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Writing A tiger's life.


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[SIZE=1][I]I was messing around in my room, and I came up with this poem. I like it, It's ok in my eyes. It's about a tiger, you'll know the rest when you read it:[/SIZE]

[CENTER][B]Why do you taunt me?
Don?t you hear my pain?
It?s torture,
Can?t you see?

You just stare,
You laugh at my pain,
Don?t you see?
Do you care?

The sun burns my paws,
My fur is hot,
I scratch for out,
With these useless claws.

Just let me go,
I?m begging you,
But I know you answer,
You?ll say no.

Why do you keep me?
Why do you taunt me?
You taunt and taunt,
Let me be free.

I understand now,
I know everything,
From this zoo,
To my keeping,
I know what this is,
A tiger's life.[/CENTER][/B]

[SIZE=1]Any comments?[/SIZE][/I]
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[SIZE=1][I]Thanks, when you've been there and seen them, you can write about it. They look fine, but they can't be. They must always want to be free, and live their normal life.

I sometimes have poems, where you really don't know the full story.

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