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Woah?my first RPG that actually made it to the Adventure Arena?
Okay, well, thanks to everyone that?s signed up and to all those that [I]shall?[/I]. Here are all the people and their basic info:

Dondar ? Ranos ? 10 ? Male ? Bazzar ? Swordsman
Wolf Maximas13 ? Wolf Maximas ? 11 ? Male ? Farm off of Varach ? Swordsman
Stick Fairy ? Chelsey Harbas ? 10 ? Female ? Corus ? Glaiveweilder/Strategies
Katana (me ^^) - Tsuyousinis Namithanlei (Nami) ? 10 ? Female ? Kammiyleanlon ? Glaiveweilder/Tactics
There was the soft clampering of hooves as a young girl rode her way through the countryside. Dangling over her mare?s side were packs that thunked softly against its saddle.
Looking to her right, Tsuyousinis saw a group of older boys as they too headed towards the city of Corus in training to be a knight. She was slightly surprised none of them laughed at her.
[I]Then again,[/I] she thought, [I]They probably didn?t even see me.[/I]
She sighed and urged her mare into a gallop to surpass the boys and get farther ahead. About a mile or so down, Nami stopped the horse and slid off. She observed her surrondings: a forest. A dense forest, teaming with lives of all sorts. She sat under a tree and sighed, than began to finger her hair.
?I think I?ll spike it once we get to the castle,? Nami told her mare, who only grunted in reply. It?s name was Ines (E-nez) and was one of her family?s horses.
[I]My name is Nami, I?m 10, and I am here for the moment. I have three older sisters and two older brothers, both of whom are knights. My sisters are being trained as well, except on how to be a maiden, now a warrior. Not the life I want.[/I]
Feeling lazy, Nami stood up and mounted Ines. She urged the horse in a brisk run through the rest of the forest as the castle?s highest peak came into view.
Now, depending on how you guys rate this, my posts won?t be this good/bad. ?:huh: I don?t get it either.
Well, have fun! ^^
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As Nami's horse raced on she could see another rider up ahead. As she got closer she could see it was another boy. He had long white hair, brown pants, and a white shirt. She kicked her horse a bit and pushed up a bit more. By now the boy had noticed Nami and dropped back some.

????: Hello there, my name is Wolf. You headin to Corus as well?

Nami: Yes i am, and i'm guessing by your question you are doing the same.

Wolf: You got me. Its good to see more girls joining the ranks. This world isn't just lived on by men.

Nami: Thank you, you have a much better attitude then those other boys.

Wolf: well, i am a year there senior.

Nami: i thought the start age was 10?

Wolf: It is, it just took me a year to convince my father I was able to do this. Oh, tree.

Nami: What...?

As she said that see loked forward to see a tree limb close to her face. She ducked the branch and came back up.

Wolf: Nice reaction.

Nami: Thanks.

The two continued rideing towards the city. To begin the start of a new rad in there lives.
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"You know, most boys would either (a) punch me, (b) make fun of me, or (c) laugh at me. You though...eh, never mind."
Wolf looked over at her. "Well, my mom taught me a lot of respect for girls. That, and I think you could do it."
Nami grinned. "I hope I can." She then intentionally kicked a long, thin package dangling from the side of her saddle. Wolf looked over with interest.
"What's that?" he asked.
"Glaive," she responded, then said "Spear thing," at the confused look on Wolf's face. He nodded.
"Sword," he said, pointing to a sheathed blade on his back. "My dad taught me how to use it."
"Training master," Nami said, then explained how women could be warriors in her home. "We're quite different from the rest of the world."
"I can imagine," Wolf responded, then turned his head to the road ahead of them.
A few minutes passed. The two stopped and slid down the side of thier horses to have lunch.
"Yeesh...I'm so hungry..." said Nami, unwrapping a package containing a ham sandwich. "I haven't eaten since five this morning. How 'bout you?"
"Fwor," Wolf responded through a mouthful of rice. He then swallowed. "I come from a small farm a little ways, so I'm used to waking up early."
Nami nodded and continued stuffing her face. [i]In a few hours,[/i] she thought to herself, [i]I'll be among other pages. And nobody will treat me like Wolf here. Well, I hope someboy will.[/i]
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Rannos quickly fled from his town.If the rest of his clan found out that he was becoming a knight, they would kill him to save their own hides. As he traveled, Rannos saw two figures resting. He knew enough about weaponry and warriors to tell that both of the figures were armed, and knew how to use their weapons. He skirted around them, hoping that they wouldn't follow. He rode on towards the great city, fear and wonder playing around in his head. Perhaps the figures he saw could help him, but then again...... Probably best to avoid them first.

After resting for a time, Rannos got up and looked behind him. He gaped in silence as he watched the fast procesion of blue. There were three of them, far more then he could handle alone. He saw the figures he had noticed earlier were only a little ways ahead of him. He quickly rode up,
" I need your help. For your sake and mine. There are three men from Bazzar following us, and if they catch any one or two people alone, they will get mugged or killed." explained Rannos quickly," I know this sounds odd, but either we fight them together or we run."
Boy am I reaching for grouping up.
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Wolf and Nami heard the boys cries. As they saw him gain on them they alos saw the oncoming foes.

Wolf: Those men are out of our league in a head on front, but I think know a way to slow them down. You guys keep goinf hard and don't turn around.

Nami: Wolf, don't do anything foolish. Those men mena buisness, and a kid isn't gonna stand in there way.

Rannos: She's right, don't get yourself killed on my behalf.

Wolf smiled and turned his horse around. He rode hard and fast towards the men. The chasers didn't know what to think of a kid playing chicking with them. As Wolf got closer he put on of his hands on his sword.

Wolf to himself: i can get two, but the third will have to run from. unless the thord has compassion for his fellow riders.

Wolf aimed his horse were he rode right betweeen them. He pulled his blade quickly and swiped fast. He turned around and rode to cath back up with his friends. As he repassed the men he slaped the horses backsides and made them rear up. There straps came off, from the slashes made by Wolf's sword. The men fell right off and slamed onto the ground. Wolf just laughed as he kept going. The third rider stopped for his friends to Wolf's delight. He caught up to his new friends and smiled.

Nami: Well, that was diffrent.

Rannos: Thanks, how did you know that would work?

Wolf: I didn't, I just thought it sounded like a good idea and gave it a try.

Nami: What!?

Wolf just smiled and rode on. The three continued until they reached the outter gates of the city. They stood at the front and waited for the guards to let them in.
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Woo, thank you both for posting! ^^

The three of them stood there, wating patiently. After what had been five minutes, but seemed like forever, Nami looked at the guards.
It took only one glance at the guards to see what was wrong.
"Why can't we be let in?" Dondar demanded. The guard on their right spoke.
"What is with the girl? You know they don't belong here."
Wolf and Dondar looked at Nami, who only sighed, then looked up.
"Sir, I am Tsuyousinis Namithanlei of -"
"Yes, we know who you are," the guard on their left said dryly. To Wolf and Dondar, he asked, "Why do you travel with this wrench?"
"Why not?" Wolf asked, smiling. The guard gave an annoyed huff, but opened the gates for the three.
"I can't believe I made it here," Nami said out loud.
"Why not?" Dondar asked. "I thought you'd make it."
"Thanks," came the grumbly reply. He shrugged and turned to Wolf.
"So what do we do from here?"
"From what I know, we wait to have our stuff put away in our rooms, then we wait for some second year page to sponser us. You know, get us aquainted with the castle."
Dondar nodded and turned around.
"First year pages, pay attention!" came a sharp voice. Everyone's heads snapped to the front. A tall, middle-aged man came into the hall, his hands covered in scars. He wore thick riding pants, leather boots, and a neck-high shirt with the palace colors of blue and silver. His hair was beginning to show the man's age; it was sprinkled with white in various places.
"As you are aware, there are two girls in our midts." There was a whisper of voices.

[i]Two?[/i] Nami thought. [i]Who's....who's the other?[/i]
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