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Art New banner (Caution: Very Weird, and/or Stupid)

The Vampire: Ed

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Okay, I went ahead and made this strange banner. I was looking for a change, and well after taking it a little too far I now realize it's too big for me to use. So, I'm just going to show it off here, for all to see.

Just to make things clear, I do not know why I made it like it is. I just thought to make something freaky, and the fact that Halloween is coming helped me decide to try and make it that way. But I'm not sure what it is. Stupid, freaky, cool, etc.? You decide I guess.

Just click the link.

[URL=http://therob578.250free.com/FreakyTVE.gif]Strange lil' banner[/URL]
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I wouldn't describe it as "freaky," just strange and rather random. Then again, so are many of the good things in life.

I love the skull action towards the beginning. For some reason, it reminds me of those Hamster Dance websites.

The background is slightly insane, but I presume that you were trying to make it that way.

The font looks really cool, particularly when it gets all neon and glow-y. If you wanted to make any changes, I'd add more of a border (rather than just those two columns of vertebrae).

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