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Does any one know


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Does anyone know the name of the song being played in the background of the ESPionage E3 Trailer. The song starts like "I'll take all your thoughts away..."


And does anyone know where to find the full version of "Arch Enemy - Enemy Within" to download.

Thanks in advance
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[size=1] Go to [url]www.google.com[/url], click your mouse pointer in the message box, then type, "I'll take all your thoughts away."

Browse the sites until you find them.

You're welcome. And please don't post useless threads like this in the totally wrong forum. Erg.

I wish I still modded here lol...

I don't really have the right to just barge in here, but no mod here has yet closed this.

As for the song...try [url]www.mp3.com[/url] or get any of the varying Napster clones out there, which I shall not link. All of this stuff is easily found on your own, you know.

What a useless thread lol.[/size]
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