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Reno 911


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[color=midnightblue]Wow, it's been a while since I've made a thread..

I'm pretty sure some of you know what this show is about, but I'll make a summary anyway. Reno 911! is a show on Comedy Central that is basically a spoof on shows like Cops. It's staged like some sort of reality show, but it's a fictitious story (As far as we know) with poorly trained cops and breakers of the law who look like they deserve to be more on Jerry Springer than anything. And, of course, it is set in Reno, the biggest little city on Earth (Or so the sign claims..).

This show was originally a pilot on Fox, or so I heard, but they didn't pick the series up. I can't see why, though. It's one of those shows with a unique brand of humor that you really don't find very often. I suppose we can just blame it on Fox's poor planning and scheduling skills.

I truly love this show, and I have since I first saw the commercial where officer Garcia shoots into the dark room and accidentally hits someone at his surprise birthday party.. You kinda have to see it to get it. But it's one of those shows that stays fresh, no matter how many DUI tests they perform or how many times they bust some trailer park weirdo for posession. The entire homeland security fiasco was just too much.. I can't believe [spoiler]those training people were actually frauds. And that oriental woman.. What was her name..? S. Kim. She turned out to be a guy. That was ironic.[/spoiler]

Well, this season's over. But now we have Kid Notorious and new South Park episodes to hold me over until season two of Reno 911!.

What do you all think about the show?[/color]
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I love this show. I can't see how my dad can watch cops, he can't see how I can watch this.
Garcia is the best. I love the one were he and his partner are just messing with people, and when he gets attacked by the same guy.

Did you see the one with the illegal fireworks? I love the part where the stoner guy gets maced. Hehe, he said she looked like Shirley Hempel. Silly guy selling fireworks.
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Interesting thing about Reno 911, apart from it being one of the funniest damn shows I've ever seen, is that it wouldn't have been possible on Comedy Central without South Park.

I am going to talk about Reno, but I can't talk about Reno without talking about Comedy Central over the past few years.

South Park did something for Comedy Central, much how...The Simpsons did something for Fox. SP opened the gates on what could be aired on CC. I fully believe that if it had not been for South Park, shows like Reno, Man Show, Crank Yankers, Chappelle Show, Insomniac, That's My Bush, Trigger Happy TV, and even Comedy Central movies like Porn 'N' Chicken and Knee High PI, would NEVER had been able to be picked-up/created/aired.

It is because of South Park's demented and skewed humor that Comedy Central is in the comedic high that it is now. If I'm looking for comedy, I either turn on The Simpsons, or I turn to Comedy Central.

That said, Reno 911 is hilarious. The writing is brilliant (as most of Comedy Central's original comedy is), the acting is remarkably great. Reno is COPS on crack, which considering the nature of COPS, is very hard to top that level of dementia.
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In my opinion, Reno 911 is an hilarious show. I was about to make a thread myself about this show so forget that idea. Reno 911 is like my top #5 on the list of best shows on Comedy Central.
Since I can't remember some names, I'll have to use their descriptions.
I liked the episode when the black man cop had to leave the force and be a crossing guard. The officers begged him to come back to the force and have him presents but the black guy didn't want to cause he got to see the hot cheerleaders and stuff. I think it was Garcia who gave him the teddy bear :laugh:
I also like the episode when the FBI came. They put one officer in the freezer for dead people. I bet he was thinking :stupid:

But Reno 911 is one of my favorite shows on Comedy Central, next to South Park and Crank Yankers.
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I like the premise of the show as basically a huge spoof of Cops or any other police shows. Basically it's the worst cops in the world, all packed into "The biggest little city in the World" (got that from the show). I have to say one of my favorite episodes was Lt. Dangle and his partner (can't remember his name, the who got attacked by the dog) were beating up on some guy in a milshake costume. That was possibly one of the funniest things I've seen on television. ^_^
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