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RPG Big BIG oh my gosh its coming at me objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

Kyo no Ryu

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[center][color=blue][i]Driving down the highway
Doin 94
Daddy blew a big one
It blew me out the door
The engine couldnt take it
The wheels all fell apart
All becuse of daddys
Super sonic fart

I knew that for something like this to happen it must be the work of Big really REALLY big BIG enormouse oh my god its coming at me objects in mirror may be closer than they appear HUGE ALIENS

So I set out, a 12 year old with a parent in the hospital, to check it out. I grabbed a helmet, a pop gun, and 6 darts. I called a bunch of friends to join me. I knew that our parents wouldnt believe us so we snuck out. As the other 4 arrived I briefed them, and I dont mean with underwear. "Alright peeps, last night while driving down the highway in the SUV, dad let off a big one. The car went kaboom. You realize what this means. Weather you believe me or not I know its true." But I didnt realize how true....

I will let one of you guys start it off. [/center][/i][/color]
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[color=green][font=times new roman][b]I, Terror, sat in my room, bored out of my wits. I pick up a pencil and began to doodle. I was under house restriction, again, for spitting a gigantic spitball at Stacey Chapman, again.

I hated her, she was so preppy, so giggly, and she teases me all the time about my bottle framed glasses. She calls me names such as 'retard' or 'geek', you know the cruel things 6th grade girls say to boys. I never did nothing, well, nothing too cruel. I always spit spitballs at her, getting them stuck in her long, blonde hair. She'd scream and whine and get her way, naturally.

I finally got done with my drawing. It was of Stacey covered with so many spitballs, she looked like a snowman. I turn on my radio to alternative rock. There was a news bulletin, something about an explosion and giant aliens. I pay no attention, for I have heard all of this ranting and raving from my best friend Kyo...

"Wait a second!..Kyo, he's supposed to be on vacation in that area!" Just then my phone rang and I picked up the receiver.

"Hello, Terror at your service."

"Terror! It's me Kyo! Meet me at the club tonight at 9! We have a mission! I will call the others," Kyo then hung up.

I look around my room, puzzled. "What could possibly be up?"[/color][/font][/b]
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