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[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=503871]Requested[/url] by Lone Bebop. It's an avi and banner set, which I like doing. Sets are nice.



The banner was fun to make. I thought it would be a cool addition to have the colors represent the two different sides of Haku: one without the mask being blue (kind); the other red (not kind). Besides that and Zabuza in the background, I followed everything according to Lone Bebop's request.

Anyone have a better way of doing snow? The filters didn't seem to work, so I used a black 500x100 canvas and clicked (staying in place) with a white brush. Then I used the dodge tool to change the size of a few "snow flakes."

All help, comments, and ridicule welcomed.
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[size=1][color=red]Awww, it's so purrr-tyful! I don't know much about making banners, but i'm really sure you really do!
The snow in the background looks more like...stars o.O
But they're almost look like snow. That's good.
There's nothing wrong with the avatar.
The banner...it's okay but...what's something on the background in the right? o.O
Is it an eye or something? It looks like it is something...I dunno what it is.
So here's your rating...
Awesome job! Especially your avatar ^_^[/color][/size]
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I think the banner is great, i like the color represintaion and i like the the snow, its seems more natural like its falling, which is prefect, it reminds me of the fianl moments with Zabuza and Haku, i think the eyes in the background are great, becaues Zabuza always there by Haku as was Haku always near Zabuza. The Avi is well done as well, i would give the whole pack a 9.9/10
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