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Anime Magic Users Club and MD Geist II Death Force


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Seen 'em? I liked Magic users club-it was hilarious.........gotta love the giant bell =P . "Jeffy!!! My Teddy!!". The dancing Jeffy bear was both odd and disturbing *shivers*. Anyone seen MD Geist? I liked it, but there wasn't really a plot line, just man-eating machines. Lovely images huh?:devil:

Ceres, who's seen that? I only got to read a preview of it but it sounds interesting, any info on it? Is it worth seeing? Oh, and Kodomo No Omocha, what's a good webbie to brush up on it? Wish I could get it over here *sigh*..............Weeeeelllll, I've been trying to check out some different and harder to find anime as time goes on, so if anyone knows one they think is really great that hasn't been butchered by funimation, lemme know and post.
Adios mi amigos!:D :cross:
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