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If anyone likes Bon Jovi...

Guest Ariana

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If anyone like Bon Jovi they are coming out with a new album called [I]This Left Feels Right[/I]. The songs are some of the old ones but with a new twist... it comes out in early November. I cannot remember what day but I will find out soon...

This thread is here for anyone that likes Bon Jovi (if you do not like them you can post but be nice please) and wants to talk about this great band!:)

Jon Bon Jovi rocks!:drool:
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I'll probably purchase it. I've got most of his albums, and I still listen to some them. I really liked "Bounce", had some great music on there.

I haven't heard anything of this new album, though when it's released, I'll do my best to atleast hear a bit of it.
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I have almost all of there albums... I am missing two (7800 Fahrenheit and Bon Jovi).... i think (not counting Richie Sambora's solo album, which I cannot find!)

duorocks17, you should talk your mom into letting you go sometime. I have not been to one of there concerts yet because every time I here they are coming my way the tickets are sold out!ARG!

Fall, yea Bounce was a great album... If you get the chance to here this new album it will be worth it from what I hear.

Okay, I found my e-mail that had the date of release.... November 4th! Here are some of the songs that will be and the album: Wanted Dead or Alive, Livin' On A Prayer, and Bad Medicine... I am not posting all of the songs because that would not be fair. These songs are supposed to be completely different than the original versions.

On October 30th VH-1 will debut Command the Band, with Bon Jovi. If anyone remembers the contest they had for one person to go on tour with them as their MANAGER! Well, this is about what happened.(i do not know the time it will air) Remember, October 30th!

Here are some topics to talk about:
What is your favorite album? (I love them all!)
What is your favorite band member? (Jon Bon Jovi, of course!)
What is your favorite song? (uh... hard one... Wanted Dead or Alive)

And you guys can choose a topic too!


okay, edit time.... well BON JOVI'S NEW ALBUM CAME OUT TODAY!!! YAY!!! *does happy dance* Unfortunantly I have to work and I am busy for the rest of the week so I will have to wait till the weekend to buy it! :bawl: You might be able to listen to about 30 sec of each song at [url]WWW.BONJOVI.COM[/url] but I am not sure if you have to be a member to listen or not. (i am so i got this through email) but it is worth a try!

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