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Ok... this is my very first rpg... so bare with me ok??
the rpg has NOTHING to do with Magic Cards. so forget that idea COMPLETELY
oh, and im inti by the way.

The story starts like this:

There was a strange rustling in the bushes (at the risk of sounding clichéd) just outside the city walls.
It was a cloudless night. The stars dotted the sky.
Stargazer leaned out of her window to get a better look of what was on the out side of the wall, but it was no use. The city was fortified to the center of the earth. There was no way around, over or under the wall, apart from the two entrances facing North and South.
Stargazer turned back into her room. When was she EVER going to get out of here?!
All of her life, all 16 years, Stargazer had never been outside the city. Her parents and the rest of her family told her it was "too dangerous" for a beautiful girl like her to be seen wandering outside the safeness of the walls.
She walked over to the dresser and sat in front of her mirror.
Staring back at her were two full, interested amber eyes.
She snapped out of her trance and decided to comb her long black hair out of it's 2 plaits.
She heard the rustling in the bushes again. Then some odd sound. Like someone jumping off the air.
She turned off the lights so she could see outside in the dark easier.
She heard footsteps and, to her shock, saw the shape of someone sprinting down the length of the wall towards her window.
The figure jumped across the small gap between the wall and her window and grabbed her, holding her mouth closed to stifle her screams...

Okay, so that's the start. If you want to find out what happens next, you can take part in the journey.
There are around 7 main characters ("good guys"):
Stargazer (Female, aged 16, long braided black hair)
Stormchaser (Male)
Alaanja (Female)
Rivvengale (Female)
Lygan (Male)
Tahl (Male)
Merilia (Female)

And 5 villains. You can also be a lesser character, but it's up to you.

To join in on the rpg, sign up with the following:

Name: (one of the mains, a villain, or a lesser character. remember that with mains, you have to go along with the names provided ^^")

Age: (the only character with a set age is Stargazer, she is 16. All other characters must be aged 13-35)

Appearance: (stargazer?s is basically set again)

Type: (this is whether your character is a mage, squire, knight, etc. If your character is a mage, the element of their magic is aligned with what species they are)

Weapon: (one major weapon and one minor weapon. also must include how it's carried.)

Species: Elf --> (if you are an elf mage you cast earth magic :tasty: )
Human --> (if you are a human mage you cast fire magic :flaming: )
Mer-person --> (if you are a mer-mage you cast water magic :excited: )

Bio: (your characters biography)


Ok, here?s my character:

Name: Stormchaser

Age: 17

Appearance: About 6.2feet tall, snowy-white hair, glowy silver eyes, tanned.

Type: Mage

Species: Elf (uses earth magic)

- Major ? triple bladed scythe. Carried on back.
- Minor ? peashooter (shoots hooked thorns). Carried in pouch on side.

Bio: Stormchaser was abandoned at the age of 2 as a small army (around 100) of horse-riding men killed his mother and the rest of his tribe.
He was then found by an elvin hermit who gratefully took him in (the hermit was lonely, lolz). The hermit taught Stormchaser all he knew about how to survive alone, about the forest and earth magic.
The hermit died when Stormchaser was about 6 ½, so from there, he had to fend for himself. Stormchaser managed well, fighting off whatever tried to attack the hermit?s small tree house. He found friendship only in the animals of the forest, and encountered only a few weary travelers, which he disposed of easily and quickly. He had excellent aim with his peashooter, and he whirled that triple bladed scythe like there was no tomorrow. Only one escaped.
From that day (when Stormchaser was almost 13), the forest was known as a dangerous place to all the people of Otaria. This was, in fact, bad for Stormchaser, as he lived off what he could find in the surrounding environment (not much at all) and what he took from the travelers that he had?killed.
He was getting desperate. He needed food. So he took to the cover of night, and every 4 days he used his magic to get over the walls of the main city (Stargazer?s city), so he could steal from the food stalls the next day. If anyone saw him, he could easily blend in with the surroundings with a special technique the hermit had taught him.
Now, at the stage of his story that he turned 17 (the very night that Stargazer looked out of the window when she was kidnapped) he comes into the story as one of the main 7 roles. He was the one Stargazer saw on the wall. He was the one who she saw climb over the wall that was unclimable.

soz guys, coz whoever plays Stargazer won?t have much choice with her appearance and age. To remind you, she is 16 and her long, jet-black hair is tied back in two braids. She also has amber coloured eyes.

and also soz if this was too long to endure :drunk:, but if you're anything like me you skipped half of the beggining story lolz ^^"
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Name: Stargazer

Age: 16

Appearance: Long, jet black worn in two braids, amber eyes. Wears a knee-length blue dress over black pants, and a violet button-down shirt with torn off sleeves and many, many pockets.

Type: Mage

Major~ Long Staff with a brilliant crystal star on the top, carried in her hand, or on her back if she's tired. Used for casting spells.
Minor~ Darts tipped with sleeping potion, carried in a pouch in her pocket.

Species: Human (I'm guessing)

Bio: Stargazer lived all her life in the walled city, but was curious during all that time too. Ever since she could walk she would run away from her parents, trying to find someting new to see, of something fun to play with. Upon reaching the age of thirteen, her parents sent her to school to learn magic, sicne they knew that she would one day leave, driven by her curiosity. She excelled at her study, soon surpassing even some of the teacers, and was offered a chance to study outside the city. Her parents refused her the chance, and she has never quite forgiven them for that. Despte that, she loves her family dearly, and is particularly close to one of her siblings, an older brother, to whom she tells everything.
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Cool. Okay. Two characters down (Stargazer and Stormchaser), 10 to go
Well done Stick Fairy on your job at pulling together a Bio for Stargazer. I suppose she was the easiest of the lot of the characters, but I think maybe I should have been more lenient.
Oh well, this IS my first RPG, so I guess there's always next time?:blush:
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Ummm I'm gunna be a lesser character cuz i'm not on the boards alot...

Name: Fein (I can make up my name right??)

Age: 15

Appearance: She is small for her age and is thin, she has long brownish blonde hair, worn in a ponytail, and wears a black coat over a ocean blue dress.

Type: Mage

Major: A shortened (for her height) reversed-blade sword worn in at her side under her coat.
Minor: four small throwing knives, one on each of her ankles and two on her right side.

Species: Mer-person

Bio: She is a very mysterious person. The only known facts about her is that she rose from the ocean at the age of 14 and lived on the shore her "life" of one year. She stays away from large groups because of the effect it has on her connection the the sea. You very rarely will see or hear from her for weeks at a time.

(anything else you want???)
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That's fine angel. Umm... I'm actually thinking of deleting this RPG recruitment thing because it isn't attracting very many people. I'll see how it goes over the next two days. If no one signs up, I'm deleting it.
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Appearance: 6' with long dark hair. Althetic built. Grey eyes. And loves to wear purple. Anything puple she will where. Also she has caramel colored skin.



Weapon: Bow with a quiver of arrows(long distance shooter) Double sided sword( close-up and personal action.)

Bio: Born to a middle-class family of elves, Alaanja was the first of 3 girls to be born. The parents hoped for a boy to take on the family business of being merchants and the job was then passes to one of the daughters, and her future husband.
Alaanja was the most sought after for that position but refused. She prefered to act like a bo many of the times and more so took up fighting and trained her body to gain a sense of inner peace and self-control.
As a student, she excelled quickly and mastered swordplay and archery outpassing many of the young boys of her age. At the age of 13 she was looke dupon to become a squire of the Guard. Elven Knights, set to serve the king of the region.
She happily accepted and became one of the few females admitted into it. For the last six years she has continued to serve and learn from boh male and female Guards. In four more years shewill become a Knight. But something more urgent has grabbed her attention as well as the attention of the Elven nation. Sent to research events, of the kidnapping of Stargazer, a member of royalty she hopes that this mission will be what will escalate her into the rank of KNIGHT!!!!
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