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RPG poke'mon journey

Guest bahumant111088

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Guest bahumant111088
One day in Slateport City, Xion and his girlfriend Linda put up flyers all around the city asking pokemon trainers to come to dragon mountain. It read

To all pokemon trainers:

Rookies, ametuers and Pro's! Come join us in the exploration of Dragon Mountain. Come prepared because we will be up there to capture 2 new dragon/dark type legendary pokemon and beat the gym challenges to to get the dragon badges. Come prepared and when tyoure ready come to the Slateport Hotel. We will satart our journey toomorow morning.

Xion: well now that thats done we ned to go and get the rooms prepared for the guests.

Linda: and dont forget the food.

Xion:and the food

They went to the Slateport hotel. They booked about 7 rooms
and went and got lots of food and set it on the table. about 2 hours later they were done

Xion now all we have to do is wait for the trainers.

Linda: yeah..

Xion hooked up his PS2 and him and Linda started to play GT3 to pass the time
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion and his girl Timeka were walkin throught te City and Timeka picked up a flyer.

Timeka: look Seion and adventur flyer.. To Dragon Mountain

Seion: sounds fun.. wanna go..?

Timeka: Why not.. and Xion is going anyway..

Seion: actually hes the founder of the exploration. Come on lets get to the Hotel.

Thy walk until they get to the hotel. They talk to the woman and she directs them to Xion's room.

Seion knocked on the door and Xion answered.

Seion: wassup boy!

Xion: nothin coe on in..

Linda: hey Timeka.

Timeka: hey..

Xion: long time no se. havent seen you since Cusco.

Seion: i know.. i had things to do.. So I hear youre going on a ques to dragon mountain.

Xion: yea.. you comin?

Seion: I wouldn't be here if I wasnt. Where is everyone else..

Xion: its only 10:00 a.m they have all day. and if they meet up wit us they can come too.
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Guest bahumant111088
Seion: alright

Xion: well we need to go out and buy the supplies.

Seion: lets go..

timreka: me and Linda will saty here. you two go on. if anyone shows up well welcolme them

Xion: ok. Come on Seion

they go off to the pokemart. they come back an hour later

Xion: anyone came yet.

Linda: no..

Xion: well lets eat lunch

Seion: now thats what I'm talkin bout.

Timeka: finally

They sit down and start to eat.
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Jake was sitting on rayquaza's head. "O.k rayquaza. You can left off" jake said as rayquaza started lifting off the ground and left rustboro. Jake had a transportation thing going on where he would transport people on rayquaza's back because it was a big pokemon. He was takeing people to lavaridge. Jake turned around to count all the people on board to make sure no one fell off. "O.k that's all one hundred people" jake thought as they flew. A couple of minutes later they landed out side of lavaridge. "Another group of trainers jake" flannery asked who was waiting. "Mostly. The rest are people who came for the hot springs and the volcano" jake said as he got his payment. "O.k then. I herd of this dragon mountain trip that's starting in slate port. I'd go my self but I have a gym to run" flannery said. "I guess i'll go check it out" jake said as he got onto rayquaza's back. "Let's head to slate port rayquaza" jake said as rayquaza flew off. "Let's see if we'll find any good opponents" jake said as they headed to slate port.
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Sam glanced around... Her friend Crunch walking silently next to her. "Guess this is the place..." She said glancing at the hotel.

"Houn" Crunch barked

"Ya i sappose i should... Return" Sam returned her pokemon and walked in the door. She walked to the front desk and held the flyer.

The lady at the desk nodded and simply handed Sam a key which had the room number on it. Sam went to the room and entered quietly. Normal room... nothing special.

"How quaint."
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Guest bahumant111088
Xion: where is everybody i've gotten tire of playing Kingdom hearts

Seion: i know

Linda: Timeka lets go to the mall

Timeka: aight

Timeka and linda walked out

Seion: now what

Xion: lets go find us a battle or something

Seion: lets go

Xion and seion were outside walking around

Xion: look all the people

Timeka: what are you guys doing on here

Linda: probably looking for abattle

Xion: you guess it
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Jake and rayqaza were still on there way to slate port. "We need to land some where" jake said as he looked around. He saw an empty road infront of the hotel. "I guess you can land down there" jake said smilling. Rayqaza started gowing down like a rollar coaster and jake just cheered. "Comeing through" jake yelled as rayqaza flew above the road. He saw some people infront of the hotel start running. Before rayqaza hit the hotel it stoped. "Good job rayqaza. You got us here faster than I thought and stopped alot easier" jake said as he oppened a pouch on rayqaza's back and pulled out a net containing berries. He jumped off of rayqaza's back and tossed the berries into rayqaza's mouth. "So do any of you know where this meeting for a trip is" jake asked.
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Sam looked around the room, flashbacks of the acadamy raced through her mind, "How boring... Ill get over it" She sighed and sat on the bed almost in a depressed manner. A pokemon forced its way out of its Pokeball. It had a long tail and feet. It floated in the air and glanced around. It let out a quiet echoing noise.


"Hi Iris... "

"Mewmewmewww mew"

"I know your tired of waiting... but you will get over it.... Apparently its just a matter of time before we get out on the road... I hope"

"Meee mee meww"

"You silly thing! It may look like the Acadamy dorms but it isnt. But it does bring back some boring memories... Like graduation Rest and ill gather you up some food."

Mew nodded and flew over to a nice warm area on the floor where she curled up. She began to snore quietly almost as suddenly as she had layed down. Sam reached into her backpack and dug through it. Her graduation prize Pokeball was on top which she gently pushed aside and dug through some canisters. She opened one and took out three pellets and four from another.

She crushed both together and added some herbs. She added a little warm water and the power soaked up the water and turned into a stewish like meal. It as in a purple bowl that matched Iris's color. She put it next to Iris and went back to sitting on the bed.

"This is boring" She sighed
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Guest bahumant111088
Xion: what is that up there

Seion: its rayquza

Linda: that means jake is here

Xionand seion ran to the top of the hotel

Xion: jake you made it

SEion: you got lost


Xion: so you commin

Jake: yea

linda: the sunset is so beautiful

Xion: get serious linda

Seion: so dragon moutain is right there

Xion: yea

Linda: well lets go back in

Timeka: jake return rayquza

Jake: return

Xion: i'll be back

Xion teleported off the building

Xion: father i know up there laughing at me

Linda: did you know xion's father is one of the gym leaders up there

Timeka: yea
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Guest The Bouncer
Seion: hey I know... me and you could battle Xion.

Xion: yea we could.. so you want to?

Seion: come on lets go..

Linda: although we'd love to seethis battle we have to show jake his room. and check to see if any others arrived.

Timeka: well be back..

The three of them walk off.

Seion: ok a 3 on 3 battle. the areana is the roof top and above it.

Xion: ok..

Seion: lets battle!
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Genim stared at the poster and smiled "Good,I think i'll do it I could always use other dark pokemon"
Genim walked to the hotel and stared up and heard traniers giving comands.Genim smiled again and walked up to the roof to watch the battle "Eveeve get up on my shoulder I dont want you geting hurt"Eveeve eagerly jumped up on her shoulder and nuzzled Genim sweetly.Genim opened the door to the roof and saw the battle raging on.
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Guest bahumant111088
Xion: go Jolteon

A yellow fox like poke'mon with spikes came out the poke'ball

Seion: go heracross

A blue hercules beetle came out the pokeball

Xion: take him out Jolteon with a thunderbolt

Jolteon charged abolt of lighting at heracross

heracross flew back

Seion: tackle attack

Xion: counter

heracross's tackle missed jolteon and he countered

Xion: jolteon thunder

Jolteon flashed a thunder bolt at heracross

Heracros fainted

Xion: i won that round, jolteon return

Seion:return, go magmar

a firey demon poke'mon came out the pokeball

Xion: go Umbreon

a black fox with yellow circles came out the pokeball

Seion: magmar fire punch

Magmar punched at umbreon

Xion: Umbreon faint attack

Umbreon flashed away and attacked from behind

Magmar flew up

Xion: crunch

Umbreon bite magmar

Seion: magmar flamethrower

magmar shot flames at umbreon

Xion: watch out

Umbreon fell back

Xion: get with tackle

Seion: finish it, fire blast

a fire star shape it umbreon

umbreon fainted

Xion: return

Seion: return magmar

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Guest bahumant111088
Xion: Seion youre getting rusty

Seion: go Zapdos

A yellow bird with lighting surronding

Xion: Go mewtwo

a grayand purple creature came out the pokeball

Seion: zapdos thundershock

Mewtwo: Barrier

the bolt of lighting bounced off mewtwo

Xion: get him use your shadow ball

Mewtwo: gotcha

Mewtwo charged up a beam and shot a beam at Zapdos

Zapdos fell back
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Genim stared eyes wide open at the legondary pokemon battle.Genim thought to herself "I'm going to have to get my swap one of my pokemon for Lugia."
A bolt of lighting brunt the ground next to her Genim quickly ran to a safer spot on the roof and waited for them to finsh befor she intodused her self she was very impressed with there battle.
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Jake followed timika and linda to his room. "This is where you'll be staying jake" timika said opening the door for him. "Thanks you two" jake said as he walked in. As he looked around his pokeball started to shake. "I guess you want out" jake said taking rayqaza's pokeball out and he threw it out of the window. "Hey doesn't like being in pokeballs. He says it's to small in there for him" jake said as he got out and sat on rayqaza. "If you two want i'll give you a ride" jake offered. Linda and timika looked at each other then nodded. They got out of the window and on to rayqaza's back. "O.k rayqaza. Go as fast as you can and get us a good spot to watch the battles" jake said. Rayqaza just roward as it flew into the sky. As it flew jake saw some one watching the battle going on. "I should probaply talk to the others about her but i'd rather see which one of them wins first" jake said as rayqaza stopped flying and they watched the battle.
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Guest bahumant111088
The battle raged on

Xion: finish it Mewtwo psycic

Mewtwo's eyes turned blue and Zapdos went down

Seion: good battle

Xion: i thought i was going tolose

Xion: return


Jake: good battle

Linda: Xion's been training

Timeka: i can tell

Xion: i'm hungry again

Seion: jake c'mon we got to go find something to eat

Xion and Seion jumped on Rayquza

Jake: go rayquza

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Damon watched the battle silently form his articuno. He landed down on the grond. returned his Articuno and started to walk. He found one of the flyers on the ground and read it.

Damon: I shoud go and join the group. I dont got nothin better to do.

Damon walked to the hotel. Timeka and Linda were coming down tha hall.

Timeka: are you her to go to dragon mountain?

Damon: yea..

Linda: well we welcome you. let us show you to your room

They walked do the hallway until they reached room 24.

Timeka: heres your room. you can come to the dining room when youre ready. Xion and Seion just finished battling.

Damon: thank you, but I'm not hungry.

Timeka: ok well let us know if you need anythin

The two of the walked down the hall and Damon closed the door.
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Guest bahumant111088
Xion walked down stairs and knocked on the door

Xion: you must be damon

Damon: yea

Seion: this is whack

Damon: so who won

Xion: i did

The three talked and played Tekken 4, kingdom hearts,the funny thing is they had alot in common
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Damon: so when are we going to start traveling.

Xion: tommorow morning aroung 6 a.m.

Damon: oh.. ok.. well I need to get ready so I'll be back. I need to get potions, pokeballs, and other things.

Seion: we'll come. we dont got nothin better to do. although we already went there.

Damon: if you want....

The three of the walked out of the hotel and down the street to the Pokemart. Damon bought what he needed and left. When he walked out a kid approached him.

Kid: hey you. lets battle.

Xion: me..

Kid: no.. the guy with the bag in his hand.

Damon: ok.. but you wont win..

Kid: Charmelon go.

Damon: Absol I chhose you

Seion: he has an Absol.

The two pokemon came out of their pokeballs and glared at each other

Kid: charmeleon Slash.

Damon: Double team

Charmeleon tried to slash at Absol but it was moving too quickly

Dameon: Agility

Kid: Fire spin

Absol was now moving arond faster than before runnng cirlcles around charmeleon. Charmeleon surounded itself in a ring of fire.

Damon: Absol feint attack

Absol dissapeared and reappead inside the ring with charmeleon. it hit charmeleon on one side and came back through the other. Charmeloen was weak.

Damon: finish it off.. Use Crunch

Charmeleon: try slash aain

Absol opened its mouth wide and charmeleon swung its claws. They scractched absol on the face while he was crunching into charmeleons arm. Charmelon fainted

Kid: aww.. Charmelon reteurn

Damon: great job..
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Guest bahumant111088
Xion: I'll be right back

Xion teleported

xion was walking around then saw a flareon and a vaporeon jumping at him

Xion: Jolteonand espeon go

A purple version of eevee came out the pokeball

Xion: espeon psycic, jolteon tunderbolt

the pokemon went down quick

Xion:pokeball go

the pokeball shook three times

Xion teleported back

Seion: this kid got some skills

Timeka: get him damon
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Kid: Im not done yet. Hitmonchan go!

Damon: heh.. that puny thing.. Articuno go!

The large Ice bird towered high over Hitmonchan.

Kid: thunderpunch

Hitmonchan swung a punch but it missed..

Kid: how am I supposed to hit it..

Damon: your problem... Articuno sky attack

Articuno started to glow Hitmonchan could't do anything to stop it. the Articuno dived down head first at fullspeed and hit Hitmoncha. It was a one hit KO..

Kid: damn..im done.. I cant win..

Damon: like I thought.... Return artcuno

Timeka: I didint know you could battle so good..
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Guest bahumant111088
Xion: good job

Seion: lets get some food cause now i'm hungry

Damon: yep now i'm hungry

Timeka: boys dinners ready

damon ran inside

xion: well thats interesting
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Everyone sat at the table and ate.

Seion: so Damon where you from?

Damon: Viriadian city.. Im a pokemon breeder as well as a trainer.

Xion: cool..

Linda: wasnt there another girl that came..

Timeka: yea but shes been i nher room the whole time.

Damon quickly at and got up.

Damon: well it kinda late. butter be getting som sleep for the morning since we'll be heading out on our trip.

Seion: me too. Catch you later..

Timeka: wait up Seion! * chasing after him*

Xion; well Linda. guess we should be heading to sleep.

Everone now was in the room and getting ready to go to sleep.
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Guest bahumant111088
the next day.

Xion: everbody wake up!!

Seion and Damon woke up.

Linda: genim wake up .

Timeka walked out the door .

Xion: this is going to a 12 mile hike to the mountain and will be climbing some of the moutain.

Seion: i suck with climbing.

Linda: great i'll have to wear pants.

the gang walked to outside.

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