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Anime (US/CAN) General thoughts and ratings for .hack//SIGN 1, "Role Play"


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[size=1].hack//SIGN - "Role Play" - Episode 1 - February 1, 2003

1. This is for your thoughts AFTER you've seen the episode. Don't post advance spoilers here, or your thoughts about such spoilers.

2. Please rate the episode from 0 to 10. Please put your ratings at the top of the body of your post and in [b]BOLD.[/b]

3. This is for your ratings and general thoughts, comments, and impressions. If you have specific thoughts or comments on specific issues or points, a new thread would be more appropriate.

4. Normal spoiler rules apply: spoiler tags are required for any spoilery statements. Very vague "I liked it" type comments don't need tags.

5. If you're going to mention any spoilers for future episodes, please use spoiler tags correctly.

6. Please try to keep this thread on topic.

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This episode was okay, but it was kind of boring. In my opinion, it only existed to introduce .hack//SIGN. I think it's funny how Tsukasa was so high-strung back then too. It does deserve a decent rating, however, simply because it's .hack//SIGN. [/font]
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I remember watching this episode from the middle (or near the end), where they showed that lush, beautiful town. I was completely enthralled by the concept of .hack from that time forward.

The objective of the first episode is to introduce you to the creator's world, which is - funny enough - "The World." They grab attention immediately by putting the viewer in the middle of events, where something has obviously happened. The questions are entwined, giving answers in the form of more questions.

Initially, the viewer is limited to the scope of Tsukasa's mind, in order to show that the "hero" is as disarranged as us spectators. Not only do we, the audience, find ourselves in the middle of this suspicious event, but so does the main character.

Afterwards, we are given a greater scope of "The World," seeing various eye-candy and intriguing places. It's worth noting that "The World" has more color and life than any image/showing of the real world. Is this view also biased by what is in Tsukasa's mind?

As mentioned before, when searching for answers, questions are found. It's clear that (eps. 1 spoiler) [spoiler]Tsukasa was interacting with that cat[/spoiler], but that only leaves one to inquire more problems. It's fitting that this episode leaves the viewer wondering with one last question: [spoiler]who did we just see?[/spoiler]. The answer is cleverly eclipsed with the style of presentation: always the present; what you see is happening roughly the same time you are seeing it happen.

The music is also an eye-opener. Some of .hack//SIGN's best pieces are played in the first episode.

In the end, "Role Play" is a great example of how to do an introduction: grab the audience immediately, wow the audience, and leave the audience wanting more. One point off for no B.T. killing, though. ;)
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The best episode, because Mimiru slaps Tsukasa! And how he complains to her, it's just so cute! ^w^ "I just... want to be alone." And that ticked her off! Great!

And for that guy about the BT-killing part, why? 2nd ep, maybe, but it's the FRIGGIN' FIRST EPISODE!!!!!!

So 10/10
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