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RPG Super Teens.


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[SIZE=1]You are in high school. You can only be a teenager in high school. No spiecal things, just normal kids. You can play yourself, some one else, or just a made up character.

Welcome to Bellium high! From this day on, you will take on the high school. You can make clubs, be bullies, get bullied, have no friends, or even...be a teacher!!! You can be in any year, and you can be any ones friend!!! After 14 years, Bellium high is starting it's 15th year! You are now a member of our school. All 11th grade(or year) students are asked to come half an hour early for the 'Last year mass'. New year students should follow the 11th years and will soon be directed to the hall.

All students must follow these rules:

1. NO chewing or eating in class
2. No going to the toilet in class
3. Homework must be rbought in on time our you will recive a punishment.
4. Full school uniform
5. Food must not be taken out side or in class.
6. Try to be on time every lesson
7. Respect others.
8. All black trainers or black shoes
9. No rings, necklesses, ear rings .Ex
10.You must have the things needed for each lesson.

There will be more information when you arrive! Thankyou for coming!

The following people are in:

Gentle - Jessica
Sticky fairy - Nyx Nidorai
GuardianStorm - Selenay Diran
Chichiri's Girl - Seth
Me - Dango

If you want to join, go to the recruitment. Thanks.

First day of school. For Danny, it was his first day in the top class. The last year, and he was excited for once. He knew that his gang would double, and that they could mather the new care taker. he walked to the bus stop. Mosat people get different ways of transport to school, but Danny got the bus because his friends came. he stood up as the bus stopped near him. He climbed on and sat at the back.
"I wonder if Selenay's getting this bus..." He mumbled. Some one tpyed him on the back. He spun around.
"I'm already her!" Selenay was sat behind him.
"Cool!" Danny jumped over to the seat, and people looked at him as if he was an alien. What was wrong with jumping over to the back seat?
"Are you excited about today?" Asked Danny.
"A little." Answered Selenay.
"Don't lie!!!" Laughed Danny. He looked over the seats in front.
"D'you reckon the otehrs will get on this bus?" Danny said.
"I think they will." Said Selenay.
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Seth was tried already. Who ever thought of having school so frigen early in the morning? The big old yellow bus was coming down the street and he smiled. He had a lot of memories on that bus. Like spit ball attcacks and other things that got him and his friends in trouble. The bus pulled up and he walked up the three steps and walked straight to his seat. He and his friends had the same seat every year and if anybody tried to take it well, they best watch out. "Yo love birds what's up?" He said smirking sitting down in the seat across the asile. "Seth shutup."Selenay said sticking out her tounge. "Did ya have a nice morning Sethie boy?" Danny said using the nickname Seth hated the most. "whatever." was all of seth response then he turned to the window ingoring the two laughing.
hope that's good!
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[SIZE=1][I]"I bored already..." Danny yawned.
"Why?" Selenay asked. Danny looked around.
"How d'you think? I say let's make a little trouble while we wait for the others. How about it?" He cracked his knuckles.
"OH, yeah, Go on then!" Seth laughed.
"Let's see..." Danny took his school bag, and smiled. He duck his hand through.
"Ewwww!" He lifted his hand. On it was a mixture of gum and popcorn. He pulled out a tin.
"Must be leaking..." He sighed. He opened it.
"I made this ages ago, the perfect thing to start the day! Ok, want some?" He asked.
"yo, you're one mean kid!" Seth said looking at it.
"Well, I got my times ain't I? Selenay, want some?" He smiled.
"Let's aim at the driver..."[/SIZE][/I]
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"Hey you think if the bus gets stuck in a ditch we'll be late?"Selenay asked the other two. "hell ya!I think I'll get some freshman...." Seth said carfully aiming a handful at a routy freshman boy. The [i]splat![/i] of the impact and the look on the kid's face when he touched his hair and his fingers became sticky from the goo and covered with popcorn was so hailrous that the three of them burst out laughing. "My turn!" Danny said as he took a handful and carfully aimed for the bus driver.....
Hey we need the other people to come and post now....
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC: Im heeeere!

IC: Selenay rejected the popcorn, and slipped her hadn in her pocket. She took out a rubberband, and a bag of Reeses Pieces. She had left them in teh back of hr dads car, and they were gooy(sp). She plaeda a few of the peices across the wide rubber band, aiming. She grinned at Seth. "Let me have some fun, boys." She had it aimed at the freshman that had been hit by Seths attack's friend. She let it fly, and the guy had chocolate and peanut butter all over the back of his head. He put hius hand up, and indignant lok on his face. Selenay laughed.
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At this point Seth was laughing so hard it was one of those silent laughters that makes you whole body sake. "Your turn Danny!" is all he can get out to say. Danny aims for the bus drivers head when he turns around to get a face full of s**t. "That's it you kids you're all going to the Princapal's office!" The angry man yells to the three. "Oh s**t...." is all they can say....
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[SIZE=1][I]Danny gulped.
"fine!" He growled. The man dragged them off to the front.
"I'll keep an eye on you lot here." He said. Danny wondered who he was.
"by the way, I hope you like your new care taker!" Said the man. Danny gulped even more.
"Oh crap!" He whispered when he walked off.
"This sucks..." Selenay mumbled.
"I know..." Danny replied.
"Can't kids 'ave a bit a fun?" Seth said.
"Guess not." Danny said.
"I wonder if the others are coming or not."
"Guess not..."[/SIZE][/I]
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Sakura stepped toward her locker. [I]Those kids were crazy. Maybe I shouldnt hang out with them.[/I] She stared into the locker at the pictures of her old home. She snapped out of it and grabbed her things. [I]No one acted like this back then[/I]. She siged [I]Oh well[/I]. She walked toward her class and sat down. Next to Selenay and them.
Selenay: Hey Sakura, hey everyone meet the new kid!
[I]Least Im popular![/I]
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[SIZE=1][I]"Hey, New kid!" Danny said opening his locker.
"Ever seen a P..." He began, but him and Selenay where dragged away by the head master.
"In my office with the rest..." He grumbled. The head master was fat and round like a ballon.
"See'ya new kid!" Danny shouted. He walked into the office, and half of his gang mates where there. The head master sat down.
"This happens every year," He began.
"And it will stop. Tomorrow you will all come bakc here at 12:00, and no more!" He shouted. Danny laughed weakly. He wasn't affriad.
"Any more, and I will contact your parents!" Danny sniggered loundly. He put his hand on Selenay.
"What is so funny!?" Shouted the head master. Other people began to laughed. danny pointed up.
"You paper work's done for!"[/SIZE][/I]
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Nyx strolled through the halls. "Wow, I can't believe I'm back already. Summer's gotten way too short." She brushed some dust off her school uniform, a new rule for this year, then looked around. The halls were nearly empty, a treat for any student. "Oh the glory of always being late," she said, checking her watch. "Don't wanna be too late, though." She ran down a corridor, keeping an eye out for teachers, until she found the main office. "Oh, so here you are Ms. Nidorai. Late as usual I see." Nyx turned to find herself facing the receptionist, who was handing her a schedule. "And why should that change? Thanks Ms. Frisco. So, what'm I late for today?" Nyx looked at the paper, but it was too early in the day for her to be able to make sense of it. "Chemistry. And you'd better hurry, there's some wild kids in your clsss, and the teacher won't take kindly to a latecomer." Nyx stuffed the schedule in her pocket and thanked the receptionist, then tore down the hall. "215, 215... there!" She opened the door, and tried to sit down before the teacher would notice her. Luckily, he was busy yelling at some kids in the back, so she made it safely, pulling out a notebook. "What a great way to begin the year," she said to herself, sighing.
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Nyx had sat down right beside Sakura. Sakura was bored. Class, oh boy, at least the others were holding up class. Nyx looked over at her, "your the new kid right?" Sakura, "Yeah I guess." "so, whats your name?" "Sakura." "Well, hi. Your guna want o make friends with he cool kids. Theyre a ittle crazy but they accept anyone. OH! The teachers coming..." Sakura wondered if shed ever understand this place...
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[SIZE=1][I]Danny, Selenay and Seth walked into there class. As Danny walked pasted Sakura he muttered 'New Kid'.
"And where were you?" He said to the three.
"Erm, Head masters. Gettin' a new lunchtime...club...time table!" Selenay said. Levae it to Selenay and Seth to do the talking. Danny sat down and pulled out his book. Selenay sat at the back of him. Danny put his hand under his table, and missed some gum. He couldn't believe it! 2 years in a row he had the same desk. He knew that because his name was carved under it, and all the chewing gum was near the table legs.
"Well, apart from the odd few!" The teacher began. "We're having a nice start. This is your first Science class, and in this year there will be no...Sticking gum under the table." He's eyes flicked on Danny. "No eating, no nothing unless it is allowed! Now, I exspect no one to move while I take the register!" The teacher, looked down and too every ones shock his left eye was looking staight at the class! One eye down! One eye up! Danny didn't move.
"Kingsler," He called every one by there second name.
"Yes sir."
"Cashper?" Danny didn't notice his second name being called out, then it clicked.
"Oh, yeah." He said staring at his eyes.
"I'll see you at break, Cashper!"[/SIZE][/I]
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Saakura was asleep. She had had a hard time awakening.
Sakura was asleep.
"Sakura Sakamoto!"
She woke up.
"Sakura what time do you go to bed?"
"Maybe you should go earlier"
"Maybe school should be later"
"Excuse me?"
"You heard me, school should start later, then maybe we would act crazy and fall asleep." Sakura was smiling. This was fun.
"Or I could make you all stand up."
"Id rather stand then sit in this piece of crap chair!"
"Then you will, in the hallway with a detention slip"
"Sounds like fun"
"and youll stand in detention too"
"Go" SAkura started walking out the door smiling. Everyone else was holding back laughter. All they were thinkng was [I]DAMN![/I]
Seth finnaly screamed "GO NEW Gi- I MEEN SAKURA!!!"
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Guest Skyechild91
Selenay clapped hard as Sajura walked out of class, grinning. "Go, Sakura, go! You go girl! Alright!" She jumped up as she was glared at by their teacher. Her eyes locked with his, burning into them. "Yeah?" He said, voice dripping with authority and ice," Back in your seat, Diran." She crossed her arms, eyes narrowed. Then she uttered loudly the two words that th whole class had been waiting for," Make me." The class erupted into grins, high fives, and shouts of,' Show him how its done, Selenay!'
She put one hand on her cocked hip, and walked down the aile, grabbing her book bag from the hook by the door. She winked back at the teacher, making him go red. "Later, Reedman," she said to the teacher, walking into the hall and out to the soccer field.
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"That girl is so fisty. You better tame her quick or she'll eat you up dog." Seth said shaking his head with a big old smirk on his face. Ah the statisfaction of teasing his best friend. Of course this came with a price. This time it was a strangling by his best friend. "SHUT UP!" Danny yelled while Seth started blacking out from lack of air. "THAT'S IT! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS IN MY CLASSROOM ANY LONGER! OUT!" The teacher yelled at them shacking with rage. Danny let go of Seth's neck leaving him rubbing the red marks on it as they walked away. Once they were in the hall out of hearing range they give each other a high-five. The things they would do to get out of class....
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC: Uhh.. Sel was talkin to Reedman, Dea, not Danny...

IC: Selenay saw the two boys come out of the building, and she grinned. She was leaning up against the soccer goal, backpack on the ground. Her black leather pants and jacket shone in the sun, and the boys walked over to her. Seth grinned at her. "Damg, Selenay! You told old Reedman off good, girl!" She blushed slgihtly, thankful that they couldnt tell because of her deep tan. She grinned. "Its all thanks to practice, Seth. Did that once to my math teacher, Davis..." She sucked air in between her teth, then let it out in a long wistle. " Damn, was she mad afterward! Got a whole week of detention!" She brushed her dark blue dyed bangs off her chest, out of her eyes. She grinned again. "So... What do you boys want to do, eh? Im up for something... 'fun'." Seth hal-started at the way she punctuated fun.
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[SIZE=1][B]Danny walked out of detention mumbling. He shoved his hands in his pocket. Then, something ran full force into him sending Danny flying across the floor. Danny jumped uup as a kid in black got up and ran off laughing. Danny jumped up and sped after him.
"AH!" Danny clapped his hand over his arm...he had hurt it when he fell. He gained on the short, 15-year-old lad. Danny jumped ontop of him and pulled him up.
"WHAT YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!" Shouted Danny. Danny pushed the lad against the wall.
"'Cos I felt like it!" Laughed the lad. He grabbed Danny by the shirt, and punched Danny. Danny just looked at him and smiled. HIs face was like rock! The lad clenched his other fist. Danny growled lightly, and through the kid on the floor. The lad fell hard on the ground, and his blonde hair flew back. Danny began to punch him in the chest...no one messes with Danny. Then, another lad pulled Danny around, and Danny saw his fist coming at him. Danny fell back...that wasn't no normal punch...that kid had something on his fist...Danny clapped his hands over his eye....and blood dripped down.

Knuckle dusters...the only thing....small metal bars in the shape on knuckles that fit on your fist! Danny kneeled down on the cold floor. He stared at his hands. No one had ever hit him before....not after his first year...but someting new was happening...everything felt so strange...all the kids where cocky...t wasn't the first tme he saw knuckle dusters around...something wasn't right...Danny got up, and let down his hands. He flet blood drip from his face, but he just walked on, his walk became a run, as he sped for the two kids....they would pay bad style![/B][/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
Selenay and Seth saw Danny running after two boys, and he was bleeding. Seleny gasped. "Oh, Holy Sh*t!" She ran towards the two boys, blocking theri path. She growled at them as they started at her sudden appearance," What the hell did you do to him?!" She flicked her wrist back then forth, and a dagger flew at one of the boys. She took out her gun, and shot the other in the shoulder, and they both fell. She ran over to Danny as Seth beat up the two boys. She helped him up, and said," Hey, you okay> What did they-" she gasped when she saw his eye.
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[SIZE=1][B]"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH A GUN?!?" Danny shouted. "Things are getting weird...every one's...so....different...weapons like shape stuff, I know...but Knuckle dusters? Guns? there's something going on!" Danny looked at Selenay.
"Danny, it's not a REAL gun with bullets! It's them shock darts, the ones that knock out people? But, what happened?" Selenay asked.
"Knuckle dusters..." Sighed Danny. He saw the teacher coming.
"SETH!" Danny ran off and Seth followed. Both of the boys lay curled up. Danny stopped.
"D-" Selenay began.
"Keep going, I'll meet you in the smokers corner! GO!" Danny yelled. They all ran off into the school. Danny looked round. The teachers would think Danny was mad, not if he had his plan...

He stepped back, and charged full speed at the corner of the wall. He held out his hands, and fell back on the ground. He yelled, and the teacher came running to him.
"What happened?" The teacher asked.
"T-th-them K-ids but-g-gla-glass-on the f-f-floor!" He ponted at the two lads, and smiled. He put a thumbes up to Sele who was watching.[/B][/SIZE]
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC; Okay, if that wasn?t weird, I don?t know wht is?.

Selenay saw Danny give her thumbs up. She stuffed her shock drt gun in her back pack, and ran off to the smokers corner. [I] Danny? what are you telling them? Get over here as soon as your done! [/I] She thought. Seth ran over to her while the teachers were distracted.
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Bee sat in the principles office. She had been sitting there for a while, which made her wonder what she had missed in class.
"Why should I care what happened in class, anyway?" she wondered. She should have been more worried about how the principle would react to the...er... minor changes to her school uniform.
"Bernadette Banred, the principle is ready to see you now," said the very old, very ugly secratary. Bee just sat there, looking at her.
"Bernadette, Bernadette?"
"He's ready to see me, so what? you just told me a fact, you never told me to do anything." Before the secretary got a chance to scowl at her, Bee rolled her eyes, got up, and walked into the office.
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[SIZE=1][B]Uhh... this RPG ended along time ago, and I really don't want to continue it because it's not as good an RPG as the ones I do now, I'd really say the way I RPed in this thread was kinda an insult to myself, but that's not the point, this died long ago, and... yeah... I don't want to continue, so it was meant to be left dead.[/SIZE][/B]
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