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Art Chips Ahoy and Apocalypse Now, anyone???


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Check this out...hehe. A poster I created for a Comp Graphics course. I enjoy strange and unusual.

I do love Chips Ahoy, of course. I wanted a theme that caught people's attention. I figured Marlon Brando was a good choice.

EDIT: I forgot to show what the original Apocalypse Now poster looks like.

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Too much empty space (the entire bottom could be cut out), and you could have used real chocolate pieces, and real fire at that. However, it's cool that you made the artwork all by yourself. On the other hand, since art skill isn't the focus, I would suggest using pre-made stuff to keep the attention away from "artificial" chocolate and more on the clever retort.

EDIT: Oh, ok, now it makes more sense. Nice, very nice. Still, I say you should pop in real chocolate chip pieces. :p Haha, I don't know if anyone will get it unless they see the original poster, though, but it's a smart "advertisement" nonetheless.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Magdalena [/i]

My god.

Creative, I'll give you that. [/B][/QUOTE]

Lol! That's pretty much the reaction on campus. Whoever saw this stood there for a second, then, "Um...whoa."

I strive to be original in what I create. Others were doing conventional advertisements regarding their products, skewing the labels, filter effects...generally conventional graphic design. I wanted something different, hence Chips Ahoy! as directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

The lettering took me an entire night. Illustrator is great and all, but I am never going to do that again. I'd say 40 min on each letter. You'd be surprised just how many vector points you need to place and move around to duplicate that style.
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