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RPG The Dragon Clans of Varv


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We're starting!!

A long time ago... the nation of Varv was at peace, and the 6 tribes of the Dragons got along well with each other.
Through thick and thin, Varv made it through all kinds of evils. United, the nation was stronger than anything the demons could throw at them.
But the nation of Varv could not remain united forever. The demons knew this. But it would take a long time for the united nation would beggin to squabble.
The demons decided to speed up the tribes' hatred for each other, but this drained them. It would take 100 years to regain their strength.
Soon enough, the main city was being faught over, and was burned, frozen, shaken, struck by lightning and tormented by the winds.
Dragons flew about fighting with one another.
There was chaos.

100 years has passed.

The demons have waited 100 years to strike, and now their chance is here.
If the 6 tribes do not come together in time, the demons will completely destroy all beauty in the continent. The ONLY KNOWN CONTINENT. Migration is not possible.
All will be enslaved, maddened, driven insane. Humans will sharpen their bones on rocks so they can easily fight one another. They eat at their own flesh if irritated by a simple itch.
This plague has begun to show in areas nearest to the demons' homeland.
Dragons will perish, as all the evil will spoil the dragons' purity. Being pure and of essence has it's downfalls.
It's up to you and 4 others to bring a once great nation together again.


Kyru spun around at top speed, the bladed barb at the end of his whip-like hair hitting his opponent in the face.
He flipped over the enemy, making sure to hit him in the chest with the barb. He spun around again, this time hitting the dizzied man in the back of the head.
Kyru grabbed hold of the man around the jaw and pulled his head around with expert ease, snapping the man's neck.
'Maybe you shouldn't have gotten involved with the Demons. Then they wouldn't have sent for the best bountyhunter around just to get rid of a pathetic piece of filth such as yourself. I have to go get my reward. So if you'll excuse me.' Kyru said to the now dead body.
'Incubuzzard!' he called at the top of his voice. The skies darkened all of a sudden. Plants wilted into hiding places, trying to get away from the darkness.
'Boy am I glad the Demons chose to leave you black dragons as you are. You'd all be dead otherwise,' Kyru mused.
The huge dragon landed next to the dead body and sniffed it. With a flick of it's head, it gobbled the dead man up.
Satisfied, Kyru climbed onto the shrouded dragon's back.
'C'mon old friend, let's go get us this reward, and find out why we had to waste our time on that piece of bull.....dung'
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(Orear is locked in a feirce battle. He strikes at his opponent with his triple scythe. His opponent, who also uses a triple scythe, parrys and counters with his own attack. OrearSwings his weapon at his opponent's. The two triple scythes interlock. Orear surprises his opponent by letting go of his weapon. He then trips his opponent with a leg sweep, grabs his weapon, and has one of it's blades at his opponent's neck.

Orear: Not bad, but still no match for me.

(Orear lowers his weapon. His opponent, a woman named Aria, stands up, picks up her weapon, and faces Orear. They bow to each other, then walk out of the training area)

Aria: I really thought that I could beat you.

Orear: Maybe some other time. But probably not. Well, I've got to go. Luft asked me to go see him when I was done training.

Aria: What's the old man want now?

Orear: Beats me. I'll just have to go find out. See you later.
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Bremma glided in on the back of Nytherin, as ususal after her watch. She dragon softly flapped his wings,, landing lightly on the ground.

"Welcome back Lady Bremma!" one of the younger clan members called to her.

She looked over and smiled, giving him a wave. "Hello Jens." she said, turning her attention back to her crossbow, carefully unloading the bolt and slipping it back into her quiver. She slipped off the side of Ntyh, who brought his head down to her level. She smiled, resting her forehead on his nose and rubbing the sides of his muzzle, causing him to give out a loud, appreciative growl. She smiled, walking to his side and removing his saddle, giving him a pat on his side, letting him know she was done with him. He gave her a soft nudge in her shoulder before lumbering off, probably to sleep.

"Wow, you get along so well with him." Jens said, watching the dragon walk away contentedly.

She nodded, slipping the crossbow over her back and shouldering the large saddle, walking over to where she kept it. "Yes, that's why when someone is getting a dragon, they get their dragon when both are young, so they grow together and bond deeply. Its very important for mounted riders because you dragon has to trust you." She said, setting her saddle up on a rack, then looked back and Jens with a wink. "And not buck you off like other people I know."

Jens laughed at the joke. "On that note, Kire was looking for you, probably trying to challenge you to a riding contest again."

"He'll have to wait. Ntyh is a bit tired form watch duty. As am I." She replied, walking into the inner caverns of the Mountain Dragon Clan base. She looked up. "Oh, speak of the devil." she said softly to Jens. "Kire! I heard you were looking for me." she said, adjusting her bow.

A boy about her age, but taller with blonde hair and visibly scrawny came up to her. "I hear the elder is looking for you." he sneered.

She shrugged. "And?"

Kire blinked, not quite expecting such a calm answer. "Err, um.. Im sure its bad!" he blurted, trying to sound convincing.

"Oh Kire. you know you shouldn't be stressing yourself." she said, wagging a finger at him. "After hurting your self after falling..."

Kire turned bright red and stalked off in a huff. Bremma and Jens looked to each other and laughed. "Wonderful job Bremma."

"He makes it too easy." she said with a chuckle. "I better go see what the elder wants." she said, turning down a hall. "I'll see you later Jens."

"Bye Bremma!" he called.

She walked for a minute, soon coming to a large door. Reaching up, she knocked on it. "Who is it?" an older voice said form deep inside.

"Bremma." she said.

"Oh, come on in!" the man said cheerfully.

She opened the door to a spacious room with a large stone desk at the center, where a man, looking to be around 60 with nearly pure white hair sat.

"Good day elder." she said with a bow. "I heard that you wanted to see me?"

He nodded, waving for her to sit on a chair, which she did. "Yes, yes.. Im sure you?ve heard of the troubles we've been having."

"And seen. A few rouges got closer than me and Ntyh liked earlier." she said, removing the quiver and bow from her back, setting them next to the chair. As she set the bow down, the string snapped as it if were firing, knocking over the quiver and scaring her and the elder. "Ack! My apologies.. I always forget to uncock the bow..." she said, righting her quiver.

"Perfectly fine." the elder said, smoothing back his hair, then looked at her. "I have something that I must ask of you."

She knew whatever it was he was about to ask wave of grave importance. "What is it, elder?"

"I was looking through the legend books, and it said that in such troubled times, 6 riders, one from each clan, would ride together and subdue the evil." he said. "I believe you are that rider from this clan." he said. "I ask of you to ride from here and seek the other 4 riders."

"Four? But you said there were six?" Bremma said, sounding confused.

"Yes, but the Darkness Dragon Clan is allied with this evil, so I highly doubt one will be flying to stop such evil." he said. "Will you do this?" he asked.

She nodded and was just about to answer then Kire bursts in. "Elder! How are you so sure she is the rider from this clan and not I!" he called.

"Kire...." the elder growled, rubbing his temples. "How many times do I have to tell you.."

"I know father, but I am your son! How do you know it is not me?"
Kire cried.

"Because the legends say that from this clan, it is a woman!" the elder said irritably.

Kire blinked, then said. "How do you know I'm not really a woman?"

"KIRE!" the elders voice roared, seeming more dragon like now. "GET OUT NOW!"

Kire dashed out, a small splatter of liquid left on the floor where he had been. Bremma simply chuckled. "Wonderful trick Elder." she said with a smile. "He still hasn?t figured out how you do it?"

The elder chucked and nodded, looking up at the eye of a dragon peering from the ceiling. "Wonderful job my friend."

The dragon gave a low rumble.

"Yes elder, I will take on the task." Bremma said with a bow.

"Good, leave by dawn tomorrow." he said.

"I will. Good day elder." she said bowing once more, picking up her crossbow and quiver, and leaving.

((Sorry for the insane length.. I was feeling creative.))
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The wind whistled through Rannos's hair as he flew, faster than most could comprehend. He flew, criscrossing between the snow covered mountains. Suddenly, a piercing blast cut through the cold air.

Rannos: Free flying time done already? Oh well, maybe the chief wants me.

He flew back to the hidden cave of his clan, and sent Surya to the Dragon's stables. Once inside, a figure came running up. Rannos groaned, Parn's here again, probably to try for my position in the heirarchy.

Parn: Rannos! I challenge you to the honor of your command!

Rannos: So Parn, shall today be your day to die; or shall I just leave you bleeding somewhere?

Parn: You arrogant fool! You shall soon meet your death!

Parn rushed forward, swinging his pike downwards towards Rannos.Rannos sidestepped, drawing his weapon and leaving a thin red line across his right forearm. Parn brought his pike around in a sweeping motion, trrying to trip Rannos. He jumped, then brought his sword down, hitting Parn with the flat of his blade.

Rannos: You never learn.....

He then progressed to the quarters of the chief (that being the only name he is addessed by) he entered and bowed.

Chief: Rannos, I have a very important mission for you. Long ago, demons created great rifts between the clans, bringing forth anger that should have laid dormant. They now have enough power to strike at Varv. We need to unite the clans, and I believe that you are the one to do it. Go now! Unite the clans and bring glory to us!

Rannos quickly fled the room, heading for the stables.Questions flew thick and fast throughout his head, but he put them all away into a corner of his brain to examine later. He then flew off on Surya to search out the other clans.

Aint that wordy? No problems with lots of words though, makes the mods happy.
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Guest Skyechild91
F'larr'ii, more commonly known as Liri, stood next to Miru, her bright red hair caressed by the slight breeze. Miru spread her wings, and lept gracefully off the cliff, leaving Liri to peer after her. A small smile crept apon Liri's face, and she shaded her dark eyes with one hand. She waited, and heard Miru land beside her again. " Your wing is better, now. I am glad." Miru nuzzled Liri's hand, affectionatley. Liri spun around as she heard behind her," Liri, Miru, I have an asignment for you." Liri kneeled as her chief, Konrul, stepped from the shadwos, and Miru knelled beside her as best a dragon could. " Up, you two, and on your feet. No time for formalties. You have heard of the old wars, have you not?" Liri stood, her dark blue eyes cast respectfully towards the ground. "I have. It is part of a healers training." Konrul nodded satisfied. " Well, you are two of the most trust worthy of my tribe, and I need to you help re-unite the five Dragon CLans." Liris eyes widened in cshock and suprise. "Us? I- I dont knpw what to say-" Konrul cut her off," No need to. Go, fly as fast as your wings will carry you, and bring peace, unity, and peace to the five clans." Liri nodded, and luanched herself onto Mirus back. Miru spread her wings, and Liri's glaive slid under her right one into its holder. Miru luanched herself from the cliff, and they sped off.
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(Orear enteres Luft's quarters)

Orear: You wanted to see me?

Luft: orear! How many times have I told you to knock?

Orear: As many times as I've been here.

Luft: And you won't ever start knocking, will you?

Orear: Nope.

Luft: Then why do I even waste my time? Anyways, you're here because I have an assignment for you. I've heard that the other clans are sending out riders. One rider from each clan is being sent. I do not know why.

Orear: But everyone else seems to, right?

Luft: It's always the same. This clan never gets any respect. We're never told anything. The only reason I've heard that the other clans are sending out riders is because there are rumors everywhere about why.

Orear: And you want me to check it out.

Luft: Yes.

Orear: Then I guess I should get going. (He leaves Luft's quarters)
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Guest Skyechild91
As Miru and Liri flew, Liri thought to her dragon friend, [I] How about we go to Air Clan first? They are closest, and need to be told about this. [/I] Miru turned her head slightly, and said back, [I] Of course. [/I] She shifted, the air currents taking her towards the Air Dragon Clan. As they neared, Liri's sharp eyes noticed that all activity of the Clan stopped as they were spotted. She smiled. Miru backwinged as she got ready to land, and people scurried off to report. Liri did not dismount, and Miru stood there, motionless. Someone came out, a boy at his side. She looked down to him, and said," I am Healer and Rider F'larr'ii, or Liri, from Freeze Dragon Clan. I have come to inform yo of the rumors that have been chaneling around latley." She slid off Mirus back and bowed to who she knew to be Chieftan Luft. He waved his hand dismmissingy. "Well? Oh, first, meet my Rider, Orear." Liris dark blue eyes shifted from Luft to Orear.
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Kyru slid off Incubuzzard's back and onto the dead ground.
Ah, he thought, Home at last
Though most plants were dead and withered, and the ground was an unhealthy black, Kyru felt more at home here than anywhere else.
There was, as usual, no one around. All having gone inside for the day to sleep.
It was bright to their standards, even though the light would seem normal, to ordinary eyes.
Kyru waltzed through the village, passing by the dark mounds which were considered houses in this place.
He pushed through the main gate to the Demons' castle, careul to arm his mind against the nagging that would appear to eat at his sanity as soon as he touched Demon ground.
The castle was more of a black mansion than anything else. It had many rooms though, enough rooms for 2000 Demons to live in.
No wonder the Darkness Dragon Clan had trembled to their knees in front of the dispicable enemy and become allies.
Kyru walked through to the main meeting chamber to meet with the Demon ambassador.
'And WHY exactly did I have to WASTE my time on that worthless piece of excretion?' Kyru boldly asked the ambassador, also known as Urym.
'He was taking a message to the other clans to attack you.... I mean us.'
'Really now?'
'Yes. Now here's your pay. Run along dragon rider. Your Clan will have buckets full of clean water and food by nightfall.'
'They'd better. I might go and kill something tasteful, if it's alright with you lot?'
'Fine fine fine. Just go,' Urym was barely lisening to Kyru now.
As Kyru left, he was careful not to think badly of the Demons. It was rumoured that they could read minds. No one dared try to find out.
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Later, Bremma and Ntyheirn were on their way through the air, heading towards the home of the Plasma Dragon Clan. "I wonder if their clan know of the prophecy..." she said, talking to herself and her dragon. Ntyh gave a slow growl, meaning he figured so, being a dragon was heading for them. "Huh?" she said, looking forward to see a large black dragon heading towards them. "I hope its form a friendier clan..." she said, putting her fingers to her lips and letting out a loud whistle to get the other riders attention, pulling Ntyh into a hover, whistling again.
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Orear: We?ve already heard that each clan is sending out a rider. We just don?t know why.

Liri: I do not know about the riders from other clans, but I have been sent to try and reunite the clans, with the help of a rider from each clan.

Orear: You?re referring to the legend of the 6 riders.

Liri: Yes.

Orear: Personally, I think that that legend?s just a bunch of bullshit, but I think the same about all the legends I?ve heard of. They?re just stories. But that doesn?t really matter, does it, Luft?

Luft: Nope. Go with Liri.

Orear: Knew you?d say that. Well then, let?s get going. The plasma Dragon Clan?s the closest, so we?ll go there first. Just let me get some supplies, then we?ll go. (He runs off to gather what he?ll need, then runs to the stables and climbs up on his dragon, Powietrze. Liri gets on her dragon, and the two of them head toward the Plasma Dragon Clan)
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As all this was going on, Rannos quickly began heading out. He knew little about where the other clans were located, so he simply headed South-East. He flew along at a quick pace, not insanely fast, just quickly. As he flew, Rannos heard something pierce the air, a whistle of some sort.Since he was farther away from his clan then he had been for a very long time, he quickly turned aroud and noticed, at first, a large brown and green dragon. Looking closer, he could see that there was a rider regarding him as well. He whispered a word of caution to Surya before calling out to the other rider.
" Who are you and what clan are you from?"
" I am Bremma from the Mountain Clan. May I ask your name?" she replied, with just a hint of suspicion.
" I am Rannos from the Plasma Clan. I am seeking out the other clans to battle the Demon menace."
" Good thing I found you so soon, we now need to find the other clans before we are all destroyed."
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'Really? There's going to be a revolt against the Demons?' Kyru was questioning a middle-aged shopkeeper, who obviously cared less about his customers than a stone in his shoe.
'Yessir. Just, please, don't hurt me...' pleaded the shopkeeper.
'What makes you think I would waste my time on a maggot such as yourself? What about your poor customers? I hear they barely have the money to keep the clothes on their backs, let alone pay for this expensive junk you're selling.'
'Please, hush, sir. They don't know any better.'
'Really? Well then, I think I might rid them of the largest of their problems,' with that he snapped the shopkeeper's neck like a twig.
Kyru dashed out of the store. If the rumours were true, each Clan would sent their Ancient Rider to meet with the other Clans' Riders. He wasn't going to let them get so far as to get into a group of three and two.
He headed towards the Clans that would most likely join together quickly.
He sped through the sky. It was getting dark. The night was his playground.
On the horizon, he saw a few Dragon Riders. Most were novices, easy enough to get rid of. They'd probably fly off to protect themselves.
But the two leading the group looked stronger.
[i]Ahh, the Ancient Riders of Plasma and Mountain...[/i] he thought to Incubuzzard, [i]Let's see how they fare in the black of night, surrounded by your Black Shroud, my friend?[/i]
He and Incu slowed down, diving low to the ground. They waited as the sun set. The other Riders wouldn't get away.
It was playtime.
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Bremma got in a bit closer to Rannos and his dragon. "I guess were quite luky ot find eachother so quick." she said, looking about, thne frowning.

"What is it?" Rannos asked.

"I just saw a large dragon and a rider head towards the ground, and they didnt look friendly..." she said. "Lets get moving. Keep your eyes open. I'm not liking the look of rhis."
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(As the dragons fly toward the Plasma Dragon Clan, Orear and Luft see two other dragons in the distance)

Orear: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Luft: Why?

Orear: I don't know. Soldier's instinct.

Luft: What should we do?

Orear: Get there as fast as we possibly can. My dragon's faster, so I'll go ahead. (Powietrze flies as fast as he can. As he closes on the other two, who Orear can now tell are from the Plasma and Mountian Dragon Clans(and that they aren't fighting), Orear sees a dragon and rider near the ground) Shit! That's a rider and dragon from the Darkness Dragon Clan, for sure. Those guys are never friendly. I better take that guy and his dragon down. (Powietrze swoops down toward the Darkness Dragon Clan's rider and dragon)
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OCC: If you're going to swear, please replace a letter with a * for the sake of readers. (God I'm sounding like a parent!)

The night surrounded them. But everything should have felt more...homely.
Kyru turned and saw the Air Clan Rider swooping down on them at top speed.
[i]Incu! NOW! BLACK SHROUD![/i] Kyru screamed his thoughts at the dead looking dragon.
A wave of darkness flew from Incubuzzards wings, mouth and nostrils, surrounding them in the shroud. It continued to flow until it reached the Mountain and Plasma Riders. The Air Rider was also enveloped in the pitch black.
'Ha! Don't take on the Ancient Rider from the Darkness Dragon Clan! You should know better! It's common sense!' whispered Kyru. The shroud carried his voice, and it sounded like he was shouting inside the other Riders' heads.
He leapt onto Incu's back and they lifted off. As they rose into the air, Kyru opened the pouch on his side, taking out two deadly barbs. One (for his whip) had sharp, poisonous (deadly poisonous) spikes. The other (for his whip like, tied back hair) had a paralyzing poison in its own needle-like, pinhead sized thorns. Kyru was, of course, immune to both poisonous concoctions.
Incu saw through the shroud and targetted the Air Clan Rider and his dragon.
[i]Blast it with your Black Fire[/i] thought Kyru.
Incu unleashed a HUGE blast of deadly black fire.
They swept out of the shroud and into the night. The others would have to wait.
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Bremma looked about, as Nyth gave a deep rumble.

"What's going on?" asked Rannos.

"Magical Dark. We better get out of here." Bremma called. "Nyth? Can you navigate home?"

The dragon gave a sad growl, then growled deeply.

"We have little chance of getting anywhere safe, we better run for it!" Bremma called. "Follow my whistle, I'll call every minute. Alright Nyth, go!" SHe said, letting out a sharp whistle, every 60 secdons, letting out the next so the other dragon could follow. "This can't last forever..." she said.
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OOC: I really don?t see the point of putting a * in place of one of the letters in a swear word. It?s still obvious what the word is.

By the way, when Orear is speaking telepathically to Powietrze(and vice versa), the words will be enclosed in [brackets]


Orear: (Thinking) Damn it! That asshole caught me off guard. (Out loud) Don?t bother with the whistleing. This dark whatever thing won?t be here for long. [Powietrze, blow this dark stuff away.] (Powietrze causes the wind to blow the dark cloud away from the riders) It?ll take more than a black cloud thing to keep an Air Dragon Clan rider and dragon in the dark. (He looks around) That Darkness Dragon clan rider didn?t move fast enough. I can still see him. There?s another rider on the way. Her name?s Liri. Wait for her here. I?m going after that Darkness Dragon Clan rider. (Powietrze flies as fast as he can after Kyru and Incu) [Hit the turbo, Powietrze] (Powietrze causes the wind to blow in the direction he?s flying, causeing him to go much faster) We?ll catch that rider in no time.
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OCC: Okay, okay. You dont have to put a * in place of one of the letters if you're swearing, but if you're going to swear, try not to say f*** or (yes) s**t

[i]Incu, Dark Boost our butts outta here! And while you're at it, spreading another Black Shroud behind us could help as well![/i] Kyru was screaming at Incubuzzard with his thoughts.
The filthy, rotten Air Clan Rider had blow the shroud away. But now it really WAS night-time, naturally, it'd be hard enough for the other Clan Riders to see Kyru and Incu WITHOUT the shroud.
Ha. Like they were going to reach him now. The night boosted Incu's speed twofold, and with the black shroud too? Make it threefold. A little too much for any other Clan dragons. Maybe another Darkness Dragon Rider could catch him. But no, not tonight.
Kyru had equipped his barbs to his whip and whip-like hair for nothing so far. So far. If the Air Clan Rider DID catch up to him (which was most unlikely), he wouldn't stand a chance against the poisonous barbs.
Just to be safe, Kyru threw a few down to Incu's tail.
[i]Sorry for bothering you, but could you just hold onto those barbs, with your tail, and throw them at the Air Clan Rider if he reaches us?[/i]
Incu was know throughout the Darkness Dragon Clan for his throwing skills. No matter what he held in his tail, or how fast the target was moving, he always hit his target.
Kyru shouted back at the Rider chasing him, 'Don't bother trying to catch me Air Clan Rider! If you do catch me, which you most likely won't, my friend here will turn on you and your dragon and throw deadly barbs at you!'
It seemed that the Rider hadn't heard the warning.
Stupid fool.
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"Darn headstong rider..." she said, turing Nyhterin around, letitngout a shapr whistle, hopinh to get the air clan rider's attention. "Don't risk it!!" she yelled to the air clan rider. "You can get him another time!" She looked to Nyth. "Try to tell his dragon that, I'm not sure if he heard me.

Nyth let out a soft rumble before roaring and screechingout a message to the air clan's dragon.
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Orear: (Thinking) Damn, that dragon's fast!. I don't think we can catch it. The rider obviously does, though. Trying to frighten me off by telling me his dragon will throw some stupid barbs at us? That's stupit, too. I can prepare for that. Not that it matters. The damn dragon's too fast. But that may not matter. [Powietrze, I don't think we can catch that dragon, but you might be able to knock the rider off. Direct the wind to blow that rider off of his dragon.]
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Kyru was knocked off Incu by a concentrated gust of wind. That stupid Air Clan Rider.
Kyru fell through the air, but as he was falling, turned so his feet were facing the ground. He landed, lizard like, unscathed.
[i]Turn around you FOOL!!![/i] his mind screamed at Incu, [i]Turn around and throw the barbs at them!! Show them who's boss! Teach the idiot why not to try and counter a Darkness Clan Rider's attack![/i]
Incubuzzard flipped around and raced at the Air Clan Dragon. With supreme accuracy he threw the barbs at the Rider, hitting him one in the left cheek, one on his right arm, and one in his right foot. The third barb (the one that hit his foot) sank deep. The combined poisons should have been instantly fatal. Had the rider have been a normal rider. Being an Ancient Rider, the power of the Air Clan protected the rider from the poisons, but it still injured him badly.
Incu blasted black flames at the Air Clan dragon, then turned around, picked up Kyru and they left for home.
He'd have to attack them later. Soon. Otherwise there might be one from each Clan...
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Rannos had stood back while all this was happening, not wanting to risk getting killed. Besides, he consouled himself, Bremma and Orear are handling it fine. He watched as they battled. As soon as Orear was hit by the poison barns, he ordered Surya to fire three quick balls of energy after the Darkness Clan rider. They did not catch him, but insured that he wouldn't be back. They quickly flew to the Mountain Clan's lair for Orear to obtain better healing. Once there, Orear was rushed to the best healers while Bremma explained what had befallen them.
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Kyru was heading for home, but decided to spin around and head for the Plasma Clan, for a...surprise.
Kyru and Incu arrived at the Plasma Clan sooner than expected.
Incubuzzard had no idea of why they were there, but he knew that his lifelong friend had something up his sleeves.
People gathered in fear and hatred as the two landed. Some calling out insults, others, the smarter ones, just stood there, silent.
Kyru jumped off Incu's back in one graceful clean sweep.
'Who here is the leader? Bring me to him!' he called out to the people.
One of them stepped forward, an old man, as most chieftans were.
'I am chieftan, I am the leader of this Clan. What brings you, one of the Demons' allies here? You are most unwelcome here.'
'Pfft, fine, be that way. I can just, you know, rid you of some useless soldiers.'
'What do you mean?'
'Bring me your 10 best fighters. I challenge them all to a fight to the death. All at once.'
'You are a foolish man, but, I will comply to your requests.'
10 men stepped forward. Kyru drew two barbs, one for his whip-like hair, one for his long, sharp metal whip.
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC: Okay, who exactly was supposed to be waiting for me?

IC: Liri and Miru hovered, Mirus wings making a steady hum as they beat the air. [I] Miru?

Yes, liri?

How far to-[/I]

She wa scut off as she saw something. It was a large dragon and rider, heading quikly East. Her sharp eyes caught the sight of Orear, Bremma, and Rannos. She sent to Orears dragon, [I] Tell Orear that Im following that Dragon. And that he cant stop, so Not to try. [/I] She let a small qwhistle out, and Miru took off. Since Miru was a small dragon, shje moved faster that the others. In no time she had cuahgt up with the dark dragon and his rider. Miru stopped in front, and Liri said," Hello. I think you need to stop. I think we need your help."
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