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Sign Up Battle Of the Lands


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This is the battle of the lands! There are4 lands. Lands may ally (sp) and may declare war, they may declare a temporary stop to war, whatever. The leader of each land shall decide what they want. They lands are: Fei, Wuy, Lom and Mong.

Each leader wil have an army beneath them. The ranks in an army goes as follow (From highest rank to lowest):

Leader (the highest, there can beonly one)

Officers: (They may fight if they choose too)

Recruits: (Must fight)

Not every army must have all of these. at least one general, one Lieutenant, two sergents and four privates, at thye very least. The more the merior. Oh, and the leader of a land may fight if they choose to.

So, like I said, The lands will do as they please, have a war, be at peace, talk dipplomatically (Sp?) etc.

Sign-Up Sheet:
Rank in Land:
Weapons: privates 3 max, corperal 3 max, sergents 4 max, Oficers 5 max. they can be any wepaon you desire, permitting that if fits the time period (Feudile Japan)
Special abilites, Skills:
Any Extra notes:

Well, that's all!

Heres my sign-up:
Name: Vash
Apperience: look at picture on the bottom of the post
Rank in Land: Leader
Weapons: Katana, spear, cross bow, mace (doesnt exaclty fit the time pireod but. w/e)
Any Extra notes: Is an expert swordsman, nothing else

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