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Writing DTK - Loving You (2001)


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This is from the last album my band had shared together. Our band was Die Totenskopf, and the track here is written by me, and it is called Loving You. This was released in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Greece.


Loving You (Markerein Melerö)

See me walking down the street.
I make my way up to your feet.
I smell the darkness in the air.
I only see your cold stare.

I wanted to see you after eight.
But the time was getting late.
And only falling to the floor.
Outside your house, not through the door.

I saw you smiling up at me.
I wept inside as you set me free.
It was you all along.
You whom made me love you.

Loving you. It's what I can only do.
I have no feeling other than this.
I know you have to go back to your room.
At least, can I have one last kiss.

Giving you all of my love.
Sharing with you, all of my deep feelings for you.

Loving you. It's what I can only do.
I have no feeling other than this.
I know you have to go back to your room.
At least, can I have one last kiss.

I hate to say Good Bye tonight.
But there is nothing I can do that's right.
So down the street and to my home, I go.

I will see your face in one more day.
I know that I have many things to say.
But I will wait for you until Sunday.

That is when I won't stop loving you.


This was from my band's very first album in 1997, and the album was titled: Nothing Left. This track, Falling, has been and continues to be very popular in my home country of Germany, and cool enough, it was the very first song I had ever written.


Falling (Markerein Melero)

I seem to fall to the floor.
Everything in my life begins to fade from me.
The lies became a sport to you.
I tried so hard to be true.

True to you.

I loved you with all my heart.
I loved you right from the start.
Stealing this love and killing it made you smile.
It was all part of your style.

True to you.

I only wanted you. Only you.
You slept with others while I wept for you.
When you were in pain, I cared.
When you were naked, I stared.

True to you. No more.

My love has faded. Now you call to me.
I don't want to hear your name.
This hatred is what set me free.
Your lies make me feel love of hate.

True to you. No more.

You crept into my bed at night.
As you bled, I laughed. I smiled.
It was your throat I slit. I smiled.
I am finally free. Free from your lies.

True to you. I love you no more.


Another track from our last album, and this is called Forgive Me, and we had a bit of a problem when this song went to the radio, but all in all, it had great reviews in Croatia, Germany, and France...


Forgive Me (Markerein Melero)

I saw a naked figure that was you.
In the bathtub one year ago tonight.
I saw you smiling and laughing.
In the bathtub one year ago tonight.

Forever, I love you I want you to know.
Forgive me.

I walked in and saw you wink at me.
I wanted to set myself free.
I threw in the lamp that set you aflame.
You were killed and I had laughed.

Forever, I love you I want you to know.
Forgive me.

Jesus Christ, what have I done to you?
Jesus Christ, why have I killed you?

The police, the find me in my room at night.
They handcuff me and everything is alright.
People stare as I am forced into the car.
Looking up, I could see you in the stars.

Forever, I love you I want you to know.
Forgive me.

In the courtroon I am tried.
So much pain, and so much stryfe.
I only wanted to be with you for all time.
I killed you, so forgive me.

Remember that I love you.

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[size=1] You have a pretty good songwriting style. I liked "Falling" best, especially at the end.

I am wondering, do you have any place where I can listen to your band's music...prehaps just a few .mp3s or such? I'd love to hear some of it.

As I said, you are a decent writer from what I see. I'd like to see even more, heh.[/size]
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Thank you kindly.

Nope. Sorry to say, since our group broke up, all mp3 sites have just faded...

I have joined together with DJ Kazu Kazu of Saitama, Japan. We will be joining together to create a new group named: OVERMIND...

We will release very soon, and I will be sure to let you know.

Again, thanks for the truly kind words...
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[size=1] Heh, not a problem.

Anyone that is in a band/has been has an immediate interest heh. Music is one of the main things that I feel matters the most to me.

I sort of envy you, in a cool way, I suppose. I have recently really wanted to learn to play guitar--and I'll probably be getting one for Christmas--and I also write lots of poetry. I hope to be a part of a band someday, or make some music.

I'd be interested to hear the new band you'll be a part of. Even if it might be in another language, perhaps? Or was the songs you posted actually in a different language, and then you translated them? Also, I'm wondering, how many languages do you speak?

I kind of asked too many questions, but ah well. Thanks for posting your songs.[/size]
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No, no, no. Please feel not unwelcomed at all. I welcome your kind words with an open heart...

I speak several languages: English (Just finished mastering the language), German (Of course), Spanish (Of Course), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Finnish, and Greek.

It was my major at Goethe University (Language Studies).

Yes, in fact, the songs I posted were translated by me, but originally done in German. And, in the new group, I will be singing in English, for the first time that is.

I am a bit nervous, but I know my English sounds as if I were a native of the American country, so no truly hard feelings on my part.

You envy me? How nice to hear. But do not envy, just be happy with what you've got. I am.

You made a friend in me. So, feel free to email me, or just to plainly: Keep In Touch...

Thanks, again...
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[size=1] Heh. I feel somewhat...timid...and hard talking well when I first become accustomed to something heh.

Greek? I'm wondering...how similiar is that to Latin? That is what I'm taking. Maybe you don't know, heh.

So what language do you like the best?

What do you think of English? Do you think it's very portable, and easy to make wonderful things with; because I do.

I shall E-mail you, or something.

I know this is somewhat like twenty questions, but I'm supposing you like answering them. I'm just a curious person, I suppose.

I don't envy you in an envying way. It's more like...I'm glad that you do what you do, and I hope to do something greater or as great someday. Music's just like that to me...as it is to you. I just said envy because I couldn't think of a more specific word.

German seems like a cool language. Have you heard of Rammstein? I'm sure you have. That's all of German music I've heard. I've mostly heard American, of course, since this is where I live.

Yeah; a lot of words in German are very close to English...since English is a combination of many languages; including Latin, and Germanic origins.

That's about all I can think of to say at the moment.[/size]
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Very interesting to hear that from you.

German is my favorite language, and of course, English was no easy language to learn. It took me eight yeras, but I did it...

I will be arriving in New York City on December 12, and heading to Santa Monica, CA on December 18.

Of course I know Der Rammstein. They are not the best thing in music to me, but if you wish to download music, take it from me, these are the bands to listen to...






Die Ärzte


Those are just a few...

Listen to them, and I know that you will enjoy their originality. I must go on and study now for my Physics Test tomorrow.

Have a great night, and speak to you soon!
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