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RPG Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!


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[COLOR=red][SIZE=1][i]I guess you could say it had been an ordinary day at school or you could call it a rather hectic day, depending on which side you felt like being on. Anyways, let me start from the beginning.
I?d been awakened by my alarm clock and it read 7:30 am. ?Son of a *****!? I muttered rather angered as I jumped out of my bed with some anxiety, today was the first day of school and I needed to get into gear otherwise I?d be late. After practically jumping in and out of the shower I threw on a tight red T-Shirt and a pair of khaki shorts and some white shoes and bounded down the stairs and I saw my mom sitting in front of the T.V. in the kitchen her face transfixed, I walked up to her and put my arm on her shoulder.[/i] ?What?s wrong? Does it have to do with those aliens that landed?? [i]I asked and she placed a her hand over mine and looked at me with a look of terror.[/i]
?As soon as they went into the White House they shot the President and killed all the other people in there.?
[i]I could feel my stomach hit the floor, this was really bad, not only was that an act of war we had no way of coordinating our military seeing as how the President is the Commander and Chief of the military and if he were dead as was the Vice President then we were screwed. My mom looked up at me again.[/i]
?Hon, as soon as you leave I?m packing up my things and heading for San Francisco to see your father, as soon as you get home get everything of yours together and drive up there, here is plenty of money for food and gas.? [i]She said as she handed me two one-hundred dollar bills, I nodded my head and grabbed my book bag and headed for the car and then to school.
As soon as I pulled into the school parking lot and got into the building the bell rang for first period, I pulled out my schedule and saw that my first hour was Government. As I trucked through all the little cliques of people standing in the hallway chatting about this morning I found my class and entered and took a seat just as the final bell rang. The teacher, a man in what appeared to be his mid-thirties walked in he looked at the class with his serious black eyes and finally spoke up.[/i]
?Welcome to government I hope you find your stay in this class this year interesting, I?m sure you all heard about the incident today. I?d had a major assignment planned out for you all but due to today?s incident I?m canceling it and we?ll take this period to discuss what has happened.?
[i]Basically that?s what happened for all my classes. During all of my classes though, I had a nagging feeling like I was being watched by someone or something. As I headed for my car I pulled out my cell phone and turned it on and called up to my dad?s house, the phone rang twice and then my dad answered. [/i]
?Yes what is it?? [i]His gruff voice said.[/i]
?Hi dad, its me Brant. I was just calling to see if mom had gotten up there okay.?
[i]What my dad said next baffled my mind.[/i] ?What, didn?t you hear, those demon characters have arrived in California and took out the whole neighborhood where your house is, but your mom is here with me thankfully she?d gotten out of there in time, also scruffy is here too.?
[i]The next thing I knew I was collapsing to my knees in sheer shock, just the shock of having my house obliterated in mere seconds was not right I mean it just didn?t seem possible.[/i]
?I?m sorry Brant, just come up here and we?ll talk about it.? [i]My dad said in a voice tone that I hadn?t heard for a long time, a caring and soft tone.[/i]
?Dad, I think I?ll come up there but meet me at Fisherman?s Wharf. But before I do I?m going by the house to see if anything is left.? [i]I said just as I hung up the phone, it was a good thing too because just then those Demon alien?s appeared as if out of nowhere and started attacking, I heard screaming and lasers firing. I looked at where the firing was coming from and I saw one of the football players fall down dead as a laser shot directly through his chest. ?God please get me out of here!!!? I screamed in my head as I watched more people die from the lasers. Just then a bright light enveloped me and I found myself speeding along an extreme speed. And then I stopped and I was in some sort of command center, it looked rather advanced, with all sorts of fancy buttons etc. I looked around some more and then a small robot came plodding out. [/i]
?Aye yai yai! Oh, hi there. You must be one of the five that he requested, the other four will be here.? [i]The little robot said as I cocked my eyebrow in surprise[/i].
?Oh, I forgot, my name is Alpha 5 and you are??
?I?m Brant.? [i]I said a little shakily and then a large booming voice came out of nowhere.[/i]
?Welcome to the Command Center Brant. I am Zordon, the person who made this place.? [i]Just as the voice subsided I looked at a large glass cylinder and a giant head appeared, so he was Zordon.[/i]
?Why am I here? Is this like some sort of dream?!? [i]I asked rather frantically, Zordon looked at me a little puzzled and chuckled.[/i]
?I guess being gone for 200 years can make you forget with who you?re dealing with, allow me to start over. I am Zordon an intergalactic being who established the original Power Rangers but I?ve been gone for awhile but now I?m back with the same powers I gave to those first five rangers except these powers are much better. Alpha, where are the other four? Shouldn?t they have arrived yet?? [i]Zordon said a little anxious as Alpha scurried about the large curved table of panels.[/i]
?I have no clue, its been so long and these systems have got to be really old and cranky!? [i]Alpha hollered as he took his robotic fist down onto one of the panels, just as he did that it roared to life and just at that second I saw four other people standing exactly where I?d been standing.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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It was the first day of school and we see a tall, lean man with a black ponytail and a swimers body get out of a Midnight Black Mustang. His name is Jason and he cannot believe how much this school was like all his others. He has been kicked out of 3 others and really wants to make this one work. Today in my first class, Geography, the teacher announced what had happened and it completly shocked me! I knew something was going on, but this is impossible! I was so freaked out, I didn't even notice the rest of the day. When the last bell rang, I went out to my car to go home, I was about to get in and go home, to sit and think, when I was whisked away in a black cloud.
All I know now is that I am suddenly in a giant room with a floating head and a weird robot. So I look around and see an odd group of people, people I saw with the same look as I had the entire day. What was weird about all of this was that none of us were friends, we were all from different groups in the school. I looked around, trying to make sense of things and waiting for an explanation
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I was up early that morning I was working out. My father came in the room, he was going to wake me but it was to late for that. ?Son what are you doing?? My father asked. I then got up off my hands. ?I was doing push up?s in a hand stand position. It?s good for the arms.? My father just looked at me and shook his head. ?You know if you tried as hard in your books like you do in this karate there?s no telling how smart you would be. Yes your mother told me how you was in school in Japan but it?s not going to be like that here son.? I bent over and threw on my blue T-shirt. ?First off dad it?s not karate that I study. Only weak people study that. Second, I didn?t do so well in school cause I kept on getting in fights. People always wanted to go up against me.? My dad then threw my book bag at me. ?Well there well be none of that here. You understand?? I shook my head and headed down stairs. When I got down there, my breakfast was already on the table. I seat down and began eating. My dad came down behind me with the newspaper in his hand. ?I can?t believe this, the president was murdered. This is unbelievable, what?s going to happened next?? My dad then grabbed his suitcase and headed for the door. He stopped right after he opened the door. ?Son as soon as school it over I want you here ok.? I looked him in the eyes and told him yes.
I had made it to school I was running 5 minutes late. I didn?t care to much. I looked at my schedule to see where I had to go. ?Math? In the beginning or the day, you got to be kidding me.? I then went off to my class. Once I entered the room the teacher just had to point me out. ? You sir the one coming to my class late on the first day. What is your name?? I thought to myself this guy must be trying to make a fool of me. ?My name is Sho.? Then the teacher said. ?Well Mr.Ryu please take a seat up front. So I can begin class.? I then walked up to the front and sat down and muttered some words under my breath. ?I can see now I?m going to hate this place.?
The day was finally over and man was I happy. I made it home a little early. Once I pulled in the driveway I heard something or someone in my house. So I went in threw the garage door. I walked in my house real slow. The sound was getting louder and as I was moving it was getting closer. I got up against the corner cause I knew who or what ever it was is around the corner. I took a deep breath. ?Ok it?s show time.? Then as I was about to hit the corner a blue light surrounded my body. Next thing I knew I was in a room with two people and a robot and one big head. ? I must be dreaming. I?m in the land of Oz.?
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[COLOR=red][SIZE=1][i]I could feel my jaw crash into the floor as these four other people appeared, there were two girls and two other guys. One of the girls was of chinese descent and ther other was blonde haired and blue eyed, and then I looked at the guys, one of them was of Japanese descent and the other looked like he just stepped out of the matrix. I smirked a little thinking of something actually like the matrix existing but it didn't due to some mass hysteria a lot of people supposedly tried "logging out" but it was a really big hoax and waste of money. Anyways off that topic all of us turned back to Zordon who was by this time grinning with satisfaction, I guess that's what it was seeing as he was just a really big head in a big glass tube.[/i]

"Welcome, all of you to the Command Center. I'm Zordon an intergalatic being from another planet, I've come back to re-establish the Power Rangers so that you may combat these alien invaders. Alpha give it to them." [I]As soon as Zordon said that Alpha picked up five objects that appeared to be belt buckles but as he handed them to us I looked at mine, it had a golden coin in the center with a Tyranosaurus on it.[/I]

"These are your morphers, you'll need them for when you encounter too strong of enemies like the invaders that have come here now. When you need to use them they will activate for you on voice command."

[i]I looked at Zordon again with a confused look and I'm sure the others did as well seeing as how he then opened his mouth to speak again.[/i]

"Ryo, you have the power of the Triceratops and control the Unicorn Thunderzord. Luyii, you have the power of the Sabertooth Tiger and control the Griffon Thunderzord. Marissa, you have the power of the Pteradactayl and control the Firebird Thunderzord. Jason, you have the power of the Mastadon and control the Lion Thunderzord. And finally Brant, you have the power of the Tyranosarus and control the Red Dragon Thunderzod. Now all of you return back to Los Angles and defeat the demons!"

[i]With that I felt myself getting sucked up again in that bright light and found myself back in front of my highschool except there were major holes in the walls and corpses on the ground. Everyone looked around rather shocked and shaken. I was amazed at how this could have happened in what seemed like only a few minutes.[/i]

"Dear god what happened here?!" [i]Marissa said with an hint of fear in her voice, at least she was able to talk I was left speechless at what had happened to the school. As we neared the main door I looked down and saw large chunks of glass on the ground.[/i]

"Hey! BRANT LOOK OUT!!" [i]I think it was Jason who hollered at me, but all I saw was a really big hulking red muscular demon standing in front of me and the next thing I knew I was flying back into the wall, as that had happened I saw the others trying to fight it but they too followed me against the wall.[/i]

"Uhhh, guys. I think its time for us to use these morphers." [i]They nodded in agreement and we all pulled out the morphers and together said.[/i] "ITS MORPHIN TIME!" [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I was surprised at how big the holes were and how many bodies. All I knew was we got back from Zordon's place and immediatly I saw a big, red demon shoot out it's hand and I yelled "Brant, look out!" He din't hear me in time and he got hit, which sent him flying. Right then I felt an anger well up in me like it had so many times before, right then I ran to the demon and tried my best to pound this thing. This abomination had hurt the only people that had actually acted like I was a person. I am not shamed to admit, I was sent flying like everyone else and it hurt.
Right as this happened, I heard Brant yell "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" So I grabbed the little buckle and yelled "Um, Mastadon!" And I imediatly felt his raw, unbridaled, power fill me. I heard the mastadon yell out, and felt the suit put itself on me. I saw the weapons and was filled with a sense of unity, this made me forget why we had morphed. But, I saw the demon and grabbed my gun, aimed, and pulled the trigger...
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I just stood there taking everything in. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Me a power ranger. This can't be happening to me. "What have I done to earn this?" I thought to my self. But as Zordon pasted out the powers I didn't turn them down oh no. I remembered what he said for us to call on are powers. I was thinking to myself and next thing I knew I was in the blue light again. We was back at the high school. "How did we get here." I said. But it seemed know one heard me due to the died bodies on the ground. The others went straight looking at the bodies I walked around to see if there was anyone at least one person alive. As I was searching around I studiedly heard a voice of someone yelling out. As I was running back to the gang I heard Brant yell out it morphine time. After Brant, Jason was next. I saw him shoot the demon with his gun. I just stood there looking on. "Why should I help them? I don't even no these people. But there's something that tells me that it would be the right thing to do." Then at that moment i reached behind my back and grabbed my morpher. "Triceratops power." Once I opened my eyes I saw I had a suit on. I looked pretty cool. I could feel the power. "Man this is going to be nice. What am I doing I have to help them." I then ran to help the others.
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