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Guest Tsukasa.hack

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Guest Tsukasa.hack
:modrod: Help me DD the ppl!

U need to no the basics of .hack//SIGN. If not, so what? I'll teach u!

Time: Between SIGN and Infection.

Character name:


How he/she fires DD attack:

Where attack comes from:




Seems to be Targeted by:

Note: ur type of character will still have the weapon it normally has. It'll only have the DD attack with it.

Name: TB

Type: Heavyblade

How DD attack is fired: Spike

Where Spike comes from: arm

Level: 89

Appearance: Blu spiky hair with a black long sleeve shirt and Crim-like pants only black

Personality: Brave, Obsessed with DD attack

Seems to be targeted by: Morganna, Skeith, Green Guardians
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[color=green]Hi Tsukasa.hack,

A couple things.

For one, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization are all very important in this forum. So, we'd appreciate it if you at least paid attention to them and made an effort at using them.

Secondly, Recruitment threads should have a solid back story and a good description of the RPG will entail, which this one does not. Look around at other RPGs for some good examples. Also do read the rules for OB in general, plus the sticky at the top of this forum. They contain some very important information.

Signups should also have some level of detail.

I'm going to close this thread since this signup doesn't meet up to OB standards. You can PM me to get it reopened and edit this once you've read over the rules and reformulated your RPG. (Or, you could start another thread.)

Thanks, and welcome to OB.
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