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Greetings, and welcome to KO REY's headquarters. I am the cheif robot, P-81191. I am here to tell you about KO REY. KO REY was discovered in 2030 by a man named Hachigoro Karamorita. An 84 year old scholar. Although Hachigoro majored in law, he never enjoyed it. He loved history. Ancient history. Greece, rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, you name it. Hachigoro always pondered about how life use to be back then. Soon though, his ponderings came to new ideas, which led to new inventions...[/font]

[font=courier] By 2039, Hachigoro had invented a device called KO REY. Which would create a tunnel through time, which would hurl you into a different time period when you stepped inside.

Of course, Hachigoro has been on many journeys. And he isn't in shape to go to new journeys. So he's asking [b]you[/b] to jon KO REY, and go on these journeys.

If you have joined KO REY, you will go through different time periods and experience great journeys. Of course, this cost lots of money... So Here is the deal.

On each mission, there will be a cost to go. For example, Look below, going to ancient egypt will cost us somewhere roughly around 2000 dollars. ((you will start with 3000 dollars.))
If you do a good job, you will be payed with a reward. This reward depends on how good of a job you do on the mission. So if you do a very poor job, you'll recieve $0. You need these rewards to go on different missions. Each mission will cost more and more, as we progress. Your reward depends on how fast you do the job. If you solved the case. And bringing back clues.

[b]The first mission:[/b]
Ancient Egypt- 53 AD
COST: $2,000
REWARD: $3,000

So are you intrested? Well if you are, then please sign up at the 990 hall. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your stay as a...

[b]Time buster![/b]

Sign ups-


Age: (17-27)

Description: (Pictures are okay)

Bio: (doesnt have to be long)

Your weapon will be given to you after you sign up.

If there are any additional questions, give me a PM.
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