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Guest Skeith34

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Guest Skeith34
this clan is for people who like the .hack stuff.

(NOTE: DD means Data Drain)

Skeith and the Green guardians have been putting players into comas. it's up to a group of people to give them the Taste of their own medicine.

[Center]what I wanna see:[/center]



Where DD attack comes from:

Class of player:

Appearance (picture or description):


My character: TB

Age: 14

Where DD attack comes from: Arm

Class of player: ??? (stuck in the world, Data altered by Morganna)

Appearance: Blu spiky hair, Black Long-sleeve shirt, Crim-esque pants but black

Personality: Brave, Obsessed with Data Draining

OK, mods, If there's anything u want me to put in, please remind me. Thank you.
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[color=green]Skeith, this is not an acceptable beginning to an RPG. You should add in a good more deal of back story, perhaps a brief description of who the characters from .hack are exactly, as well as what you really mean by a "clan." Look at some other RPGs, and you'll see their stories have a good deal more content and detail; yours is rather short and undescriptive at the moment.

Characters should also have a little more depth to them, rather than just having a couple of brief phrases in description of their "personality." Please edit this signup [i]extensively[/i], or the thread will be closed.

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