end, and a white tigers face. Dango walked closer to the beast in the cage.
?Come on Dango!? Talor yelled. Dango put his hand up to show he had heard. The beast in the cage looked up at Dango.
?Ah, Master Dango. I wondered when I would be seeing you again!? Said the deep voice of the beast.
?Wh?what?? Dango spluttered.
?You don?t know me? I?m Rex. I was the one that helped you survive in those woods when you where little. But I was captured one day, and you found Dmitri. I knew you?d come back for me!? Laughed the beast. Rex, the thing in the cage, seemed to know a lot that Dango didn?t.
?You mean?? Started Dango. Something flashed in his mind. A thing just like Rex, fighting off people and wolves? but it had gone again.
?You might not remember me. You were just a little boy.? Rex laughed.
?Hey you!? Dango yelled at the person behind the cage.
?Yeah. How much for Rex here?? Dango asked. The man stood up. He had tatty cloths on, a hat and a pocket full of money.
?1000*? Said the man lazily. Dango smiled. He reached into his pocket and took out 5 notes.
?I?ll take him.? Dango handed the notes to the man.
?You sure you can handle him? He?s a big boy he is!? Laughed the man. Dango snarled. He unlocked the cage door, and out pounced a half tiger half dragon.
?Whata you doin??? Yelled the man who was now on his feet. Dango ignored him and walked off, with Rex beside him. The tiger seemed happy, and it?s voice sounded more German now.
?I will never forget that.? Rex said. His wings flapped up and down and he walked. Dango smiled.
?No problem.? Dango looked down and saw a thin piece of gold chain around Rex?s huge paw. Rex looked down.
?You wanna know what this is? It?s yours.? Explained Rex. Dango laughed.
?No, really. It was your necklaces when you were a small boy. You gave it to me. It?s time I give it back. Take it.? Rex smiled. Dango raised his eyebrows.
?Go on!? Insisted Rex. Dango bent down, and clipped off the gold chain. Rex smiled.
?I would have given it to you along time ago.? Dango looked at Rex.
?But what?s so special about this?? Asked Dango.
?Ah, that my friend is your sign. The thing that makes you, you. You see, only when the wolf has its sign, will be a true wolf.? Rex explained. Dango paused. He walked along, and found Dmitri, Talor and Taylor stood near the corner of the street.
Is this what the guy in my dreams meant? That I wasn?t a true wolf?
?Dango!? Shouted Talor. Dango ran up to them, with Rex running behind him.
?Look!? Talor pointed up at a huge bird perched on his shoulder. The bird had black feathers, a long red tail, huge talons and a hooked beak.
?It?s a Polinix. Nice isn?t it? Dmitri got a wolf.? Talor pointed down at a silver wolf, which was looking around.
?And Taylor got a Kalikomo. It?s cool don?t you think?? Talor said cheerfully. Dango spotted a creature with red fur, a spiral horn on its head, (it was stood on two legs) a long red tail and a fox?s face. It had spikes on its knuckles and a long spike on it?s back.
?I?m calling it Rocs.? Said Taylor.
?I?m calling my Polinix Daski.? Laughed Talor. Dango smiled.
?And my wolves gonna be called Fortres.? Dmitri said.
?Oh, cool! A Dixonik! What?s it called?? Asked Talor pointing at Rex.
?Rexibon.? Said Rex in his cold German-like voice. Dmitri stared.
?But most people call me Rex.? Laughed Rex.
?Oh, gosh! We better go! We gotta be at the station!? Said Taylor in a business like manner.

At the station, where Dmitri Taylor and Dango would leave Talor, thousands of people where there. Somewhere werewolves, somewhere humans, somewhere very different. The station began to clear as more and more people departed for Devon. The last few went off, until only a few wolves and Talor reminded.
?Talor, you have to go or you won?t make it in time.? Said Dango. Taylor and Dmitri stood silent.
?I think this is a bad idea?? Talor sighed.
?No, it isn?t. You said that I have to do it, and not let you stop me.? Dango walked to Talor. Talor smiled.
?I can?t?you?re my bet friend?? Talor said.
?Then show me how loyal you?ll be to me. Do it. Don?t let our friendship stop us.? Dango grinned.
?What?s more important? Friendship or a stupid war?? Yelled Talor. Dango took something out of his pocket, and clenched his fist.
?Come on. We?ve been friends for along time. It?s time to move on.? Dango said.
?But I don?t want to Dango?? Talor said. He began to sniff.
?Here.? Dango handed his fang to Talor.
?I know it?s not much, but it?s the only thing to remembers us by. I?ll keep my other fang. Just?just please, do me one favour, I beg you?never give up. Never forget me. Please...never, ever?ever?give up. Never. My soul is with you, and with my sprite beside you, you are immortal.? Dango said. Talor grabbed Dango?s fist.
?And my soul is with you.? Talor took Dango?s fang, and smiled. He walked off, following the officer to the Devon transport system. Dango held up his hand and waved. Dmitri and Taylor did the same. Dango watched, as Talor disappeared around the corner. A small tear dripped from his eye.
?Keep my promise?please?? Dango whispered. There was a horn sound, and the group of wolves and wizard began to walk off. Dango stood there for a while. Dmitri placed his hand on his shoulder.
?There?s a true warrior that lived, an immortal warrior, and he was only a human. Blessed by his friends, he?s immortality is his friends, and his soul is ours, and our souls are his.? Dmitri said.
?And his sprite is ours, and our sprites are his.? Dango said clenching hi fist. Another tear dripped from his eye. He walked off with Dmitri. He had a promise to keep too. Never forget, what a real friendship is. A friendship isn?t a true tale, if it doesn?t end.

Ah, forget it. No one's reading it or commentting...
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