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Gaming Ageing theory: PS2 Immortality


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[size=1][color=darkblue]Welcome class, for a change from the usual Sony Quizzes that I know you all detest or essays on [i]why[/i] you appreciate or not on the subject of games, Professor G. B. Norman. Zidargh is here to tell you a story.

We've all been there. You're playing a game that you are interested in, in my case it was [i]Dark Cloud 2[/i] (Dark Chronicle for me though). The surge of exhaustion from my thumbs were beginning to give way to the call of nature. The angst was ear splitting in an distant philospical way, and I stood up and attempted to run to the nearest medical facility that would take my urine, often known in this process is a 'number one'.

Undergoing the strenuous panic my foot was simultaneously attached to a stray wire connecting a stray controller and my Playstation 2 system, thus due to the physics of gravity, the PS2 fell from my shelf smack bang onto my Xbox. In panic I got down on my knees (After relieving myself) and cried for sancturaries of coding that would aid my wounded console, it had pulled through!

Now that's what I call magic. The only thing that seemed to be broken was that abit from the back had become undone and would not slt back in, inside it was empty and all I could see was the cooling fan, interesting stuff. [b]BUT[/b] the game was still in function and I could carry on as normal. I turned it off experimenting a few times and it seemed to run fine.

Look back in the days where threads were always about PS2's breaking down or SONY repair guarantee, I can only assume that if this happened to my baby two weeks after it was released, it would have passed on. I do not understand, but it appears that this exact thing happened to a former partner of mine when she first got one and she was no longer able to play it, strange eh? Well, this forum needed some 'interesting' threads, thought I'd enlighten us all. What do you think? Ever had any casualties of gaming?

Professor Zidargh is here for all![/color][/size]
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Guest PhoenixFlame
so you basically mean its kinna like houses cause if someone doesnt live in a house for several years itstarts to fall apart,but if you do live in it,it doesnt break down as easy and can last for like 70 years,but withoutan inhabitant it might last like 30 years(without maintenance i mean)
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I will remove this if needed. I mean no harm by linking this and believe the people and great writers of xplay would be happy to see all of the otaku ps players getting in on their love for gaming once more... thanks xplay. :D

This is a link to a page in which the experts at xplay explain a process to fix the Disc read error that has plagued all of us at one point.

Hope some of you guys with broken playstations can take advantage of this.
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