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The Fly


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VH1's I Love The 80s Strikes Back is on right now, and they just did a bit about Cronenberg's The Fly.

This got me thinking. That movie is amazing. It's morbid, disgusting, dark, violent, but even with the utter nastiness, it's an remarkable film.

Jeff Goldblum's performance is jaw-dropping. In the beginning, he plays Seth Brundle, a simple scientist who builds a teleportation system. When he tests it, though, something goes wrong. Horribly wrong. [spoiler]A fly is trapped in Pod 1 with him, and combines into his DNA when they're transported [i]together[/i].[/spoiler]

The rest of the movie shows Seth's transformation into [spoiler]a fly[/spoiler]. He gets progressively violent and starts...[spoiler]his teeth and nails start falling out, he starts losing his hair, his skin begins tearing off.[/spoiler]

The Fly is disgusting, but it makes my jaw drop everytime I see clips of it.

Has anyone else seen it? Loved it? Been scarred by it?
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[color=green]I've seen it, who'd have guess... It's alright. Have you ever seen the original?? I think the new one is better, but I still love the end to the first one, [spoiler] "Help Me! Help ME!"[/spoiler] Goldblum, well it is one of his better performances, but I hate Geena Davis. She's awful, in everything, except maybe Earth Girls Are Easy, she's still bad, but it's in context.

This one definitely has all the gros out factor that you mentioned, and you just can't help but feel sorry for [spoiler]"Brundle-fly" as he starts to refer to himself.[/spoiler] My favorite part, I think, is when he's making the "educational video" I found that part morbidly hilarious.[/color]
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I recently got a chance to see the movie over again after a nice while of not hearing about it. But it was very morbid and gorey in a way from how is body began to take over the characteristics of the fly. YOu saw how the animal that was within him began to change his thoughts as well as the physical changes... Id have to say the thing that did gross me out the worse was the very end when he steps out os the transport pod and.....Oh well I guess you people will have to see that for yourself now wont you.

But it does really get you to thinking and I really wonder how it would effect a person to be combined with kitten DNA...and Im sorry I'm not counting that stupid movie....THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREUT...or however its spelled!!!!
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I looked at the title of this and thought "Has PT been watching I Love The 80s?" Sure enough...

I saw this movie a long time ago. I think my mom had it on tape (like she did with many movies of the 1980s) and used to watch it all the time (as she did with every movie she had on tape).

This movie disgusted me then, and the clips from I Love The 80s disgust me now. Thinking back, his transformation in personality from man to fly was interesting. For every piece of him that fell off, a little bit of flyness got into his behavior. And no, I don't mean "flyness" in a good way. :rolleyes:

Obviously, his teleporter needed some serious tweeking. The presence of something as small as a fly corrupted his own DNA. Can you imagine what would've happened if he was eating a ham sandwich while he was testing that thing out? Part man/pig/wheat/lettuce/tomato, and whatever fatty ingredients mayo is made from. :p
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