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Writing Twin Link(contains chapters)

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Guest Skyechild91
Chapter 1: At the Market Square
?Alexi, what are you doing?? Trinity had been waiting for her twin, Alexi, to be ready to go to the market for half an hour. She swung open the door to the room they shared, knocking her 13-year-old twin backwards. ? Watch it, Trinity! You almost made me drop my basket and money.? Alexi scowled at Trinity, which did not do justice to her fair and beautiful face. Alexi was different from her sister in almost every way. While she had fine, short blonde hair, her sister had silky, raven waist length hair. Her face was pale. Trinity?s was tanned. Alexi had a temper like a firestorm, and Trinity was sweet and patient. Trinity was tall and athletic, while Alexi was a full head shorter and preferred to gossip and flirt.
But there were three things that explained that they were sisters. Each one had a grey eye and a blue. They always had an uncanny sense of when the other was in trouble. But the thing that gave it away most was their odd telepathic ability. They could speak in whom evers mind they chose, they could make things move, and they could do all kinds of magic. They hadn?t told anyone about their powers. Except for one person. It was Alexi and Trinity?s best friend, Destinee. Their mother hadn?t needed to be told. She had explained to the girls one night, when their father was out, that all the girls on her side had been twins, for as long as she, or anybody else, could remember. They all were telepathic. Their mom, Zaria, and their aunt, Danielle, were so much like the twins. Danielle was like Alexi, and Zaria like Trinity.
?Trinity, are we going or not?? Alexi snapped her sister out of her daydream. Trinity rearranged her shawl about her shoulders, then replied,? Just paying you back for taking so long.? Alexi scowled again, and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Trinity walked down the hall and out the door. ? Trinity, wait!? Alexi hurried to keep up with her long legged sibling. Today, Alexi sported a long skirt in black, a long sleeve blouse in a deep red, and a shawl of black wool. Trinity, being the boyish type, wore loose trousers of dark brown, a loose blouse of forest green, and a black ribbon. Her grey eyes glinting with , Trinity strolled right past the market place. When she reached the old oak tree, she went around to the back and rapped on some ones head.
? Destinee, you told me you would meet us at the square.? Trinity gave her best friend a glare. Rubbing her starteling green eyes, Destinee yawned and said, ? Why did you? oh, hi Trinity.? Destinee looked sheepishley at her two best buds. ? Sorry, I thought you said the oak tree.? Trinity gave Alexi a look. Trying to back away from her sister, Alexi knew she was caught. Staring at her sister, Trinity asked,? You told her the wrong thing on purpose, didn?t you. I cant believe you.? Then she turned around and stalked off, leaving Destinee to glare. Destinee threw her long red hair over her shoulder and followed her friend. Alexi sulked along behind them.
Trinity broke off, leaving the pair alone. Alexi and Destinee broke into giggles. ? I? can?t believe? we? pulled it? off!? Destinee said between breaths. Alexi held her sides as she laughed. They had tricked Trinity! Alexi finally stopped laughing. ?That was soooo funny! I cant believe she fell for it!? The girls froze as they heard behind them,? Fell for what, girls??

Hows that?
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