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RPG X-force


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15 Gems...3 star ships...one force...

15 gems of power where sent across the universe. 3 ships went out to find them, to use for good, and over 100 star ships out to use them for bad. Now, it's a race against bad guys, and they have to be quick.

The three star ships:

(The image is very big, please click the link...darn...)

Fire Falcon:

X-core: [url]http://www.screenthemes.com/packs/s2ss001/_12.jpg[/url]

Each ship needs a crew. To complete the quest, and not let something so powerful, fall into the wrong hands. So, these ships travel the universe, meeting new foes, and new friends. They are 3 different ships on one road, 3 different ships, in one force:


Ok, Follow people are in:

[B]Me: Dango
Sticky Fairy: Sakari Falda
Ryoko T.D.C. : Subomae
Circéus : Arakfu
GuardianStorm: Siriko
GodOfDeath: Aust nailo
And if Gentle wants to post (you're very welcome Gentle.)[/B]

You guys no the post quilty, atleast 10 lines or something, but if you can get a little higher then ten. Thanks guys.

Here we go:

[SIZE=1]On the Phoenix, the crew rushed around looking for damage. The take off was easy and calm, until they crashed into the bashinju (A small bomb built by a warrior race). The ship's lights when out, but the Crystal core (Which powered the ship) reminded undamaged. Fire Falcon had to stay behind for a miner repear job, and X-core was either behind or ahead. All three ship's where in this together, and they had contact at all times.

"Subomae," Dango said walking pasted on the corrider. He sometimes called her Just Su, but this was a big problem.
"Any damage to or shield, wepaons, or cannons?" Asked Dango. He wore just his armour, and left his helmet on the bridge.
"Not yet..." Su replied.
"What do you mean 'Not yet'?" Asked Dango. Su stood up and pointed down.
"You can't fire a pusle cannon without engry."
"But, don't we get that from the Crystal core?" Asked Dango.
"Too much power." Replied Su.
"Ok." Dango walked on.

" Sakari, contorls, are they damaged?" Dango asked on the Bridge. Around them were walls with built in computers, pilot seat at the front, weapons commander at the back of the captain, commander beside the captain, and Electronics' at the sides.
"Nope, nothing." Sakari replied.
"Ah, good." He turned and walked up to two Electronics operater.
"Sir, the lights...They'll have to go out over night." Said one running up to him. It was a face Dango knew, Arakfu.
"To save power. The ships primary wepaons...need it..." Arakfu said. Dango sighed.
"See if we can get intouch with X-core, they shouldn't be out of range." He said to them all. There where a few 'Yes sir's.[/SIZE][/I]
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Guest Skyechild91
Siriko leaned on Aust's shoulder. "Can you reach them? Try to reach Pheonix, please." Aust said, nodding," Yes, ma'am. Ill try." He pressed a few buttons, then said," Pheonix, come in. X-Core here." Siriko nodded as Sakari's voice came over. "Pheonix responds. What it is, X-Core?" Siriko took over. "Captain Dango, our destination?" Before she could get an answer, their connection was cut as they were hit with an atack from a bashinju. Siriko slammed her fist on the control pannel, her blue eyes blazing. She spun around, silver hair flying as she shouted orders to her crew. "Get lazer shiled in place, and hurry! Missiles ready?" She was met with a chorus of answers. "Shield up! Connection with the Pheonix re-established!" The panel lit back up. She spun back to it. "Sorry, had a little problem with a enemy missile."
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[SIZE=1][I]Dango sighed.
"What's your location?" Dango asked.
"All I can tell you is that we're not far from you. We where hit too. I thought you could tell me where abouts I was." Siriko replied.
"The lights'll go off soon, so I think we're gonna be stuck awhile. I don't think it would be wise to turn back for us, but you cna if you wish." Dango smiled.
"I might." Siriko laughed.
"Well, nothing's damaged. But the power has to go off like I said. We'll be fine. Let's hope we don't get attacked." Dango had nothing left to say, so he began to walked away.
"Oh, and Captain Siriko, good luck."
"You too Captain." The screen faded into darkness, and the ship suddenly began to shake.

"Commander, what's going on?" Said Dango trough his trnasmitter on his helmet. He dicided to put it on, when the rumbled happened. There was no answer.
"Siriko, what's going on?" He said to his pilot.
"Ships..." She said clicking a few buttons.
"The commander's not responing..." Dango looked aorund.
"Sir, should I contact X-core again?" Asked Leech who was a helper on the bridge.
"No time..." Dango clicked his trnasmitter. "All hands to the bridge. All hands." Only the bridge crew came to the bridge. The lift doors opened and different members came out.
"Pilot, get the screen on!" Dango orderer.
"Yes sir!" The screen flashed on, and 6 ships floated around out there, all charging there weapons.
"Oh god! Charge every wepaon and sheild!!" Dango jumped up.
"But sir..." Leech gulped.
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Sakari rurriedly brushed her hands against the control panel in front of her, pushing numerous buttons. The screen flashed several times, showing different figures and statistics, which she tried to get off the screen. Most of them she knew already anyway. "Captain, all shields are up, weapons are charging and should be ready in one point three minutes. Shield output is at 86%. The controls and engines are undamaged." As she finished speaking, a tremor shook the ship, nearly jolting some of the crew off their feet. Sakari's hands flew over the panel with fluid motions. "The shields took the most of the impact. Output at 73%. Weapons charged in twenty seconds." Savari swiveled in her chair to face the Captain. "Never mind all that now, what was the cause of the hit?" She brought the camera images to the screen. "Three ships, each about the size of our own. Not replying to transmition, believed to be enemy craft. They most likely fired the blast, unless the X-force had a weapons malfunction. There are no other ships in the area." Once she had finished the report, Sakari smiled with pride. She was a new pilot on the Phoenix, with only a few months experience, yet she was able to work with the best of them. Another tremor quickly ended her thoughts and brought her back to reality. "Weapons ready, set to fire on the Captain's command. Sir?" she asked quickly, hands poised over the controls, ready to fire.
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[SIZE=1][I] Dango nodded.
"Fire at will." He said darkly. Two long jets of green thunder shots hit one ship, and Dango smiled.
"Keep an eye out for X-core!" He said. He jumped into his seat. He looked around. The ship shuck harder.
"What's the sheild stat?" Dango said taping his trnasmitter.
"They're holding!"
"Then keep them lik..." He stopped. Something appeare don the screen, a ship that was recked and rusty. Dango stood up.
"Hold your fire!" He said. The screen flashed again, and nothing but bars on a chart appeared. A voice spoke and the bars jumped.
"You have entered our space. You have opened fire. You will be termanated. We will be coming aboard." Said a cold voice. Dango knew the race straight away.
"Nafj`...." He said, his eyes widened.
"Open fire! I'll be back, DO NOT let them get in range! Don't let them get aboard!" Dango ran off. He needed to gather the weapons...and get his talanted members to fight.
"I must hold them...X-CORE! Where are you? Hurry!!! Fire!!!" He shouted running down the corrider.[/SIZE][/I]
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Guest Skyechild91
Aust jumped back, letting Siriko take control. Her slender fingers flew across the keys, and the screen lit up. She flipped on her head set, and said," All crew to your battle stations. Back up Pheonix. NOW!" Her hands were still moving. Aust was at the panel next to her. His hands were moving just as fast. He lokked up at the screen. " Weapons on, shields on, output 100%..." His hands moved faster, and Siriko got up. Aust moved over taking up both panels. Siriko said, "Aust, connection with the Pheonix, hurry!" Aust nodded. "Connection... done!" Siriko siad," Captain Dango, we are going as fast as we can! Get your shileds up as high as possible-" Dango's irritated voice came over," I know! We're trying-" Aust threw his hands up. "Connection with the Pheonix terminated!" the two of them flew from the control room. Siriko ordered one of her crew to the pilot. She heard a yes ma'am as she rushed to Weapons. She skidded to a stop. She ran into her cabin, and grabbed her Lazer Rifle. They ran back to the bridge. She yelled out orders. "Weapons! If they get taken, we're next! After you have your weapons, battle stations! Move it!" Everyone of the crew was on their feet and moving.
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[SIZE=1][I]Dango picked up his gun and panted. All the ship was on red, and every one was taking the main crew's places. Dango picked up his riffle, and Sakari was there.
"Ge-!" Dango began.
"I'm helping. Leech is taking over. You know you need all quified fighters!"
"Fine, come on! I think some people from the X-core will come and help..." Dango stopped. Two un-human people walked up...fully armed. They where like robots...but green and had long guns.
"Annihilate." They chanted moving closer. Dango jumped back.
"GET X-CORE BACK ON!!!" He yelled.[/SIZE][/I]
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Arakfu was straining.

"We won't be able to hold on much longer!" He called over the bridge. "The X-Core is overloaded by 20% I advise we use antigrav shields to repell the boarding ship!"

"Not possible!" Leech yelled back. "We need all the power we can to defend!"

"We'll blow up if we get past 60% overloading! And don't say after I didn't warn you!" Arakfu retorted. He had seen worse. Right now, they had more important things to attend to.

"Tentac'!" A human called two seats right of him. "Get over here! The energy sensors are going all over the place!"

The shanti walked up to him, readying a magnetic unlocker and proceeded to open the firing console. He looked at power surges out of broken circuits and destroyed contacts.

"Give me fifteen minutes." He said flatly, setting to work.

"We don't have fifteen minutes." Another crewman noted.

"Okay then, but reaction time might be a concern."

Someone else yelled for him. Damned tyranid hypercoms! These things never held on for long.

"They're battling onboard!" A security officer informed.

"Everybody who's not absolutely necessary here, grab your weapons and protect the bridge at all cost!" Leech ordered.

Aralfu quickly secured the board panel and turned at the gunner.

"Don't use the automatic aiming disintegrators and all will be fine." He said, securing back his magnetic locker and grabbing his rifler. He ran to the living quarters door, where two long-nosed crewman were already occupied setting a tripod-ed heavy radiant. He set at the corner to watch.

A Needle rifler wasn't a powerfull weapon by itself. It low accuracy made it mostly a short-range weapon, but it's explosive effect, creating large, extremely painful wounds in most species' flesh, made up for a eventually devastating weapon, especially in semi- or entirely automatic mode.

Whoever these soldiers where, they'd meet real resistance.
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Su. sat on her fav. gun for a while in the weapons room. She had no idea what was happening. She soon feel a sleep. She had on big screen in front of her so that the capton could reach her. But it was broken.

"S~~~~Su.!~~~~~~SU.!!!!!!!" Dango screemed.

Su. was balenced on her gun perfectly. That is untill Dango yelled at her through a broken screen.

"Yes sir!?" She said standing up.

"G~~~~Get~~~~~The~~~~~Lasers~~~~~~Ready~~!!!!" Dango screemed.

"YES SIR!" She said.

He signed off.

"Now he said something about lasers. OH! Get the lasers ready! Well they still need some energy. I know!" Su. said pointing her hand at the energy cristal and shot an energy blast at it.

It filled the cristal to much.

"Uh oh..............I didn't do it!" Su. ran for cover.
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[SIZE=1][I]Dango ran off back down the corriders...and ran into more inturders! He spun around and ran the other way...but another load appeared! Su. was back in the weapons room. Dango gulped. He was ran down another corrider....into a dead end!
"Oh crap!" He tap his transmitter, but it must have been damaged.
"OH CRAP!" He repeated. He got his riffle ready and shoot at all enemies that came nearer. There was no way out. But then...

The ship shook, and Dango looked around. soldiers backed off.
"X-CORE!" He shouted. The soldiers ran off leaveing Dango a clear run. He walked through the corriders. Other X-core men had teleported to the ship. The warriors backed off, and so did the other enemy ships. Dango ran to the bridge.[/SIZE][/I]
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC: Sorry I took so long to reply, I was sooo busy...

IC: Siriko ran up to Dango. She had teleported wih the rest of the soldiers. " Captain." She saluted. He saluted back hastily. " Captain, we need to search for undetected intruders-" Siriko nodded, and signaled to a couple of her troop. They ran over, and she gave them directions. Four ran off, and the other two went to the brigde, shouting orders. Siriko smiled at Dango. "My soldiers will take care of any un-known intruders. You need your men here to fight. Mine are capable, so no worries."
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[SIZE=1][I]OOC: That's ok!

Dango nodded. He walked on the bridge and smiled.
"Get all men working on the bridge down here!" He yelled to one of his men.
"Yes sir!" He chanted. Dango walked up to his chair, and the doors to the bridge swung open. Arakfu, Su. and Sakari came running in.
"Sir, we found this!" They handed a small box to Dango.
"One of the enemies had it sir!" Arakfu said. Dango looked at it. He gulped and opened it. The whole bridge filled with a huge blue light, and everyone shieled there eyes. Dango jumped back. He noticed something.

When the light clearer, some one asked what it was.
"Sir, what is it?"
"What we've been looking ofr, it's a Gem...the blue Gem of Ginnja..." Dango said startled, and it was...[/SIZE][/I]
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Guest GodOfDeath
(Occ: Sorry for not posting on this yet. I couldnt find the .)

"Everyone! We have a little problem and we are not fixin it by sittin around lookin at a bright blue light. Those four soldgers cant posably take care of all of them." Said Aust. "There are still brobely few more Invaders and we cant let them get to the power..."(all the lights go out and the ships stop moving.) "Grid." Aust finishes.
"Well I guess we will have to fight by flashlights or somthing." says Dango. Everyone gets out their weapons and gets ready to search for the last of the enemy on the ship.
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