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Art Haze needsw some big time help!


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[COLOR=crimson]alrighty folks! i am in desperate need of all you banner/wallpaper makers out there. so i made this wallpaper, a kingdom hearts one to be exact , but i need some words. i dont care if its a quote, poem, etc. its just whatever you feel goes with the paper. i would ask that you posted since this way i will get to thank you, while i cannot through pming (my parental controls are stupid once more :(). many many thanks. so here's the wallpaper.[/COLOR]

EDIT: i also have a paper that is the same as that one except i added one of the artistic borders from Paintshop to it. i dont know if i like it as well as i like the original. if someone else will post i can post it to see if you like it.
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Two suggestions:

1) The picture to the left needs to be cleaned up. The edges seem unnatural.

2) If this is a wallpaper I would suggest not using a quote or other words. Wallpapers generally are meant to focus around the pictures, and not on a specific quote.

Sorry if this goes against what you were looking for, but that is how I see things.
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