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Art Simple is good (banner)


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Wow, I haven't posted for a while, have I?
Ah well I've got a life else where as well ya know...

This is just a simple little banner I made. Was getting bored of my old one and I didn't have any great ideas for some fancy and amazing banner so I settled with this. I'll prolly change my avvy soon, too.

This is ta dedicate my new found obsession with the anime, Inuyasha =P
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Guest PhoenixFlame
Well welcome back now for the banner...

The banner has a very nice effect with the rotation and circular cut out.The Screenshot part of it is a little too blurry though but it has a nice font with the Darkmoon part at the bottom.
I give it a 8/10 because of the blurry snapshot, but I do like it.

(On a side note when I say snapshot I mean screenshot.)
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lol, yeah, I realised that. I liked the picture (which is why I used it), but I couldn't fix it in any way cause that's just the way I got it. I didn't resize it at all so it's not my fault it was blurry.

Thanks for the comment, btw. Glad'ju think it's nice ^_^
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