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Art Anime Wallpaper: Gundam SEED

Hittokiri Zero

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I got bored today so I decided to make myself a anime wallpaper "whoop-eee". I uploaded it to my deviantart account and wrote a short description of the image here so please click here to view the image --->


Hmmm... well I guess that's all, and oh yeah remember to click on the thumbnail to view the image at it's full size :p.

... and yeah I almost forgot the wallpaper is 1024x768, if anyone wants a 800x600 wall just ask and I can resize it and upload it for you. And sorry to those of you with higher resolutions my video card isn't that great and all I can go up to is 1024x768 although if I make another wall I might try making a wall that is 1600x1200... only time will tell though :rolleyes:
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The only program I used to create this wallpaper was photoshop 7.0 ^_^. All the text is a font called "dirty ego" or something like that, and the basis for the background is a airbrushed layer. On top of that is another layer of gunk and gloop that looks a little bit like blood x_X yep yep... I dont expect many people to like this wallpaper unless they've seen Gundam SEED but atleast I got one reply. I was planning on making a wall with Mobile Suits from Gundam SEED but there are like no good pictures out there.
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