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Main characters: Yuri, Fee, Hachimaki

Just got volume 1 in the mail today. I thought it was well-done, though I have a couple of minor gripes.

The first is a plot point involving Yuri I thought was resolved too quickly. But they went back and touched on it again later.

The second had to do with the artwork. For the first part of the manga, Yuri's hair is dark and Hachimaki's hair is light. Halfway through, they switch.

The manga has interesting storylines. At one point a group of outer-space terroists makes an appearance. Maybe they'll be featured in other volumes. There were also some good comedic moments.

All in all, Planetes is a good read. A word of warning, though: Don't get between Fee and her cigs!
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Guest Shiki Tohno
Very good manga series. Although the stories go by very quick (because the author releases his comics whenever the hell he wants; hooray for indie comics), it's well written out. A definite must-buy for those interested in the indie side of manga.

And check out the anime, which just came out on fansub.
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