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Avenged Sevenfold


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I just heard this band when I got Madden 2004(I seem to find alotta bands off Madden these days) But after hearing the song "Chapter Four" I quickly went out and bought the CD "Walking the Fallen".

Most CDs I own have at least one or two songs that aren't that great, but this CD is the exception. All 12 are great and its up there with my favorite CD(right next to TooL "Lateralas".....and well everything from Tool)

They have a great sound with the mix of the screaming, that sounds like the guy from Cradle of Filth to some softer vocals, kinda like Cold or somethin. Instrumentals are top notch too. So to anyone who has yet to hear em go check them out; you won't be disappointed.(If you like the genre of course) Any other AS fans, maybe you heard them from the same place I did.
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