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Writing Some of my Poetry


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Well, I had to write some poetry for my english class and after getting some good grades on them, I finally got the guts to put the here in the OB. Comments are welcome, good or bad.

I?m Grounded (this is my sonnet. it was really hard to right)

I got myself grounded today, it reeked
I showed my parents today, they were mad
My report card wasn?t what I had seeked
The grades were not very good, they were bad

It had an F, D, and quite a few C?s
But I had a B, and in band an A
Now I will have to be a busy bee
It is in my room I will have to stay

Now I will have to study long and hard
Now locked away in my room I will be
So that I may get a good report card
Hopefully my parents will unground me

Hopefully I will be ungrounded soon
In fact I hope it will be before noon

that's all for now. I might share more later.
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[size=1][color=CC0000]It's alright. Try to make the rhyming flow more, I found that most lines of your poem do not flow into the next, like they should. If you keep trying, you will probably get what I mean soon. Good effort. ^^[/size][/color]
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