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Writing My Poems


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Poems, what did you think it was going to be? Nude pics of a baby running around. Yes and I know the last one sucks so don't point it out to me.


[I]Heart broken[/I]

It was true what was said
Of all those hard cold lies
That you told me on the last day
When you knew I would sit and cry

The moments of forever
The ones we always spent
Lasting until the ends of time
Until the last kiss was sent

You left me sitting there
Never thought of how I felt
While I was left with a heart
As it finally begin melt

The words have now been said
The truth is finally spoken
And I'm still left here
Sitting with my heart broken


[I]Crystal Tears[/I]

The child was sitting alone
Laying in his bed
Thinking of the world around
Of the little wooden sheds

Of the people that came and went
Of those who could never talk
Ones that would pitch his cheeks
And still could never walk

Thinking of the sunny days
The days when there was rain
When lightning would strike the sky
And cause many so much pain

Wondering of the girls and boys
Checking under beds with fear
And then he drifted into a silent sleep
And cried his crystal tears



Follow me my little child
Come with me into the wild
To find a place so bright
A place filled with so much light

To a land so very far away
Where the others come to play
A pretty place that we love
And no one will ever push and shove

Come away from your homes
Only with candy and ice cream cones
Where you have no time to rest
Only to see if you shall wear thy crest
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Very nice. My favorite would have to be Heart Broken, it's bittersweet and to the point. A common theme, but that's because so many have gone through it. One again, very nice.

Crystal Tears was kind of cryptic, but I liked the imagery. It almost reminds me of Fooly Cooly. Or a quiet surburban town that seems peaceful, but it's really holding a deep secret.

Temptations was really good too, it reminds me of the poem from AI. But is it supposed to be dark at the end, like a creepy stranger tempting children with poisoned candy? That's the feeling I get...quite cool. ^-~

I'd love to see more of your poetry! TTFN!

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