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Art Assassin's Drawings....


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[b] Will post pics after other people post. This will make it non-dubble posting and all. So you will be able to see all my pics in this thread. [/b]
Here is the first one. I fount a pic on google while searching for a naruto. It may be a fan art who ever drew it and all so credit is to them for me looking at the pic.
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Guest Skyechild91
Uh... Sorry, J-chan, but your gonna hate me 4 this... I can draw waaaaaaaaay better than that... And mine is nothing compared to oh say.... Michael Thompsons!!!!!! Okay, so u dont know him, but anywhoos, not bad, but not exactly good, either... you started your pity party in the wrong place, Josh! It should be here not in ure pic thread!
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That wasn't very nice T_T

I think there pretty good ^^ I think you would have some really awesome drawings if you took more time on them and went over and fixed everything you didn't like about them ^^ Thats what I always do. I like the Naruto one the best. That is such a cool face! *imitates* Blah hah!
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