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[color=green][font=times new roman][b] If you have given me your profile in the Recruitment Forum, you are allowed to post. If you have not and you would like to join in, post your profile in the Recruitment Forum and pm me to let me know.

Thursday, Oct. 30th, 2003:

6:30 am, the alarm clock is buzzing, jolting me out of my dreams. I remember having a strange dream but couldn't recall on what it was about. I think it was about [u]Kill Bill[/u], that was the last thing I saw last night.

It's uniform day for NJROTC, winter bravos. I hate this particular uniform, the long sleeve black shirt. It's over sized, hot, and stiff. I look like a bloated pig in the retched thing. Oh, well, I wear it anyways and wait for my bus.

I get to school and go to my first period, economics. I tell my friend Jessica that I saw [i]Kill Bill[/i] and we set off on a discussion on how awesome it was and all the blood.

I was reading the manga Inuyasha and my teacher looks at me. I thought he was going to yell.

"So, you read alot of manga?" I looked up at him shocked.

Here is my economics teacher, 51 years old, but looks in his late 30's, asking me about manga. I didn't think he'd even know what it was!

"Yeah, well kind of," class continued as normal.

10 minutes left, my friend Jes and Joe started discussing Halloween costumes. Joe plans to be Party Boy and was talking about the thong. My teacher shakes his head.

~3rd period~

Elements of Film, we are watching [u]Evil Dead[/u]..the worst horror film ever..

C'mon, a girl gets raped by a tree root?! Thank God we finished the damn movie.

We plan to watch [u]Hell Raiser[/u] next. That I haven't seen.

~7th period~

Psychology, we are in the computer lab, researching serial killers. Me and my group are researching the Zodiac Killer. I was the only one in our group today.

"What are you doing?" my friend asked me scornfully.

"Nothing...just checking my messeges in the OB.."I replied.

He shook his head, for he too was doing the same, he's known as TheBlackMagus. Yup, that's right, Magus is a friend from school. *Hi Juaqime!!*lol...

"You should be looking for newspaper articles or magazine articles, not checking your personal emails!"Mr. Hall looks over at me.

He's gotten onto me before about this..and it's all becuase of you people! See how much I care!? lol..

~After school~

ROTC inspection, being the Executive Officer for Bravo company I had to perform inspection. Hectic, I had the Battalion Executive Officer helping me..well, more like holding me down. I couldn't perform my job because she was on my back. She was only trying to help, but she was getting in my way.

I let this slide because she's a good friend, and my superior..

~At home~

I run around the house trying to find stuff to put together a costume. I am going to be a vampire, with sex appeal;)..

I had to iron the pleats back into my skirt so I could look purty in it.

I get online and start answering private messeges...those are private so I can't go into too much detail.

I got a little quander over my banner. Someone asked me if I was really bisexual.

"So are you? Or were you just pretending?"~name not to be revealed.

"Yes, I am. I was not pretending,"I answer the person back....

I continued a battle with my husband, SilpheedPilot, and I kicked his ass. I won the battle, but I am sure he'll win the war later on down the road:D

And here I am talking...typing to you, starting this akward thread. It's more like a journal, but you'll see. I will bend it into an adventure yet.

There is a scheme to all of my madness...

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Thursday, Oct. 30th, 2003.

8:00 am
Why?! Why does the world torture me so? I sit, cinfined to a little box playing Gameboy and dishing out change to customers while they gas up thier cars and buy Slurpees by the dozen! Geez!

4:00 pm
I'm glad to be out of Texaco, the fume were getting to my head. I skated home and immediately got on the computer, having no life and a piss poor job didn't help any. I got on and talked to people on...You guessed it! The Otakuboards! Talked to animangademon, and posted and all the such. I had gotten my head handed to me in our battle. But I'm sure I'll win the war later on.

6:00 pm
I got myself off of the computer and outdoors, I skated around the local hospital of which I have deemed "Mini-Chicago"
I went and skated a gap near my house after being chased away by the Rent-A-Cops. What a bunch of losers! All they do is ruin all the fun for us skaters! They all just conspire against us...

I got into my car and drove down to the skatepark down by the "bad part of town." I skated for awhile and then busted my butt open...Well not literally, but you know. I went to the local 7Eleven and got a Coke Icee, then I went home.

Got back on the OB and talked to animangademon more, and posted more. Of course this is all my life consists of.
This is just a journal, but I'll turn this into an adventure yet.

Just wait and see..

From Loserville with love-
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[color=green][font=times new roman][b]Friday, October 31rst, 2003.

I wake up a six am, but am too tired so I reset my alarm for another half hour. I wake up, to my dismay, to get ready to go to school.

The good thing is, it's Halloween! So here I am applying thick black eyeliner, nearly stabbing my eyeball out of its socket, trying to get into my fishnet panty hose, and drink my hot chocolate before my bus pulls up.

I get to school,"Wow, you look hot today Annalisse!" my friend Nicole says to me.

"Thanks, I am upset though. I didn't get my fangs,"I complain.

"That's okay, you look fine without them."

The rest of the day goes by good, everyone was talking about everyone's costumes. All day I got asked about mine.

"What are you supposed to be?"

"A vampire.."I was annoyed now.

"Oh, I thought you were like a Gothic Wonder Woman, hahaha!"

:twitch: I smack this ignorant twit on the head.

I must have been asked that 30 times. I am on the computer now, and posting in the threads. Waiting for my friends to get on, waiting for my husband to get on...Thinking of how I am going to hurt Tsukasa_hack for making fun of my shortness*grr*..
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Guest Skyechild91
[I][COLOR=teal][SIZE=3]OCC: Sorry I took so long to post, Ihad to find it first!

Friday, October 31st, Halloween, 10 am

Good gods, I am soooo sleepy! I went to bed at mid-nitght last night, then waoke up at 3 am... But Im wired! Its halloweeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going as a Vampire Slayer? Oh, great, my dog wants out? Shut up, Lance! I want to go back to bed? Waa? Stupid dog?


Took dog out. Now hes playing with my moms dog, Beauty Bell. Now I have to go do dishes? Thank the gods Im homeschooled! I love it! Oh, great? pone of the cats threw up on the kitchen floor? Lee! He has yto take care of the cats? I?ve got dog duty? BRB.


Did dishes, trenched dog mess. Im done with chores! Now I can go call Alia.. No I cant, she isnt homeschooled, so she?s at school! Screw this? I have to go find the rest of my costume? I bet Lee didn?t wash my stupid jacket. He did! It?s on the door. Now where the hell did I put my boots?

11 am

I still cant find my freaking high top boots! Im gonna kill Lee if he hid them? Oh, there they are! I cant believe I left them In the bathroom?Okey dokie, make-up time! Ack! Its all still in the basement with the rest of the junk we never unpacked?I wonder if Im ever gonna find it..

1 pm

Finally found it! It was under [U]EVERYTHING[/U]. Where did I put my purple eye shadow. There it is! ? Six o'clock on Saturday, her folks don't know he's on his way.
The stalls are clean, the horse is fed.
They say she grounded 'til she's dead.
Well here he comes around the bend,
Slowing down, she's jumping in.
Hey, Mom, you're daughter's gone: there she goes again? Ack! Ive got this song stuck in my head..

3 am

Okay, were supposed to leave for Alia?s house in fiften minutes. Where the hell is my freakin wooden katana? there! Now slide it into my belt! Mom! Im done! Okay, time to go!

7 am

Okay, party starts in half an hour. Just got back from Trick-or-Treatin, and I have a ton of candy! Your never to old to trick-or-treat? Ack! That?s Abraham. Says its time to go. Yeah right! Fifteen minutes? Brush my hair, run my fingers throgh it.. Okay, time to Partay!


Ack! I just ate french fries, and Im wired for sound! Thank the gods Alia?s mom works nights! We have the music cranked all the way up. Hahah!!! Alia just really screwed up that line!

3 am
Dang! I am so tired? sleepies? Bye.

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OCC: you guys are so damn lucky...

IC: (lol, IC means "in character" and we're just posting about ourselves!) I'll start with the basic day in my life...

Get up in the morning and slowly but surely make sure I've got all my stuff before the bus gets at the corner down the street at 7:00. The bus ride isn't so bad... I sit near the front so as no one bothers me. The down side is that the front is also where most of the 6th graders sit... including my sister. Once at school I put my back-pack in my locker and head down to the band room to put away my trombone, then go to my first and probably best class... Language Arts. Fortunatly my teacher isn't one that gives us loads of essays and homework etc. She's actualy pretty cool. Though the real reason I like Lang. Arts so much is that my newest best friend is also there... his name is Dan and he's no substitute for Matt, but he has a sense of humor and a love of anime, so what's there not to like? Whenever I fisrt walk in he sees me before I put my stuff down and usualy we take some kind of stereotype fighting stance and start to block fake punches at each other. We joke that one day we'll just fly into the air and start doing incredible gravity defying kung-fu moves. I'll skip over math and US history because they both suck... ahhh, lunch. Not only are we all starving, but we get a chance to sit and talk about whatever... we like to joke about Dan's "crush" on a girls named Kelly. He says he likes her because she likes anime, but I think they would be good together. Whatever. Also at the lunch table there's Curtis, John, Ray, Bronson, and another Dan. All through lunch we try to pull pranks on each other, like slipping little piaces of food right under their noses. It hardly ever works, and we usualy return the food anyway.

That's enough for now lol.
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[color=green][font=times new roman][b]O.o...you guys no something? I do not know why I started something like this. I try to think of a way to turn this into an RP, but I can't. This is just a journal and how am I supposed to link this together?

So........now what? Umm, I do not know, so if anyone has any ideas., please use them...[/color][/font][[/b]
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we could.. uhhhh.. give me a sec, I'm bound to think of something.................... AHA! we could make it so that all of us somehow meet somewhere and ...... wait again............ and uhhh.... well we'll think of that when we get there how bout that? :sweat:
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FRi. Nov. 7 12:09 DAY REVIEW

I woke up. I ate breakfast. I got ready for shool. I barely mde the school bus. I sit in the 3rd seet. I am tortured beyond rashonal belif by the kids behind me. Who gives a damn. I walk into the school. Climb the stairs. Put my crap in my locker, and sit down in my seat. Oh boy. More torture. Thank god its a halfday. If it aint the other kids its the teachers. I think they envy my brainpower. The ORT is passed out. I take it. I turn it in. I rread and begin writing depressing poems. First mod suddenly begns. We do next to nothing in our 18 miutes, which gives me more time on my depressing poems. Next class. We are still doing nothing. I have finished 2 depressing poems and wrote a third one that was happy. Next class. I write a hilarious song while the tv plays for 18 minutes. Next is math. My favoite. We actually DO stuff in here and I write a poem that remains unfinished. On the bus. Less torture. Run home. On OB IMMEDIATLY. Get a few PMs, send a few, type this crap.
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