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  1. Such painful news, it's hard to wrap my head around it. Des was a beautiful cornerstone in this community and will always hold a special place in many hearts around the world. He was kind, encouraging, sweet, funny, helpful, wise and a joy to interact with. Truly a wonderful man. Goodbye Desbreko and thank you for letting us be a part of your life <3
  2. This place has changed more than my life has.... D:   Love youse all! <3
  3. I just can't resist playing around in Photoshop. Practice is good for you, ne? ... Which makes me wonder why I haven't gotten any further/better :p Since the second version's "London" has color in it I decided to not make the first one a yummy orange. But it looked tasty, let me tell you.
  4. I can't believe I forgot to add [B][I]Panda[/I][/B]!!! :animeblus :animedepr She's a rocking gal, has adorable pets and great know-how about anime/life in general, so spending time with her would be an all-around swell thang!
  5. [B]Molly, Anamoly and Becky[/B] - because they want to meet me (madness!) and I wanna hook up with those three lovely ladies as well, to shower them with love :3 [B]Azure [/B]- Because I want to apologize to his face for crashing into his net-life with my rambuctious persona. And he's cute so I'd take the opportunity to oogle him, too >.> [B]Shinmaru[/B] - This guy has put up with me since the very first, very random, IM I threw his way. He's so generous with both time and care for others, not to mention he's got a fantastic sense of humour. I'd totally bug him to write more awesome stor
  6. [FONT=Tahoma][B]Method #?? - Play [I]Literati. [/I][/B] It's a great way to make contact with other members (new and old) in a fun and relaxed environment, you might learn new words to add to your vocabulary, the games will usually provide brilliant quote material for your sig, and if you're [I]really [/I]lucky you could earn yourself a 24-hour ban from OB! [B]Mentors:[/B] Sara ([B][I]Queen [/I][/B]of Literati), Shy ([B][I]King [/I][/B]of Literati), Kei (Literati [B]Boss[/B]), Shinmaru (Literati [B]Ace[/B]). [B]Bonus Mentor:[/B] Charlie/Heaven's Cloud (Literati [B]Joker[/B]).[/
  7. [FONT=Tahoma]The Nifty Fifty continues being awesome 8-D A massive round of applause to winners, nominees, voters, judges and [I]especially to Shy[/I] for inventing this Event/being groovy. It was a complete surprise to be nominated, even more to get awarded, and it reminded me there are still a bucketload of Opinionating to be done ..... ~_^[/FONT]
  8. [quote name='Zidargh']See, I was going to do him (I've done it before), but does he class as a super hero?[/quote] [FONT=Tahoma].... He's got mad swordfighting skills, is quite the acrobat, a killer with the ladies (that fits you to a tee, does it not? ~_^) and just imagine the innuendo-laden puns you could extract from having a horse as a side-kick. I'd say that's Super Hero material, right there.[/FONT]
  9. Zorro! It's easy to cut the mask out of some fabric and use the rest for a cape :catgirl:
  10. [FONT=Tahoma]*beams* I was [B]really [/B]hoping this'd get a conclusion but didn't want to say so in the nomination, in case it'd put pressure on you or anything :animeswea Happy, happy about the prospect of seeing the final pieces coming together soon. Be it here or in some other form![/FONT]
  11. [FONT=Tahoma]I have tried to add ones that haven't been mentioned yet instead of seconding obvious choices :< Because if I were to add on already suggested topics/people, I'd bust the 'max 10 nominations' rule! [SIZE=1]Evil limitations ;_;[/SIZE] [B]theOtaku.com's Podcasters - [/B][COLOR=DimGray]My reasoning for this choice, aside from the added top notch awesomeness of the comment box antics that always follow after a show has aired, is that OtakuBoards has a link to MyOtaku which is tied into theOtaku.com where the Podcasts take place. Spiffyness by association and stuff ¬¬;[/C
  12. [FONT=Tahoma]I'd suggest playing less of [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=55117][U]these games[/U][/URL] for starters >.> Other than that, take notes of what's going through your mind at the time of these attacks (if you're able to do so) because that might help you analyze the situations better. Writing down thoughts that come to you [B]while not feeling paranoid[/B] could be good, too, since the major episodes could actually be several things that have accumulated and then ruptures all at once. Ultimately, it's always best to see a professional when it comes to m
  13. [FONT=Tahoma]Has Tsubasa been licensed? Because if it [I]has [/I]I'll have to suck it up and wait until I can buy it. [strike][B]If not[/B], does anyone know a group that subs the anime? The one I followed dropped it due to lack of something or another.[/strike] Found another group who subs it and so long as it's not licensed I shall continue to download :catgirl: It'll be really nice to be able to see it to the end, instead of being stuck in limbo and grumbling at how it sometimes lag terribly in progress while dying to get to know more of what's going on behind the scenes. Especially si
  14. [FONT=Tahoma][B]4th of July, 2001. 4AM ~ 4.05AM[/B] It's kind of ironic how it was one of the most gorgeous mornings of that summer. In perspective it really has nothing on the people who were struck by Katrina, but at least [I]that [/I]storm blew over. Mine is on its 5th year, going strong for a 6th. And it's not like I haven't fought it for all I'm worth, either. Maybe it'll stop chasing after me if I stop trying to move away from it? [/FONT]
  15. [B]Opinionater:[/B] Sakurasuka [B]Subject:[/B] "Life" [B]Question:[/B] In your opinion, is it possible to truly relate to a situation/ matter you?re enlightened on intelligently to the same degree of a person who?s experienced it first-hand? Sakurasuka - [size=1][I]Of course it is. Possibly moreso, since your emotions would not blind you from the issue as it would had you experienced said situation. You won't likely have the exact same reaction/views/experience seeing as you haven't been through said circumstance yourself and every person reacts differently, but I believe it is
  16. [B]Opinionater:[/B] Katana [B]Subject:[/B] "Humour" [B]Question:[/B] In your opinion, is there something (a situation, a specific occurance) that is never funny [no matter what]? Katana - [size=1][color=royalblue][I]It's difficult to find situations are not funny, no matter what the circumstances. However, I think that one most people become sour on when people joke about it is death. 'Death', in this case, is applied to that of losing a family member or someone close to you, or even just the death of a person you don't know. I personally find it incredibly annoying whe
  17. [B]Opinionater:[/B] Japan_86 [B]Subject:[/B] "Life" [B]Question:[/B] What constitutes maturity, in your opinion? Age, ability, attitude, etc? Japan_86 - [COLOR=Navy][I]In all honesty, I do not really know as I am still in the process of maturing, as we all do fom one time to another. From my life experiences, however, I feel that it depends on how much willpower and determination you pocess to do the responsible thing. Willpower and determination are not only needed, but the taking of action as well . Just like with getting a job. You must take the step to get one, and then yet
  18. [B]Opinionater:[/B] Retribution [B]Subject: [/B]"Music" [B]Question:[/B] In your opinion, are artists and bands doing [good/excellent] covers riding on the success already established by someone else or do they deserve the kudos for putting their creative mark on the songs? Retribution - [size=1][I]I think often artists and bands doing covers are putting their creative mark on songs, but there are also cases when they're doing it to make themselves look good, riding off already established success as you said. The vast majority of the time, though, there are new elements appa
  19. [QUOTE=JCBaggee][color=darkred][size=1]Ooooh, literati. I haven't played that in years. ^_^ So, do you just want us to post here where we want the words? 0_o Or what? --Chris; too early in the morning for such thinking.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] [FONT=Tahoma]*gasps and pounces on you* Sure, post in here what word you want nudged in there and don't forget to [I]include what colour you want for the word[/I], then I'll fixely-fix it in place ^_^[/FONT]
  20. [FONT=Tahoma]Mine totally sucks but I had fun! Arigato, Shy-sama :catgirl:[/FONT] [CENTER][IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25850&stc=1[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25851&stc=1[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25853&stc=1[/IMG][/CENTER]
  21. [quote name='AzureWolf][COLOR=maroon']So you're just going to abort it?! =O[/COLOR][/quote] [FONT=Tahoma]I don't abort my babies. They all get to roam around freely in my computer once they're birthed.[/FONT]
  22. [B]Opinionater:[/B] DeadSeraphim [B]Subject:[/B] "Nature" [B]Question:[/B] We?re taught that it?s up to the individual to make a difference but where does the majority of responsibility lie when it comes to improving the environment, in your opinion? The Individual Consumer or The Corporate Producer? DeadSeraphim - [COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial][I]A corporation has somewhat of a responsibility to the environment, but it's also largely in the hands of the individual. I mean, the corporation should only have to deal with things that they are directly responsible for affecting
  23. [FONT=Tahoma]So, like, I'm kinda fooling around with Photoshop and might be able to produce a wittle baby within a day or two .... unless you've already found what you're looking for *peers at your comment on White's work* :< You didn't put any kind of definite date (aside from mentioning the competition'd start up in a couple of weeks) so that adds to my hesitation. .... Though seeing as you only posted this barely 2 days ago I shouldn't be fretting, eh? :animeswea [/FONT]
  24. [QUOTE=Shy][size=1][b]#10[/b] [indent][i]Handsome and witty, Known for an assassin who was quite grim and gritty. Held more titles than should be allowed, Every day he makes OtakuBoards proud.[/i][/indent] [/size][/QUOTE] [FONT=Tahoma][B]10 -[/B] Shy. *slaps herself silly*I totally missed that we were only allowed to answer [B]one [/B]riddle. Blame it on the construction workers who woke me up at 7 AM with machines that sounded like a dentists' tools, only 10 times louder ;___; Sorry Shy and Sandy[/FONT] :animeblus
  25. [B]Opinionater:[/B] Sandy [B]Subject:[/B] "Language" [B]Question:[/B] In your opinion, do you think [the majority of] words take on a negative or positive spin when the original meaning changes, and do we try too hard to jazz up our vocabulary or is it just a natural step in the development of languages? Sandy - [I]I can only assume the question means things like politic correctness. In that case, in my opinion more and more words are getting negative nuances in them, and using many of the words that once were part of common talk are actually frowned upon nowadays (like ******,
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