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  1. Maully

    How you learn

    I'm mostly an auditory learner, followed by visual. Lecture classes were always my best in college, and I memorize all my theatre scripts by reading them aloud.
  2. I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! I'm a terrible fake girlfriend.

    1. CaNz


      I've had worse fake girlfriends, don't worry about it. d:

  3. Maully

    TV Parks and Recreation

    Tonight was the series finale of Parks and Recreation. I love this show. I was not on board from the beginning, but I caught it on Netflix. I could not stop watching. I am so invested in the lives of the characters. I'm also pretty convinced that someone followed me around in my twenties and then wrote the character April Ludgate.    Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you uninitiated? Can we sit and watch it together? Talk to me about my newly finished show. 
  4. Maully

    TV Parks and Recreation

    I remember when I started watching it, I kept thinking, "All of these characters singly would drive me crazy, but together I love them."    I like this show on a premise that hard work and positive action can do amazing things in the world. People don't have to break each other or be crappy. It's sappy and sounds trite and this show goes kind of way overboard on it, but It's the opposite of the basis of every reality show ever. 
  5. Maully

    Anime Now and Then, Here and There

    I watched this show at one point and have very little recollection. Now I might need to revisit it and then we'll discuss. 
  6. Maully

    Working Out

    I am all for being supportive of someone who wants to go to the gym and get in shape. Personally my desire to do so (which does occasionally show up) cannot overpower my hatred of exercise and laziness. Go for it and then inspire me. 
  7. It's going to be Monday all week.

    1. CaNz


      Are you able to control time now? :>

    2. Maully


      No. This week is stupid and awful. You should fix it.

    3. CaNz



      I tried... but I am not very good at bending reality yet.

  8. Maully

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    The last couple of weeks, I've been rewatching "The Wallflower." I love that show. I don't really think I can explain the allure it has to me, though I want to make mom watch it because she keeps bothering me that I didn't grow up to be "the lady" she wanted. I liek a frumpy girl who likes scary, macabre things. I also really like the word MACABRE. 
  9. Maully

    Anime Favorite 'old school' anime

    My heart will always belong to "Vampire Hunter D." It was my first anime, watched when I was too young for it. I was like 8 or 9 and I stayed up late and snuck downstairs to watch channels I shouldn't have. I also Hellsing. I guess there's a vampire theme going on here. 
  10. Maully

    Anime What are You Watching/Reading Now?

    I stopped watching anime for a while and in the last few months, I've started again. I watched "K" which I really enjoyed. I've also watched "The Devil is a Part-Timer" which I found charming and amusing, "Deadman Wonderland" which I found delightfully vulgar, and "My Little Monster" which I liked at first, but the further along it got, reality ate my brain and I felt terrible about it and thought if the couple stays together longer than a few weeks, there's going to be emotional abuse issues on both sides.    This reawakening can probably be attributed to my stumbling across the "Loveless" manga in B&N. I had been reading years ago when TokyoPop was releasing it before TokyoPop died in America. Now Viz Media is releasing it. I was super excited. 
  11. I enjoyed SOA, but it went too long for my liking. I understand where they went, but I didn't like the last part and how [spoiler]they moved to a completely different game. I wish they would have tackled difficult transitions back into real life and physical degeneration and such instead.[/spoiler]   Ouran HS Host Club was my big surprise. I'm more of an action/fantasy/sci-fi person. I loved this series, though. I have watched it several times.    I also finally watched some Naruto. It only took me ten years to do it. Too much filler and too many flashback, but deal with or navigate around that and it's actually a pretty sound series. I intended to hate watch a bit just to say I'd tried and it sucked me in. 
  12. Maully


    Best pretend boyfriend ever!
  13. Maully


    Well, I'm the most masculine one here...  77.5M/40F/48.3333A   I'm totally fine with that and also completely unsurprised by my results. Kind of fun, I guess.
  14. Maully

    Lazy Foods

        I have the taste buds of a six year old. I eat sloppy joes a lot. lol. I also like to keep bratwursts in the freezer. They cook really quickly on the Foreman grill. Don't judge me and my Foreman, this is lazy foods. 
  15. Maully

    Lazy Foods

    I'm a constant inspiration!
  16. Maully

    Lazy Foods

    I almost always keep some taco meat cooked up in the fridge. Grab some chips or a tortilla and into the microwave. 
  17. Maully

    Valentines Day

    I have the joy of attending a birthday party for a one year old child. All my friends with spawn have taken to throwing these lavish parties for their infant/toddler children who will have no memory of it. I neither understand nor like it. So I'm gonna go!
  18. Maully


    My youtube subscriptions are few, but entertaining. I wait for Jenna Marbles videos every week. She's vulgar and hilarious.    My other major subscription is Geek and Sundry. I kind of love Felicia Day and most things she's involved in. I watch every episode of TableTop with Wil Wheaton. I find it entertaining. 
  19. Maully

    Senior Otaku

      ^^^^^^^  So much this.  What make it worse is that the people I think of as OB family were out of here before the decline. I am still friends with a great many of them through other outlets.   But to go with the topic that start the thread and seem to have ended long ago, I could have sworn I had so many more posts that what I've got... This site was my first real foray into the world of the internet  Hell, every 30 days my college roommate and I would trade in AOL email to keep being online for free. Yep, I'm so old, I lived on dial-up internet. I'm glad that it had such high standards. It pretty much spoiled me for the rest of the internet. I long for punctuation, Internet!
  20. Maully

    Senior Otaku

    This post made me totally happy. 
  21. Maully

    Super Bowl XLIX

    Missy stole that halftime show, hand down. Perry was actually pretty boring, and had too many costume changes.    As to the game, it was so much fun to watch, though I didn't care about either team. I just root against Brady. That also seemed to be the consensus at the party I was attending. 
  22. Well, here I am!

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      Yeah... I am sorry.... for making this place more fun!

    3. Petie


      Molly! It's about time you showed up around here again!

    4. Maully


      Yeah, I tried a while ago, and I had forgotten all my stuff, then my email that I had used when I started this thing was dead and then I didn't talk to Pete for too long but now I'm here.

  23. I just thought I'd make a random stop in here. Seems a lot the same. Really I'm just delaying going to work.   Also, my breakfast of Greek yogurt was rather unsatisfying.