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Gaming What would your Ideal Xbox Game Be?

Tommy Vercetti

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Hey everyone, this could go into any game thread like Nintendo or Sony etc, but I decided to choose the Xbox thread. I was just wondering, and if this has already been done before then you can close it or if anyone thinks it should be changed and to go into a different thread then do so.
Ok... basically what would your ideal Xbox game be, would it be single player or multiplayer?
What type of genre, Action, Strategy,RPG etc
Does it have a storyline to it?
Is it a sequel to a game already out or is it a completely new game.
I just want to hear peoples creations of their ideal games, including everything, characters,weapons,storyline and anything else you would want to include.

I haven't really got a game figured out into to my head yet which I could create but basically it would be a mix between Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid, this would involve action and stealth mainly.

The man character would be someone like Sam Fisher but more of a Max Payne type character as in Appearance but use the same sort of gadgets and weapons as Sam Fisher.

The storlyine would be about this character working for a team of freedom fighters who are trying to resist against a strong force (something like Soviet force) but the rest of your team has either been seperated or killed and you have to use your brains and gun power to rescue any surviving team mates along the way. You then build up your team to fight the leader of the other force.

There will be movies and cutscences throughout the game and you get to meet up with a variety of characters along the way who will provide you with help and information.

Game is set in 2020 in some big City like New York to start with but travelling over the world as the game progresses.

That's basically a rough outline of my ideal game, I sort of used an idea from the game Freedom Fighters as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing some of your ideas.

[b] Edit [/b] I also forgot to add, any images you want to add in you can do as well so people could get an idea of what your characters or game will look like.
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I've always wanted an online simulation game, one in which consists of an entire world, and complex city systems (players can be bankers, car salesmen), and very few NPC's. Also it could have RPG-ish stats to allow some adventures in the unexplored areas of the world...that would be my ideal game
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My ideal game would be a MMORPG that has strategy mixed in.
The character you create is a general of an army and you have to recruit members into your ranks and do battles against other people's armys. It would be a RPG because you could choose a couple people out of your army and custimize them in appearence and everything else and go on quests to get better equipment, more money, improve your fame by killing monsters.

The strategy would be your army against other armys. The army fighting would be like Age of Empires but you have a limited amount of troops and each unit would be custimized because of equipment, stats, and battle tactics.

The game would have a really good A.I. in units so you could leave them alone and they wouldn't do somthing stupid like get killed.

You would also be able to meet other people in the game and join their army if you didn't want to make your own.

And the game would have a kickass name to...
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