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Writing "The chocolate war" & "Beyond...."


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"[b]Jerry Renault[/b] is pondering the question on the poster in his locker: Do I dare disturb the universe?
Refusing to sell chocolates in the annual [i]"Trinity School"[/i] fund-raiser may not seem like a radical thing to to. but when Jerry challenges a secret school society called [color=dark blue]"[i]The Vigils"[/color][/i], his defiant act turns into an all-out war. Now the only question is: who will survive ?"
[SIZE=1](I took this from the back of the book, cause I couldn't write it better myself)[/SIZE]

[color=chocolate]this is a deeply, psychological, cruel and dark story. There are subtle twists and turns in the story that makes it close to unpredictable. it is reality stripped down to its raw, callous and merciless form. I really feel that these two books should be mandetory to read for all the kids in school. it is very well written and captivating to the last page. They have such depth, such accuracy to the world in which it takes place and evokes/challenges and questions what you think you know.

[i]*what happens when you go against the tidalwave?
*is suicide sometimes an extension of murder?
*who carries the blame for all the pain?[/i]
just to mention a few that I think of after reading these books.

[b]Archie[/b] [SIZE=1](the name hints at arch-enemy, does it not?)[/SIZE]- the leader of [i]The Vigils[/i] - is a brilliant, complex and great charachter study of "evil".
and the subplot with [b]David Caroni[/b] carrying into the sequel is so painfully beautiful that I cannot even begin to praise it.
not forgetting Jerry and his journey straight to the chore of hell[SIZE=1](and back?)[/SIZE], along with many others.

the only somewhat negative aspect of the first book is the massive introduction to different charachters. it's difficult to assume which ones will play a crucial part in the final showdown, but if you're good at remembering names it shouldn't be a problem. and you could always go back and re-read it :rolleyes:
I really cannot tell you enough how magnificantand how well worth the read these books are !!!

[color=blue][SIZE=3]Dare the universe and make it expand ! [/color][/SIZE]

- Mimmi[/color]
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