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RPG ~Song of Ends~(Take 2)


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[COLOR=darkblue]The echoing sounds of the wave crashing against the sea side cliff filled the night time air as the light of the tri moon reflected down upon the cold dark waves of the ocean. The cry of a sea gull filling forth upon the air as the girl stood there. Her emerald green hues looking out and over the churning waves as strands of her shoulder length chocolate brown hair danced about upon the wind.

Her lips of soft rose pink were pursed together as she placed the mouthpiece of the silver and blue ocarina to her lips. Each of her finger tips placed gently upon each finger hole, and her robes of blue and silver dancing about upon the wind. Her fingers moving idly and softly as the soft slow air was put into it. The notes ringing out with grand clearity across the ocean waves, and as they did the wind began to grow and the sea began to grow more violent.

The ocean itslf coming up and raging forth as suddenly someting burst forth. The grand blue beast bursting through the waves. Its grand sapphire wings shimmered like crystal in the moon light reflecting the silver light that gleamed through them with a shade of that of an aurora. The wings flapping continously to keep itself high within the air, and its green glowing hues upon her.

The girl though continued to play, continued to play that marvelous song as she dropped to her knees. Mental exhaustion sweeping over her as she hit the grass. The dragon though soon perched itself upon something that soon followed it up from the ocean surface. The tower of blue crystal being clutched within its talons as its green eyes narrowed as it watched her.

"Hikari...find her...find me...save us...come home..." The dragon spoke in a mental voice that filled her mind, and yet she couldn't force them away. "Kari...Kari..."

Suddenly everything was spinning out of control as she collapsed along the ground. Her full body feeling the full weight of the exhaustion that had pressed itself against her.

Her head rose slowly as the hoot of a owl floated into her room through the partially cracked open window of her bed room. The light of the moon filling into the place and along the blue and silver quilt that was laid atop of her small form. She pushed herself up so her emerald green hues shifted along to look up at the great white snowy owl that stood upon the branch outside her window.

"Strange...don't see those type of birds here in New York." She whispered as she stood there looking to the grand bird before shaking her head to herself and plopping right back into her bed to sleep the rest of the night away.

Soon the screech of her alarm woke her up. The repetitive annoying beep that rang into her ears through her sleep. Eyes passed upwards to look out her window to look and see that snow white owl was gone. She shoke her head to herself then before getting up, and getting ready for the day.

It was near Ten A.M. when she got downstairs. Dressed in a white see through button up business shirt that was over top a blue top. Her camera strap slung over her shoulder as she glided along. Her blue boot like shoes silently hitting against the floor as she walked along. Her chocolate brown hair dancing down a single inch below her shoulder. She was heading straight for Central Park obviously, and to a specific area.

She got into the small area. The scent of the trees filling the air and tingling upon her senses. Her eyes passed over her small group of friends within this little area and she took a seat upon a bench next to one of them.

"Hey guys, whats going on?" She chirped then in that soft melodic voice.[/COLOR]
We start in NYC's Central Park ok?
Everyone except Harlequin who's off in his Demon World.

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