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Writing Final Fantasy Personalities


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[b][u]~*~Before You Read~*~[/u][/b]
Just to let you know, I've never actually done a fanfic before. So if I do anything wrong or something of the sort. PLEASE PM ME!! I'd like to know how to fix my mistakes or I'll never learn from them.
This is basically my compilings of Final Fantasy personalities that have been shoved into small scenes.
I?m starting today, so there will be a lot of updates


[b]?Final Fantasy Mini-Stories?
By Inti[/b]

[b]Phone Call 2003, Kiriwaka High School[/b]

Selphie sat at her desk, at the Kiriwaka High School office reception, filing her nails and humming the tune to one of her favourite songs by Linkin Park. On her desk there was a pile of paperwork for her to get done. Something about next year?s new students or whatever it was. It apparently HAD to be done or else they couldn?t go to the school. Hmph. Whatever.
For about another five minutes she sat there humming the same verse over and over again (she couldn?t remember any more of the song), then there was a knock at the door.
She quickly sat up and pretended she was actually typing something.
The principal of the school came in, reading one of his ?important files?. Selphie knew it was just a manilla folder covering the dirty magazine he was reading.
?Uh, Selphie?? asked the principal, otherwise known as Zell, ?I?m going to be busy for the next hour or so, so if anyone calls and wants to speak with me, tell them to leave a message.?
?Busy doing what?? she thought about asking, but instead asked, ?Is that all sir? Would you like a cuppa coffee??
?No thanks I?ll be fine,? came the muffled reply. He was already in his office.
Pfft. Who cares anyway?

About 15 minutes later, the phone rang.
?What now? I just had to speak with rotten dirty Zell like two seconds ago!? Selphie was clearly not the type you would call overly smart.
She picked up the phone.
?Hello? Kiriwaka High reception?? she said in her most formal voice (which may I tell you, isn?t very formal at all).
?Put me on to the principal,? came the hoarse reply. This guy clearly had some sort of a cold; or else he wouldn?t sound so mean.
?Uh, he?s busy right now. Can I take a message??
?No put me on to him. Or I?ll blow up the school right now.?
?Hmm?? what did he say..?
?I said put me on to him now or I?ll blow up the school!?
?Jeez! No need to shout! I?m only on the other side of the phone line! And I said the principal was busy.?
?Okay. So what?s the message??
She had a notepad and pen out writing down the message. This guy must be a maniac or something.
?Ok, so the message is like this right? You want $10,000,000 by tonight or you?ll blow up the school at the morning assembly.?
?Yes that?s right?
?Why do you need $10,000,000? It?s a lot of money you know?
?Just get on with writing the message?
?Okay! Don?t need to get your knickers in a knot!?
?SHUT UP! Do you want to be responsible for having the school blown up?!?
?Okay, okay, get on with it already,? this guy was REALLY getting on Selphie?s nerves.
?I want it on the corner of Island Rd at midnight tonight?
?Okay, and do you want that in cash or cheques??
?I said ?Do you want that in cash or cheques???
?Do you even know what this IS?! It?s a terrorist act! I?m threatening to blow up the ****ing school for God's sake!?
?Oh. My. God. When you say terrorist act, you mean like September 11? Ohmygod that was like SO inhumane. What kind of a person would do that? I mean, what IS the world coming to. I--?
?OK OK! Name please.?
?What.. Did.. You.. Say??
?Your name please! If I don?t have your name, how?s the principal gonna know who called??
Seifer had hung up.
OH MY GOD! HE HUNG UP! Oh well. He was about to break through the last of Selphie?s nerves. I mean, how hard is it to get someone?s name? Or follow a few simple instructions?
She sat back and started filing away at her nails and singing the same verse of the Linkin Park song again.

About and hour later Zell came out of his office.
?Selphie, were there any calls while I was in my office?? he asked her.
?Uh, no important ones. There was this one guy though, he was all like, shouty and angry and he wanted $10,000,000. He was some maniac that said he was gonna blow up the school and stuff like that,? came her strangely calm and relaxed reply.
Zell just stood there shocked.


Well?that?s the fanfic. Well, not really a fanfic. More like a scripted mini-play scene sort of thing.
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[color=sky blue][font=times new roman][b][i]Well if this is a roleplay then it doesn't belong in here..RP's belong in the Otaku Arena..

Sorry mod's if I stepped on your toes, it's just that ingorance may be bliss, but it also kills^^I promise, I won't interfere here any longer..

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