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Art MY first banner


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[size=1]You probably shouldn't save as .bmp--use a gif file.

It's actually not bad, and could be pretty good with a little tweaking.

First, the picture you used is very pixelly. If you mean it to be that way (and it has potential) that's fine...but you may want to experiment a little so that it's easier to recognize what the image is. It took me a moment to realize it was a face.

The text is also difficult to read. The orange over the picture isn't great, especially since it's hard to tell what the image is in the first place.

Finally, you should add a border of some sort. It adds a good "finished" touch to almost any piece.

You always want to keep in mind what the foci of you banner are. If you want people to read the text, [i]invite[/i] them to read it. If you want them to see the picture, make it aesthetically pleasing. Don't make them strain their eyes. Most won't bother.

I would suggest keeping the image you have and making it longer--move the picture over to one side, and put the type in the white space to the other side.

Here. Something like this.


I moved the image to the side, and placed the text where it was easier to read. I also added a halftone effect to make the image slightly more recongizable. (it also helped it blend easily with the new white space.) And there's a simple orange border.[/size]
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