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RPG Night Slayers


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[I]Kitty follows Pulse into a room in back.[/I]
Pulse: Here's your room
Kitty: Ummm...thanks
[I]She sits at her desk and turns on the computer. Pulse hands her a folder and tells her that she needs to report on gang activities and unusual sightings of vampires and such. Pulse leaves and Kitty is left to think about what she got herself into[/I]
Kitty: Of course i have to get a job working for a secret society that has a million hideouts.
[I]Someone opens the door and walks in[/I]
Kitty: (screams) OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

(please check out the recruitment thread if you want to be part of this RPG. I appreciate it, thanks)
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Omega was sitting at the computers checking for thug hotspots. He looked around at the black spots, he was looking for the closest one. Some of his snow-white hair fell over his tanned face. He flicked it back.
The flashing black spots were moving.
[i]I hate it when they do that[/i] he thought.
One of the spots was moving closer towards the Night Slayers' hideout. Time for some action to liven up this dull-a*s day.
He grabbed his Bo Staff and ran out. He rushed into the new girl's room. It'd be a good chance for her to get some experience.
He ran in and she screamed.
'We got a hotspot. C'mon kid.' and he rushed out again.
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Quest yawned and rubbed his hand through his long dark hair, scratching the back of his neck absently as he padded along the empty corridor. Yawning again slightly he wandered on his way to the kitchen, his stomach rumbling menacingly in protest to it's emptyness.

Reaching out for the door handle he was halted suddenly as a piercing siren cut through the air of the base and a bright red light flashed it's warning. Sighing in irritation Quest turned on his heel and headed back to his room, he could already hear the thudding of familiar footsteps as they raced to the detected area. Shrugging on his coat and grasping his pistol and staff he hurried from his room out in the direction of the alarm.

A door opened beside him as he passed and Quest turned to see Omega running out, his hand clasped around the new recruit's arm. Chuckling slightly Quest patted Omega on the shoulder as he ran with them.

"Nice to see you're showing the newbie the ropes O'."
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pulled along by omega down the coriddors she shouts

"Their not gonna be were the sirens are unless they're completly stupid!"

she breaks free from omega and runs down a different corridor with omega looking slightly frustrated behind her. they run into three armed men and felt the urge to tell omega "i told you so" but didn't, it was juvenile and the had a few people on their hands to fight.

pulling a knife she throws it sidways and it hits the guy in the stomach. she twists to pull another knife and gets hit in the shoulder with a bullet.
Her hand enclosed on the knife and she threw it, hitting another guy but only in the leg.
She gasped and sank to the floor.
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Omega sighed.
Newbies always did this.
If a gang found out about a newbie to the Night Slayers, they'd always go after the newcomer to try and get them before the Slayers did.
Omega was supposed to drag the newbie into a fight to see their figthing styles, but this was getting out of hand. Already she'd been shot, and this wasn't the group he'd locked onto, there were only three here, there were another 12 somewhere else.
Omega whipped out his Bo Staff and whirled it around expertly, hitting one man (the one who Pulse stabbed in the leg) with the staff twirling around so his neck snapped upwards. The remaining thug didn't want to stay around to find out what Omega did to him, so he turned and ran. Omega thought about pulling out his Sig Sauer, but his instincts told him to save the bullets for the rest of the gang, these were just the scouts.
Instead he threw his Bo Staff, it almost looked like a spear or a harpoon, flying through the air like that. It sank deep into the thug's back.
[i]Great,[/i] thought Omega, [i]now I'll have to clean it.[/i]
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Kitty stood slowly and ripped a small strip of cloth from her shirt leaving a small portion of her stomach visible. She wrapped the cloth around her shoulder.
She turned and followed down the path that the group had went.
When she hit the fight only 7 of the gang were left standing.
She smiled slightly and drew her sword. Swinging it into postion, she prepared to fight.
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Omega was whacking away at the gang members when Kitty arrived, 'Bout time girly. First day's always a bummer though, so don't worry bout it. They always try and hit the newbie. Especially if it's a girl such as yourself,' said Omega in mid jab. Sometimes his words stung, he wondered what effect they'd have on Kitty.
As he thought about how she'd react, she drew her sword, hacked at two gang members and swung at the others to frighten them off.
'Not bad there Kitt.'
'Newbies aren't always suckers....sorry what was your name again?'
[i]Hmph, giving me some cheek, eh?[/i] thought Omega grudgingly
'It's Omega, and you might wanna watch out.'
'For what?'
'That murderous maniac coming at you from behind, with some throwing knives.'
Instead of waiting for Kitty to whirl around triumphantly and show him up, Omega shot the manic man in the face, blood spurting everywhere. Everywhere being all over Kitty's clothes and neck.
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Kitty heard the shot and felt the result. All down her neck and back. She looked at Omega and shook her head wanting so bad to tell him off.
[I]It'll have to wait I guess..[/I]
She swung at one of the last two thugs. Missing and laying her shoulder out unprotected, the thug tried to shoot. Pulling out a knife, Kitty struck the thug right in the hand and got her sword up and sliced his chest.
Feeling a soft thud hit her back, Kitty turned around. The leader stood behind her holding a tranqilizer(sp) gun. He grinned as he said,
"Nighty, Night!"
Kitty started to feel woozy and sunk to the ground, all the while glaring at the man.
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